ERP for Paint industry

Sage ERP solution can aid in keeping your industry paced up to the needs of the market by handling all your paint manufacturing processes easily

Sage ERP for Paint industry

Paint Industry is a huge industry catering to every industry, household and infrastructure. While it may not seem to be a primary industry affecting processes of other industries directly, it sure does have the volume and the complexities of processes. Paints can bring anything they touch to life, be it a little bottle cap or a massive 3200 CC sports car, hence adding up to a never ending demand for the same across the world and to make sure that there is a sync in the demand and the supply, we have Sage ERP for Paint industry which is a handy solution for a seamless management of processes within the paint industry.

Sage ERP solution can aid in keeping your industry paced up to the needs of the market by handling all your paint manufacturing processes easily, while saving your time and money. It can adequately manage your business, through multichannel integration and mobile application, bringing all your processes on devices and applications which fit in your palms.


Features of Sage ERP for Paint manufacturing: 


Manage multiple process: 

Paint manufacturing consist of various process, from routing raw materials to distribute the final colours, which need to be perfect, in viscosity, shade and adhesion.

• Schedule and track all your process, to the perfection

•  Minimalize errors through unerring process management

•  Quality control over paste making, pigment dispersion and production, through precise ingredient management.


Masterful Product handling 

A masterful handling in paint manufacturing can eliminate the probability of any major mishap occurring due to the hazardous or inflammable nature of the products being used within the industry.

•  Manage and track your inventory proficiently

•  Carefully automated SCM processes for better in house distribution

•  IOT: better tracking your shipments

•  Secure data on cloud servers, in case of major mishap occurring

•  Manage security and safety compliances


R&D and testing 

Researching and testing for development of better chemicals is an important constraint in Paint manufacturing industry.

•  Maintain and track of all your research easily

•  24x7 access to all your data recorded through cloud storage

•  Automate testing process, predefining the result parameters


Waste management 

The waste eliminated from the paint manufacturing industry majorly consist of chemicals, hazardous liquids and water, and a proper waste management is necessary

•  Reduce wastage and cost, by maintaining precise stock through MRP

•  Waste handling, easy segregation of hazardous and reusable wastes

•  Monitor the clean-up process, with easy safety regulations

•  Reduce data wastage by eliminating duplicity of data


To add more to it, Sage ERP come up with following added benefits as well:


Quick benefits 

•  Expense Management

•  Efficient manufacturing

•  Boost Productivity

•  Customer management

•  Multi-Channel Integration

•  Channel and Vendor Management


Hence, Sage ERP for Paint manufacturing Industry can manage all your risky and complex process with added caution and proficiency. Thus, match the pace of the increasing demands of the market, by adding Sage ERP to your business venture.

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