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Accounting Module implemented at Inner Workings

Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd was the first choice of the International Print Management Company to implement Sage 300 ERP for their India Division. .

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 18 May 2015

InnerWorkings, headquartered in Chicago, is primarily a Print Management Company but handles various other activities like marketing supply chain and later diversified into creative services like packaging, branding. It was established in India in 2013. Since then it has grown exponentially due to its unique business model leveraging business with their global supplier group and technology to deliver low costs and enhanced performance.

Inner Workings, India like their parent company, too looks after the myriad of services including Creative Services, Print Management, Brand Merchandise, Retail Environments Displays, Product Packaging, Ecomm Fulfillment and Events and Promotions. With such a huge list of services, they were on a lookout for an accounting solution with the help of which they could gain a greater command over data accuracy that could ultimately help them in better decision making on the go.

Being very cognizant of the fact that they were in a very niche and complex industry they remembered Sage as Sage Software has already proved very adept at fulfilling their business needs of their Honkong Branch of the company by implementing the same modules. Mr. Girish, the Director, says “Up till now we at InnerWorkings India were using excel to maintain our data. But being in such a niche and complex industry, we knew that we had to find a better solution. We were looking for a solution which would be a support in our growth. This is when we contacted Sage Software Solutions in India. We were aware of the work that Sage Software does. They have proven their capability when they implemented the same solution in our Hong Kong branch”.

With the Sage ERP put into effect, Mr. Jayesh Jain the Vice President of Implementation added how it proved invaluable for them, “This helped a lot in the implementation process as the time frame lessened to just one and a half month with their proactive support. We have advised them to take data backup at regular intervals to prevent to stop critical data loss”. Mr. Jain further added saying, “InnerWorkings required an accounting system for 5users for their India branch. They were already aware of Sage Solutions as they had already implemented a solution for their Hong Kong office”.

Sage 300 ERP implemented for the Asia Pacific region is running smoothly now with regular advise from Sage Software Solutions. The management of InnerWorkings now has better control over their data which has led to efficient business processes and analysis. The data management process is also safe and secure and can run with minimal monitoring required.

For InnerWorkings Sage ERP worked wonders. Sage 300 ERP enabled safety and security of their data by the matrix control which when defined ensured control over loss of data. This user matrix controlled the data entry and reporting process. There was an impeccable control over customer information with no trace of any lack of security and presence of any theft was omitted.


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