CRM for Manufacturing

Our intuitive CRM suites are designed smartly to improve customer service and enhance marketing/sales endeavours for manufacturing.

Sage CRM solution for Manufacturing Industry

Sage CRM solution for manufacturing is designed specifically to improve customer service and enhance marketing/sales endeavours for manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.


Enjoy better insights into sales forecasting, improved productivity, customer engagement and most importantly, simplify all your manufacturing workflows and processes with our proven manufacturing CRM software.


A few highlights of our comprehensive CRM solution for manufacturing are as follows:


• Holistic and 360-degree view of customers

• Resource and material tracking

• Accurate sales forecasting

• Accounts/contacts management

• Real-time order and purchase management

• Enhanced customer service

• Increased customer retention and satisfaction

• Fosters productive sales and marketing crew

• Efficient territory and relationship management

• Automated product tracking

• Quote management

• Streamline sales and order process

• Efficient vendor, inventory and order management


Many manufacturing companies find it challenging when it comes to reverting to RFQ (request for quotation) and the primary reason for this is often a lengthy or exhaustive quote process, which is executed manually. This causes leads or prospects to walk away, which is something that no business would want to witness.

Sage CRM for manufacturing industry captures all such valuable data into the system saving your sales reps and managers from the hassles of entering and tracking these details manually.


We are well versed with the fact that every manufacturing business is distinct and this is why, our CRM solution for manufacturing & assembly plants comes with customisable options to suit specific business needs. So right from packaging of products to their shipment and orders to purchase, Sage manufacturing CRM software is the perfect pick to get the work done.


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