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Never miss a sales opportunity. Sage CRM

Manage sales pipeline, monitor teams and processes, and build everlasting customer relationships through CRM software.

Affordable | Easy-to-use | Scalable

Sales teams stand at the frontline, building long-lasting business relationships, handling customer requests, and devising selling strategies that help the company boost its revenues. 

A business will fall off track without a strong sales team that can generate leads. Sales CRM software helps improve customer service, analyzes and reveals hidden insights from customer data, and allows the sales team to put a personal touch while managing leads. Sage CRM will help increase the productivity of your sales team by 40%. The best part is that you can also track the sales performance across your business and work on multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops.

sage crm software

Top-notch CRM software for handling all your marketing functions

  • Are you grappling with data due to inefficient spreadsheets?
  • Are you wasting time in handling administrative tasks instead of focusing on sales performance?
  • Are your leads slipping through the cracks?
  • Are you struggling to get complete visibility into your sales pipeline?
  • Sage CRM software is a powerful tool that will provide solutions to all your challenges.

      The following points explain how.

Remote ready features

Remote working has become a reality today. You can easily integrate Sage CRM with video conferencing platforms to allow your sales team to organize webinars and get detailed reports about the participants. It’s the best way to stay in touch with team members and brainstorm strategies without worrying about geographical distances. 

sage crm software

Get numbers on the tip of your tongue

Get sales and marketing metrics of your company without any hassle. Monitor the performance of each employee and send reports instantly. Measure the success of your company using blended dashboards that are easy to understand. A blend of AI tools will collect, analyze, and disseminate data regarding deals and prospects and provide more time to the sales team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

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Employ the best communication tools

Sage CRM consists of top-notch communication tools that will help you establish a robust and long-lasting relationship with clients. You can reach customers through various channels, including email, calls, social media platforms, chatbots, and live chats. Significantly increase chances to close sales deals by receiving real-time notifications when customers are interacting with your business. Examine the direct impact of customer communication channels and manage customers on the go.

Significantly increase team collaboration

Sage CRM is one of the best CRM software because it destroys information silos and facilitates sharing of critical business data amongst various stakeholders. Employees can quickly share feeds, provide answers to each other’s questions, and send lead updates and deal information on the go.

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Reveal hidden insights and get real-time reports

Sage CRM will help your sales management make decisions based on factual data instead of hearsay and gossips. Generate territory-wise sales reports and get hidden insights. Our built-in AI will provide valuable insights based on historical records, current trends, and key performance indicators. 

Automate your entire sales process through CRM tools

Sage CRM will perform all repetitive tasks and eliminate time-intensive activities in the sales department of your organization. It will automate the lead nurturing process and allow sales teams to track essential information about each lead. Stay ahead of other businesses by adhering to organized workflows and triggering instant actions.

sage crm-analytics

Take your sales team's productivity to an all-new high level.

Spot trends, review prospects, and track sales productivity easily.

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Maximize your sales team's efficiency. Make sales the most influential department in your enterprise.

Since 1997, when CRM systems became popular, a lot has changed. Today, CRM products are helpful across various departments in a company, such as sales and marketing, supply chain, and customer support. They also support cloud capabilities that allow businesses to function conveniently from remote locations. 

The best part is that sales CRM systems are also gaining massive appeal in the industry because of the following reasons:

Quick Turnaround

Automatic led qualification and prioritization.

Automatic lead distribution amongst sales teams based on functional attributes, skills, and availability.

CRM handles multiple contacts that increase the conversion rate substantially.

No need to depend upon manual spreadsheets anymore.

Workday planning

CRM schedules the tasks of the sales teams regularly.

CRM automates trivial jobs that allow employees to focus more on essential business functions.

CRM spots excellent opportunities based on current trends.

Mobile CRM capabilities

CRM sends targeted emails automatically.

CRM allows transferring leads to an available sales agent quickly.

CRM allows employees to work from anywhere and at any time.

Take your sales team's productivity to an all-new high level.

Spot trends, review prospects, and track sales productivity easily.

What are the benefits of sales CRM software?

The primary advantage of implementing sales CRM software is to manage lead generation, streamline pipeline management, improve contact management, and store and share critical business data amongst the sales and marketing teams. 

Here’s how the Sage CRMs sales module will help you achieve your goals:

Generally, the sales teams’ key responsibility areas (KRAs) include performing phone calls, sending email bursts, and doing field sales. Sales managers monitor their team’s performance and provide essential handholding whenever required. But without any centralized software to streamline the entire sales process, things would go haywire. 

Sage sales CRM software is a one-stop solution for all your sales-related challenges. You can integrate it with your existing communication channels and manage every task from a single, unified platform. This platform provides a single source of truth that business stakeholders can access from anywhere and anytime. 

With the proliferation of communication devices, you can reach customers through multiple touchpoints, such as social media platforms, websites, email, phone calls, or text messages. 

Sage provides the best CRM software for managing all customer touchpoints quickly and easily. It tracks every communication that occurs between the sales rep and the lead. You can organize customer data, send alerts and reminders, and follow up with leads from anywhere and anytime. 

Sage sales CRM software simplifies the lead nurturing process and automates data organization. It allows your sales team to spend less time on trivial jobs like data entry and collection. Instead, they can focus on mission-critical tasks like providing an exceptional customer experience.

Think of the following scenario. One of your sales team members gets on a phone call with a client. After a lengthy discussion, the sales rep forgets to store the client’s details or makes an error while doing so. This way, you might lose a potential lead. 

Sage CRM software is one of the best business apps for sales as it consists of a contact management feature. This feature records any action that the rep takes within the app, such as initiating a sales call or sending a follow-up email. It also eliminates human error and ensures that details are constantly updated. You can create advanced lead contact cards based on real-time activity feeds and prospect information stored in various pipeline stages. 

You also have data enrichment tools at your disposal that allows you to populate information across lead contact cards automatically. Sage CRM software also accelerates your sales cycle by reducing the time spent on researching leads. 

Companies that don’t depend on sales CRM software face immense challenges while gathering, compiling, and analyzing significant amounts of data. They use Excel spreadsheets that help get only a limited sense of data. On the other hand, Sage CRM software for sales creates smart reports that perform detailed data analysis, reveals hidden insights about the leads, showcases revenue and profits using charts and bar graphs, assigns tasks to idle employees in the sales team and divulges marketing data in an easy-to-read data. 

Using Sage CRM software for sales, you can achieve the following:

  • Conversion reports

Managers can monitor the performance of the sales team. They can view how each individual moves prospects through the sales pipeline and how well they are maintaining business relationships. Managers also receive monthly reports that showcase the prospect to customer conversion ratio and suggestions on how to improve it. 

  • Sales funnel analysis

Sales CRM software provides detailed reports showing the exact location of the prospect in the pipeline and the deals that have been won and lost over a particular period. 

  1. Activity reports

Sales CRM software helps the business determine the sales team’s performance based on various factors, such as the number of calls made, the prospect to customer conversion ratio, the number of tasks accomplished, and the number of online and offline meetings held. It also has an email tracking feature that records the number of emails sent by the sales team to customers. 

  • Forecasted sales

Sage customer relationship management software has the innate ability to recommend products with a high selling potential based on customer preferences and market conditions. It also estimates the likelihood of sales in your pipeline and which prospects are more likely to convert into paying customers. Moreover, you can also predict the lifetime sale value of clients and help increase the business’s revenue. 

  • Goal reports

Sales CRM solutions create goal reports for the sales department that help track progress and showcases how well the team is performing. You can filter reports according to various parameters, including sales activity type, pipeline stages, individual sales rep performance, and more. Smart reports present a granular perspective of each sales parameter and depict the relationship between the sales department and other teams.

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