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Automate business processes with Sage X3

business management software

Automate key accounting and finance operations including

invoicing, journal management, and order processing.

“In restaurant business, we are usually laced to extremely constricted margins and our exploding growth uprooted the need for a nouveau, agile and flexible ERP system that could outstrip our legacy enterprise resource management system whilst ensuring to keep up with the growing business pace and eventually scouting our business to scale up seamlessly helping us serve our customers in a more personalized and effective manner.”
Jaydeep Barman
Co-founder, Faasos

Enhance your distribution tracking and delivery model with ERP software.

Forecasting, inventory management, and maintaining efficient logistics processes are the three most significant advantages that distribution companies can achieve by implementing ERP software. Moreover, it allows different business departments such as sales & marketing, finance & accounting, and customer care to collaborate better by facilitating critical information and sending regular updates.

Are you finding it challenging to manage narrow margins, long lead times, diverse product inventories, and unpredictable supplies?

Sage Software Solutions provides the best-quality business management software with in-built features to solve all your distribution challenges. Match your demand to stock levels. Improve mobility in the warehouse and at the customer’s place. See how many units you shipped last month, which warehouse made the highest profits, or which customer purchased the maximum number of products through our user-friendly dashboard.


Improved Supply Chain Management with Discrete Manufacturing ERP software.

ERP provides three significant benefits to discrete manufacturing companies: gaining supply chain visibility, meeting regulatory norms, and streamlining operational efficiency.

Sage X3 is the leading business management software that provides real-time status of your inventory, processes, and finance irrespective of your location and time. Improve production control processes, optimize inventory management, and enhance order management through predictive analytics. Substantially improve your business processes and workflows by bettering cash flow and shortening payment cycles. Generate automatic audit trails that help meet regulatory requirements. Automatically reconcile inventory when you experience compliance issues, and product recalls.

Eliminate risks and reduce product recalls with the Process Manufacturing ERP software.

Process manufacturers often deal with challenges like low process visibility, rising costs, deteriorating infrastructure, and reduced lead times. Other challenges include environmental degradation and the constant need to maintain customer satisfaction. To overcome these challenges, an efficient ERP would be the best choice! 

Sage X3 is the best business management software in India, helping companies launch a slew of products each year while remaining 100% compliant. You will never stay behind in the competition because of inefficient processes and rigid systems. Maintain strict control over cost by observing the availability of raw materials and labor, and cost competitiveness of materials. Also, monitor how much the manufacturing department is spending in a week, month, or year. Always comply with the global rules and regulations and stay away from unwanted penalties and restrictions.
Business Management Software

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Transform Your Business With ERP Software

Supercharge your
marketing efforts.

Use our business management software to grab customer attention and convert prospects into payable customers. Create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Increase online presence. Get high-quality leads. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Collect quality feedback. Improve your products and services.

Manage your supply
chain with ease.

Take full control of your supply chain with the best business management software in India. Prioritize buying of critical components. Forecast the vendor’s ability to supply material on time. Identify left-over inventory in the value chain. Keep track of spare parts. Estimate demands of the end-user. Receive up-to-date information from the shop floor on your mobile device.

Keep your finances
under control.

Sage Software Solution provides you a comprehensive picture of all your financial activities. Improve cost accounting. Predict market movement. Define company budgets. Eliminate paperwork. Manage invoices. File taxes on time. Generate financial reports and become compliant with global accounting standards.

Experience the power
of data at your fingertips.

Collect and analyze critical customer data with our business management solution and brainstorm future strategies. Understand your customers better. Devise unique customer profiles. Send personalized content. Identify profitable marketing channels. Execute full-funnel marketing strategy.

Get intelligent

Carry your business in your pocket. Assess risks. Get intelligent insights about changing customer preferences and market trends on the go. Access critical business data on mobile devices through user-friendly dashboards. Gain agility by streamlining processes remotely.

Build long-lasting customer relationships.

Sage Software provides market-leading business software solutions that will help you form unbreakable customer relationships. Find the right customer. Provide a personalized experience to your clients. Reduce cost to sales. Find numerous up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Increase customer retention.

Sage X3 ERP Software Capabilities

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We have put in over a decade of experience to build tailored solutions for you.

Manage your financials, get industry-relevant data on your fingertips, build evergreen customer relationships, and handle supply chain & logistics with ease from a single dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage 300cloud has emerged as an industry-leading ERP software. With 360-degree cloud capabilities, you can store everything on a single platform accessible by authorized stakeholders only. The data is completely confidential and 100% secured from cyber attacks.
Another advantage is that your salespeople don’t have to visit the client’s place to collect critical documents. Instead, they can request the customer to send them over a secured cloud channel that automatically uploads it to the central repository.
Sage 300cloud provides unprecedented mobility by allowing you to run manufacturing processes and engage with customers from remote locations conveniently.

Sage X3 has been leading the ERP software market by integrating core business functions, such as manufacturing, finance & accounting, supply chain, sales and marketing, and building robust and long-lasting customer relationships. You can understand the pulse of your target segment by gaining intelligent insights that help brainstorm effective marketing strategies. Sage X3 enables you to automate all your business functions and become more agile. The best part is that it’s highly scalable and adapts according to your changing business needs. If you are looking for a software that unites disparate information systems, helps conduct all business operations from a central platform, and automates trivial jobs that wastes the time of your workforce, then Sage X3 is what you need.

Sage CRM simplifies the sales process, shortens sales cycles, and makes the most of every sales opportunity. Sage CRM helps its users create groups based on their marketing activities. Essential metrics like open rate, bounce rate, hard bounces, soft bounces can all be tracked through a single dashboard. Marketing teams can concentrate on leads requiring more attention and personalizing their campaigns by identifying specific groups sharing similar interests/ activities. Sage CRM software is for every business type and industry aiming for automated sales operations, like quotes and orders, sales forecasts, lead nurturing, and opportunity conversions.

ERP software will help businesses integrate their daily activities. Key decision makers can focus on streamlining the critical action items by connecting all the data points and providing precise business insights. Granular level insights help companies define their exact goals, identify business needs, and expand into new territories or markets. ERP software will help businesses operate at multiple locations in multiple languages with different currencies without juggling manually. The ERP software will let companies analyze and track various business units and subsidiaries through a single software.

We live in a data-driven age where everyone is connected to the online world through digital devices. People post millions of feedbacks and share thousands of product reviews every day. A business must understand customers’ needs, wants, desires, and ambitions and build fruitful customer relationships that stay for long. This is where CRM software will come to your rescue. You can segment your customers based on various parameters like geography, demography, psychography, and behavior. You can also automate the sales pipeline where the leads are sorted according to the predefined parameters. Moreover, AI-enabled chatbots collect customer details and provide instant answers to customer queries 24/7.

Yes, you will be able to integrate Sage ERP with other software as it supports various software integrations such as Pocket HRMS

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