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What is Inventory? Definition, types and benefits
Inventory is the most crucial component of any industry. It is one of the elements determining the profit and loss of the business. An optimised inventory reduces the items carrying
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LOT numbers
How to Create and Allocate LOT numbers in Sage 300c?
Sage 300c has provided a useful feature to control the Lot number allocation on the Order entry and Purchase order entry modules. You can locate the feature in the Inventory
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Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Letters in Sage 300c
In Sage 300c, Accounts Receivable has a feature called AR letters. The report prints the balance left in the customer invoice balances which come with sample letters format. You can
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Landed Cost Tracking
What is Landed Cost Tracking in the Pharmaceutical Industry?
Business expansion is definitely a sign of how successfully a business is running, however along with expansion come challenges such as certain expenses required to carry the additional operations as
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Pharmaceutical Quality Control
Enhancing Pharmaceutical Quality Control with ERP
The quality of the product is pivotal for any business. Especially in the healthcare business, the quality of each product is crucial as it involves the lives of people. And
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ERP for Fertilizer Industry
The Future of ERP for Fertilizer Industry
ERP system is an essential business intelligence software used by businesses to achieve productivity and improve their processes. In this blog we will discuss about what is ERP for fertilizer
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erp for tea industry
How ERP for Tea Industry Enhances its Efficiency
What is ERP for Tea Industry? ERP software for tea industry is business management software designed specifically to meet the requirements and challenges faced by tea producers, manufacturers and distributors.
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ERP for tourism industry
How ERP for Tourism Industry is Transforming Travel Businesses
What is Tourism ERP? ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is a business management software that automates business process and increases business efficiency by integrating all the work on one
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Sage Intacct
India Localization Suite for Sage Intacct
Presenting India Localization Suite for Sage Intacct: The Solution to Your Accounting Woes International businesses face significant challenges in tax planning, as they have to navigate complex tax regulations and
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Fsn analysis
What is FSN analysis in Inventory Management?
Businesses today have the pressure to keep up with the trends and likes of the customer. Warehouse and inventory managers should proactively respond to these changing trends being one step
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jewellery erp software
ERP for Jewellery Industry
What is ERP for Jewellery Industry ERP systems are business intelligence software used to integrate all the functions of a business, including manufacturing, supply chain, sales, finance, and human resources,
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How to post Old Stock Entries for Miscellaneous Receipts
How to post Old Stock Entries for Miscellaneous Issues/ Receipts
How to post Old Stock Entries for Miscellaneous Receipts Issue Summary : Even after running the account interface, there were no stock impacts for the Misc. issues/receipts. Cause The automatic
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