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What is Variable Cost? | Definition, Formula, And Benefits

What is Variable Cost? Variable Cost is an expenditure that changes in direct proportion to the volume of goods and services produced and influences the key product pricing and policy
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working capital

What is Working Capital? | Definition, Meaning And Formula

What is Working Capital? Working Capital is a financial metric that demonstrates how much cash and cash equivalent are available with the company at a given period to meet its
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New Payment Rule for MSMEs

New Payment Rule for MSMEs Will Improve their Financial Stability

1. An Overview of MSME’s Contribution to the Indian Economy Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are considered as the backbone of the Indian economy. They are involved in various
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How to restrict Users accessing particular categories products

On Transaction screen we can restrict user with the particular category products. At transaction level users can select the products related to the categories which will be assigned at row
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What is Elasticity Of Demand? | Definition, Types And Benefits

What is Elasticity of Demand? The Elasticity of Demand (EOD) is the substantial change in demand for a product or service in response to an economic factor such as price,
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Vendor Number Change in Sage 300

Vendor Number Change in Sage 300

There are several reasons for updating a vendor’s number, such as when we give the client a template to fill out the information for their vendor master and they enter
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100+ Best Business Quotes 2024 Curated for Business Success

Starting a new business venture is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, courage, and dedication. The journey to success is often long and complex. As
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Missing Modules in Sage 300

Causes of Missing/Improper Modules in Sage 300

There might be scenarios when a specific user or the whole team is not able to see/access a specific module in the Sage 300 ERP. In this Blog, we are
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India’s Growing Defence Industry & Emerging Capabilities

India is fast emerging as a global defence superpower, and going through a transformative change in recent years. From being a defence importer to an exporter, the country has witnessed
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Overhead Costs

What are Overhead Costs? Definition & Meaning

A business has to spend money to make money, that’s how it works. In the business landscape, there is a term called overhead costs. It covers all the expenses from
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Periodic Inventory System

What is a Periodic Inventory System and How Does It Work?

Inventory is an integral part of the business where all the goods and raw materials are stored to sell later to the consumers. A periodic inventory system is a significant
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Operating Profit Ratio

What is Operating Profit Ratio?

Every day businesses deal with numbers and ratios to measure performance in terms of finances, operations and efficiencies. One such measure to measure all these metrics operating profit ratio. It
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