Indian pharmaceutical industry withstands humungous potential in international market of drug supply and security. In 1969, Indian pharmaceuticals owned 5 per cent market share while 95 per cent was contributed by global pharma leaders. On the contrary, in the current scenario, Indian pharma 85 per cent share while the global market has come down to 15 per cent. Over last few decades, India has successfully secured a leading position in the global pharmaceuticals landscape. Given the present market, Indian productsby volume, contribute more than 40 per cent of US drugs. Also, India is a primary hub for US-FDA approved manufacturing plants across the world.

Sage X3 for Pharma Manufacturing industry is designed to address specific challenges like optimizing efficiency, managing compliance or meeting regulatory standards. These features potentially benefit the industry to achieve seamless and transparent operations. Fully integrated ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing industry handles accounting, inventory, sales, customer relationship management and more.

Sage X3 also offers features that help companies manage entire product lifecycle from concept to manufacturing. Customized modules and extended functionalities performs R&D, quality control and compliance tracking tasks.

Sage X3 takes care of all your Pharma Manufacturing needs through a single solution.
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