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Top inventory management techniques SMEs must follow

Reading Time: 7 minutes Summary: Inventory management techniques  is one of the most important factors of supply chain management. It is the process of tracking stock standards as well as movements of goods. In
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How to improve customer lifetime value

How to Improve Customer Lifetime Value?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Summary: Do you know it’s five times more expensive to find new customers than to retain the existing ones? Therefore, you should focus more on offering the best services to
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Golden rules of accounting

3 Golden Rules of Accounting

Reading Time: 6 minutes Summary: A company tracks its financial transactions by following rules of accounting. They help review, summarize, and report financial transactions to tax collecting authorities, finance watchdogs, and regulators. But remember
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Chemical Industry

Efficient Supply Planning in the Chemical Industry

Reading Time: 6 minutes Summary: Supply chain functions in the chemical industry optimize warehouse, freight, distribution, and warehouse operations to run their everyday activities. As a result, challenges don’t come into the limelight unless
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food production industry

How to better manage Inventory in the Food Production Industry?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Summary: The food production industry is going through a challenging phase. Certain parts of the world are seeing spikes in food demand, while others are experiencing a drastic change in
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customer relationship

How can ERP improve customer relationships?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Summary: An ERP software allows companies across industries to significantly improve their efficiency, maximize their productivity, eliminate manual tasks through automated operations, minimize administration costs, and build long-lasting customer relationships.
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Manpower Outsourcing Industry

Sage 300cloud for Manpower Outsourcing Industry

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nowadays the rapid growth of industrialization has led to growing a demand for skilled and equipped employees to manage personal functions and organizational tasks of an industry. To improve operational
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Sage 300cloud

Re-Order Quantities in Sage 300cloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes The re-order quantity is the amount of inventory that causes an action to be taken to fill that inventory stock. It is a minimum quantity of inventory of an item
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Web Screen - Sage 300

Sage 300cloud Web Screen Keyboard Shortcuts

Reading Time: 4 minutes Data entry is unavoidable in accounting, but that work doesn’t have to take up so much time. When entering a large number of transactions, switching between your keyboard and mouse can be
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report files - Provision for rename from Sage 300 cloud

Provision for Rename and Save Report Files from Sage 300cloud

Reading Time: 3 minutes Web screens are the modernized versions of Sage 300cloud screens that you can use in a web browser which means that you can access the data from anywhere at any
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Sage 300cloud

Customer Item Number in Sage 300cloud

Reading Time: 2 minutes A customer and organization can have different Item number for the same Item which leads to usage of Customer item number. Customer item number refers to linking of your item
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10 Interesting Questions Related to Supply Chain Management

Reading Time: 4 minutes SUMMARY: Supply chain management is one of the leading sectors and hence needs improved attention. It has become essential for businesses to stay updated with every data related to supply
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