GST Network Safe from Ransomware Threat, says GSTN CEO

Amidst the ongoing ransomware hoopla that has inflicted more than 150 nations all over the world including Russia and UK, the GSTN or the Goods and Services Tax Network that offers IT infra for GST tax regime is safe, said Prakash Kumar, CEO for GSTN. This is because the Goods and Services Tax Network does not run on the vulnerable operating system.

Post the historic decision from Rajya Sabha when it approved all the four GST bills earlier this year in April, the Goods and Services Tax Network is all geared up for handling approx. 2+ billion invoices every month under the revolutionary tax system.

The ransomware has mostly inflicted computers and systems running on older version of Microsoft OS like XP.

Clarifying further, Mr. Kumar said to PTI, “Our network doesn’t run on Microsoft operating system and thus, we are safe from the malware. GSTN runs on Linux operating system, which is not inflicted by the ransomware threat.”

The Goods and Services Tax Network further assured its stakeholders that all the information/data will be securely stored in encrypted form and that access would be strictly limited to assessing officers and taxpayers only.

Around 60 lakh VAT, service tax and excise assessees have already enrolled onto the Goods and Services Tax Network’s portal between November 2016 to April 2017. At present, there are an estimated 80 lakh such assessees.

Coming on to Good and Services Tax regime, the GST council expects the inflation rates to drop as the new tax system is expected to bring down production and transportation costs. Talking of its impact, GST would not only benefit big players, but will also make it easy for small and medium –sized enterprises to do business in a smooth way. Post GST rollout, taxation will become easy and direct, thus boosting investment.

Statistics suggest that more than 2 lakh computers and systems could have been inflicted by the malicious ransomware, but for GSTN, there seems to be no threat as of yet.

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