Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software enables marketing and sales team for greater productivity and efficiency. It aligns marketing, sales, and customer service teams to ensure best customer service offering. A data-driven CRM strategy will help companies drive more revenues and achieve more profitability.

Sage CRM comes with even more added advantages like cloud and mobile functionality. This helps businesses save on the infrastructure cost and gain real-time data. Sage CRM tracks sales performances, schedule meetings, forecast trends and more. Interactive dashboard offers visibility on the current sales deals while reporting and analytic features forecast sales and leverages new opportunities. The marketing module enables planning and execution of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The in- built email marketing feature sends regular newsletters to nurture your current and new customers and push them further into the sales funnel. Additionally, it also supports integration with various third-party applications.

Sage CRM offers 360-degree view into your customer’s lifecycle and helps you serve them better.


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