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Sage CRM Software

Integrate your marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

Maintain healthy sales pipeline with CRM application that suits every business

Sage CRM software allows its users to opt for a fully integrated CRM application or choose from Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules.

Reliable insights

Reliable insights

Detailed business insights help upper management and stakeholders make informed decisions that prove profitable in the long run.

Better customer relationships

Better customer relationships

Retain customers faster and drive business growth by offering them exceptional customer service and experience.

Effective collaboration

Effective collaboration

Instead of using multiple software systems in bits and pieces, make your teams more productive with a single CRM application.

Highly efficient teams

Highly efficient teams

Forecasting sales by identifying deal sizes help sales teams prioritize accounts and create aligning strategies to close deals faster.

How do businesses get benefitted from Sage CRM Software?

Higher revenues

Higher revenues

Sage CRM allows its users to get accurate project overview and costing information, resulting in a much lesser customer response time.

Better business processes

Better business processes

Automated revenue recognition entries, customer invoices, and budget adjustments improve the overall accounting process for businesses.

Business profitability

Business profitability

Delivering projects on time with simplified management and accurate tracking features helps businesses earn more profits.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights

One of the unique features of Sage CRM software is that it allows its users to track time and expenses on completed tasks through mobile devices.

Sage CRM allows you to deliver an exceptional customer experience

One of the best CRM software will help you shorten sales cycles, increase lead to opportunity ratio, and simplify the sales process. 

CRM application focuses on creating orders and quotes, sales forecast, lead progression, and lead to opportunity conversions using sales workflows. The marketing teams can identify lead sources, convert opportunities, and close deals through a CRM solution. 

One of the most significant advantages of Sage CRM as a marketing software is that marketing teams can plan their upcoming campaigns by analyzing specific customer information and creating targeted and personalized email campaigns. In addition, ERP solutions like Sage 300cloud can track various kinds of purchases through these email marketing campaigns.

Build robust and long-lasting customer relationships with Sage CRM​

Get real-time insights, deliver projects on time, and provide the best customer service.

Why Sage CRM plays a vital role in driving business profitability?

Sage CRM enables marketing, sales, and customer service departments to create a fully integrated ecosystem that aims to create a better database, improve lead to opportunity conversion ratio, and close deals faster. 

Increased Productivity

Customisable dashboards allow users to get a consolidated view of data. Access fields provide customer history and save time while connecting with them.

Supply Chain Management
Financial Management

Sage CRM and Mailchimp Integration

Connect Sage CRM with Mailchimp to send segmented email marketing campaigns and analyze performance metrics directly through Sage CRM.

Better Customer Service

Get a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle to create relevant cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Get a proper understanding of customer lifecycle value to prioritize high-paying accounts better.

Production Management

Automate tedious tasks and deliver an exceptional customer experience

Affordable | Easy-to-use | Scalable

Sales teams stand at the frontline, building long-lasting business relationships, handling customer requests, and devising selling strategies that help the company boost its revenues. 

A business will fall off track without a strong sales team that can generate leads. Sales CRM software helps improve customer service, analyzes and reveals hidden insights from customer data, and allows the sales team to put a personal touch while managing leads. Sage CRM will help increase the productivity of your sales team by 40%. The best part is that you can also track the sales performance across your business and work on multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops.

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