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ERP for Food industry | Food Manufacturing ERP Software

Enjoy the built-in capabilities of Sage X3 with Quality Control, Recipe Management, Lot Tracking, and Regulatory Compliance

What is ERP for Food and Beverage Industry?

ERP for food and beverage industry is multi-functional software that integrates all processes in the food and beverage company such as purchase, sales, inventory management, finance, marketing, and logistics. It is a comprehensive software that consists of multiple modules that bring efficiency, improve performance, provide real-time visibility, and address unique challenges faced by the company.

ERP for food industry is a flexible & the most powerful business management process offered by Sage Software Solutions. Sage 300 ERP manages all critical business functions in any business process. The food manufacturing ERP software is also helpful in small as well as large scale food processing industry. Now-a-days various food industries catering to all kinds of food services are established throughout the world. . 

Apart from serving their customers, they also are engaged in keeping their processes short and streamlined. Be it dealing with the food distributors, keeping the inventory costs low and improving food safety of their process, the food processing firm has a lot to maintain. These top concerns of the industry can be managed by an ERP for Food Processing Industry easily.

Sage X3 ERP for food industry, offers a real-time and extensive solution that checks and mitigates the effects of product recalls along with other supply chain concerns. Food production ERP is a strategic business software that helps bring the best quality food to the market in the most economical way, maximize profits, and get a competitive advantage in the market. With our ingenious manufacturing ERP for food industry software, your food & beverages businesses can attain a plethora of benefits that include-

Rapid implementation and compliance with the advanced regulatory requirements.

  • Run perceptive reports that can be used within business especially for customers, regulators, suppliers from a single source of data.
  • Identify the major cause of product defects and the broad range of supply chain contamination.
  • Place effective communication between stakeholders, customers, and the whole supply chain during product recalls .
  • Systematically manage additional efforts to avoid any product recalls and mitigate the effects.
  • Manage and execute crisis management plans with an food distribution ERP software.

With the ERP software for food industry, your food and beverage business will surely experience a faster and more agile method to keep the costs minimum while reducing reputational damage to product recalls.

Challenges Faced by Food And Beverage Industry

Requirement for New Recipes or Formula

Changing Market Trends & Consumer Preferences

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving with new innovations shaping the way people eat. Many brands are adopting innovations and tailoring their offerings to meet the unique tastes of individuals. For example: Diet soda and diet snacks have become the new normal due to rising health consciousness among consumers. Companies are now shifting their focus from normal sugar to new low-sugar products and alternative sweeteners.

Meeting the latest market trends, consumer preferences, and dietary habits without compromising the texture and taste of foods, can be a challenging task for businesses.

Pressure to Meet High Market Standards & Excellence

The food quality may get compromised due to numerous reasons including food recalls, food contamination, physical spoilage, and extreme weather conditions.

The food and beverage industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve food quality and deliver the best possible experience to its customers. They are considering a number of factors, including the product’s freshness, shelf life, and packaging, for higher customer satisfaction.

The Pressure of Delivering Best Quality of Food
Constantly Evolving FD&C Act and Other Laws

Ever-evolving Regulatory Landscape

Indian food companies have to adhere to strict food safety practices laid down by The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). They also have to train their employees, maintain high industry standards, and keep an eye on ever-changing regulatory requirem

Technological Innovation & Digitization

The food and beverage industry is a labor-intensive industry. Companies are increasingly adopting automation to boost efficiency and stay competitive. Although innovation and the use of modern technology can lead to significant cost savings in the long term, it requires a crucial investment in the initial phase.

Technology Innovation & Digitization
Extremely Competitive Industry

Highly Competitive Industry

The food processing industry is one of the largest sectors in India. It plays a significant role in the development of the Indian economy in terms of consumption, production & export of food products. India’s food processing industry covers a wide range of products like vegetables, fruits, milk & milk products, mineral water, cocoa product, high protein foods other products like alcoholic beverages, fisheries plantation, meat & poultry etc.

The food-beverage industry faces intense competition from companies across the globe. It is estimated that the industry will undergo tremendous changes to stay abreast of customers’ expectations.

The food-beverage industry faces intense competition from companies across the globe. It is estimated that the industry will undergo tremendous changes to stay abreast of customers’ expectations.

Features of Sage X3 Food ERP Software

effective crm for food manufacturing erp softwareSage X3 is the best ERP for food industry that has an inbuilt customer relationship management module that serves every need of activities including lead management, prospect management, tasks management, and more.

With this ERP for food industry, you can develop strong relationships with external partners to enhance productivity as well as responsiveness. This finally results in enhanced customer satisfaction.

recipe management with food processing erp softwareSage X3 ERP software for food industry has brilliant features like easy operations management, product configurator and BOM. They provide well-managed recipe and formula systems through integrated manufacturing modules.

Also, an enterprise resource planning system for food offers real-time data to customers with increased productivity and high efficiency of production activities.

 ERP for food and beverage is a highly configurable system that enables tight quality controls, and consistency in the taste and quality of the food at all times.

inventory management using food and beverage erp softwareSage X3 food ERP software assists in carrying out essential functionalities for inventory management. The food beverage ERP software helps with maximizing cost-effectiveness, reducing waste, efficacious warehouse management, supply chain management, and aiding businesses to gain optimum productivity. Maintaining optimum inventory levels is crucial to ensure sufficient working capital and prevent excess capital from being tied up unnecessarily. Your business can maintain a positive cash flow, and avoid stockouts & excessive stock.

archiving historical dataArchiving and tracking historical data of the business helps attain clear and realistic information of the business partners, sales patterns, marketing strategies, and product pricing strategies. 
Sage X3 software for food and beverage industry is the  most-comprehensive platform that offers tools that fulfill these needs appropriately.

Integrated Shipping & LogisticsSage X3 for food beverages has an excellent shipping management module. The food industry ERP software offers real-time data about freight and carrier details, preparation lists, packaging, route information, and more

With a beverage ERP, your business gains operational fluency in the cumbersome task of shipping and logistics. Not just that, ERP for food processing industry empowers businesses with automated billing & invoice generations, optimizing the physical movement of food products to save time, and money and yield higher Return on Investment (ROI).


Planning & SchedulingSage X3 ERP system offers MPS ( Master Production Schedule) as well as MRP tools in order to address the requirements for labor, raw material, and resources.
The ERP software for food distributors offers accurate results that are critical to lower waste, reduce production time and assist the management to take dynamic decisions. Food manufacturing ERP provides crucial tools for determining warehouse needs, demand patterns, sales forecasting, staffing, and budgeting.

Also, forecasting offers historical data and Sage X3 assists in forecasting lead times, maintaining accuracy in purchasing calendars, enhancing scheduling, reducing losses, predicting inventory information for every department, etc.

dashboards and visual processes of food erp softwareSage X3 food beverage ERP for food industry software offers brilliant features of dashboards as well as process visuals that offer similar summaries and the essential information to higher management.
The best ERP software for food manufacturing helps them make quick and effective decisions.

Upgrade Your Business DNA with Sage X3

Empower your team and elevate your results with ERP Software

Benefits of ERP For Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Streamline Compliance for Fast Growth

Sage X3 enterprise resource planning is the ERP for food industry software that assists in faster compliance to help you grow your company.
The ERP food software has robust functionality that aids companies to streamline their compliance while reducing inefficiency. It is the biggest plus point over other basic ERPs.

Precisely Forecast Demand & Supply

With Sage X3 ERP software, you can accurately prodigy the seasonal changes in supply and demand. This way, you can stock up as well as sell out products/services as per the needs. Sage X3, an enterprise resource planning software, offers you the ultimate intelligence in a customizable and simple interface.

Formula & Recipe Management

Optimize and predict varied outputs of the production job through comparing planned inputs and outputs. Use these values in the formula or recipe to start the production job through the food & beverage manufacturing ERP software.

Improvised Quality Management

Food production ERP provides robust quality control mechanisms to assess the quality of your products using a plethora of information. Manage and monitor quality specifications while also testing results for raw materials, finished goods, and intermediates at different stages in the life cycle with the food and beverage ERP software. 

Enhance Inventory Utilization & Lessen Spoilage

Remove inefficiencies and manage inventory levels with incessant integration of your warehouse management. Also, reduce the inventory write-offs ( use-by-date, expiration date, etc).

Enhance Productivity and Rate Demand

With Sage X3 cloud based ERP system you can compare loads on different work centers created by existing as well as proposed work orders. Also, monitor the load capacity of every work center to improvise inventory levels and customer service for your business with the food processing ERP software. 

Proactively Monitor Supply Chain

Sage X3 ERP software has an allergens function while allowing tracking of manufactured products. You can improve food safety along with sturdy traceability. This makes sure that you understand the ingredients’ source along with the pressures that might impact suppliers during changes in the food supply.

Role Of Technology in Improving Traceability

There exist a number of advanced technologies that will allow your food and beverage companies to log in product and transactional information. However, the data that comes out of this information lies at the heart of traceability. Let us learn different ways to gain traceability for food beverage as a business goal.


With the Internet of Things, devices can get connected at any time and anywhere. Through the latest labeling technology like RFID and QR codes, accessing data becomes convenient. The data can help track the complete journey of products via the supply chain. With the ERP system, anything can be tracked and recorded right from the temperature during the transport of the products to the main resource of ingredients.

The Cloud technology

Today, with the advancement in technology, food and beverage companies can leverage cloud technologies. Cloud technology has varied managing aspects such as operating systems, databases, applications, and system infrastructure.
The cloud-based ERP for food industry saves a huge time and cost for your company while allowing you to focus more on crucial operations.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics helps to identify the issue in the process while stopping it from getting spread in the supply chain. In the case of potential rises, and unplanned events like contaminated products found in the supply chain, you can track and identify everything to get accurate solutions.

Top 10 Food and Beverage ERP Software in 2024

1. Sage X3

Sage X3 is an exceptional solution with modern industry-specific features. It offers advanced tools & capabilities that provide you full control over the food production activity and other business operations. This highly popular and versatile cloud ERP has an intuitive interface, and it is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your company. 


  • Integrated shelf-life management and ingredients management with expiration date control
  • Optimize warehouse space & reduce storage costs using inventory management system
  • Reduce production errors, and achieve optimum quality control & operational excellence
  • Robust sales management system powered with powerful & forecasting features
  • Streamline financial tasks, reduce fines, penalties & mitigate non-compliance risks


  • The implementation process can take longer time depending on your business’s complexity
  • Employee training is required to ensure efficient use of its powerful features

2. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is another popular ERP that brings efficiency to food production and supply chain operations. It provides up-to-the-minute insights and customized reports to help decision-makers make strongly data-driven decisions. 


  • Evaluate market segments using Profitability Analysis using various parameters
  • Real-time Sales Reports, Customer Order Report & Stock Management
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management module for lead management
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-country
  • Audit trail visibility and tax management features


  • Requires extensive budget for set up, training, and add-on implementation
  • The prices of the subscription plans may change at any time

3. Aptean

Aptean is another future-proof solution that consolidates data from different business departments and eliminates the need for different systems. It contains end-to-end industry-specific features from production management, inventory management, and supply chain to financial management.


  • Fully cloud-based solution. No need to upgrade hardware or pay upfront fees.
  • Integrated Document Tracking, Bill of Material (BoM) & Project Management
  • Reduce operational pinpoints and improve returns on investments
  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements & evolving business needs
  • Manufacture scheduling and shop floor management features


  • Some customers reported bugs with WebUI although they were addressed later
  • Limited integration with third-party applications

4. QAD

QAD is an adaptive ERP that primarily targets mid to large-sized organizations. It caters to different industries from food and beverage, automotive, and industrial manufacturing, to consumer products. It is a fast, flexible, and reliable solution for anyone looking to scale up their business operations.


  • Robust demand planning and logistical control
  • Cash Flow, Shop Floor Management & Global Procurement Management
  • Access your data remotely with a Web-based interface
  • Embedded role-based access to sophisticated reports and dashboards
  • Integration with third-party applications for extending program capabilities


  • QAD implementation can be difficult for small organizations
  • Incurs ongoing costs for maintenance, support, and upgrade

5. BatchMaster

BatchMaster is an integrated ERP for food & beverage companies that are looking to optimize their production and distribution processes. It offers robust quality control mechanisms at different levels of production and solid formula management features.


  • Ensure traceability & complete quality management with QC tests
  • Multi-warehouse routing and asset management capabilities
  • Highly flexible and customizable user interface
  • Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Order Management, and Invoice Management
  • Multi-channel inventory syncing


  • Difficult to implement
  • Regular employee training may be required to get the best out of BatchMaster


SysPro is another popular ERP that is available as an on-premise, cloud, and hybrid option. It offers various industry-specific functionalities and mostly focuses on Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). It covers different modules relating to inventory, warehouse, assets, and finance, among others.


  • Automated SQL triggers upon successful completion of transaction
  • Powerful planning & forecasting features
  • Mitigate over-stocking/ under-stocking issues
  • Monitor the implementation progress using KPIs
  • Align organizational resources to improve efficiency & productivity


  • Additional training, support & customization costs
  • As your business grows in size, the SysPro may offer a limited level of scalability

7. Acumatica

Acumatica is a highly reliable cloud ERP that offers a robust array of features from production, distribution, payroll, e-commerce management, and financial, among others. You can also install it on a Virtual Server (which will be entirely dedicated to your organization), or a load-balanced environment (in which resources are shared between different organizations and it is comparatively economical).


  • Integrated document management & collaboration features
  • Offers cross-device compatibility with mobile, computer & tablet
  • Integrated backup and restore
  • Advanced role-based access control
  • Scales and adapts to businesses of all sizes


  • Doesn’t offer a Free Trial for demonstration purposes
  • Acumatica is currently available only as a web interface app

8. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is a cloud-based ERP that targets small, medium, and large companies. It offers a holistic view of business operations through a centralized system of information management. It is available for different industries such as food & beverage, printing, rubber, automotive, mining, and footwear, among others.


  • Track product defects at all levels to reduce returns/ replacement costs
  • Align organizational resources for profit maximization
  • Integrated inventory optimization & sales planning & forecasting features
  • Track and manage fixed assets
  • Work Order Management to lower asset downtime


  • Complex deployment and implementation process
  • No On-premise version is available

9. Deacom

Deacom is a single platform where you get a wealth of features. It helps you track the procurement of raw materials to conversion to finished goods. It has a unique pricing model. Apart from the food & beverage industry, it supports the health, chemical, and pharma industries.


  • Comprehensive Lot tracking with batch number & barcodes
  • Business Intelligence, Customized Reports & Dashboards
  • Sales Order Management, Production Planning with stringent Quality Control check
  • Automated invoice generation and customization
  • Product Shelf Life Management


  • It is expensive compared to other competing solutions
  • It can be challenging to learn for some new users

10. Plex Systems

Plex Systems has in-house features such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP), unique product pricing, business intelligence, and lot tracking to help your business achieve operational excellence. It comes with a comprehensive set of modules such as customer relationship, sales management, human resources, accounting, and product management, among others.


  • Track product expiry dates and define quantity according to the specific conditions
  • Invoice Customization to set yourself apart from the competing firms
  • Track & effectively manage leads, and reduce customer churn
  • Track orders from suppliers using supplier management
  • A centralized platform to manage & optimize organizational resources


  • Difficulty navigating complex menu options
  • Difficulty analyzing reports

Top Industries We Serve


According to a news report published in the Times of India, there is a growing health consciousness among Indian consumers. As a result, the Indian food and beverage industry is undergoing tremendous change and witnessing new dishes that are healthier, high in fiber, and environment-friendly.

  • Plant-based Diet: Indian restaurants are offering dishes that are full of vegetables, nuts, and grains. There is a growing focus on the food that is higher in vitamins & minerals.
  • Single-serving Desserts: These are small treats focused on individuals to eliminate the need to share or save leftovers. Examples include Bischoff mug cake, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie, and rice peanut butter mug cake, among others.
  • Sugar Substitutes with Artificial Sweeteners: There are new food products in the market with no added sugar and no added sugar protein premix. Such foods are extremely popular among people suffering from diabetes.
  • Fiber-enriched Food: Fiber-enriched promote a smooth gut-brain connection and give relief to gastric problems, constipation, stress, anxiety, and digestive disorders.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: Another trend is using an environmentally responsible approach to food packaging such as using reusable & recyclable material with no harmful toxins.

There are various food brands available in the world so it is necessary to provide them configurable, comprehensive, regulatory, and flexible with scheduling capability as per their requirements. 

Sage X3 ERP for Food Processzing Industry from Sage Software Solutions is a complete set of financial management throughout the enterprise. ERP is the best way to plan for all food related brands & leading processor & distributors in food industry.

Sage 300, ERP for Food processing Industry helps the food manufacturers to get a quick response during any situation & product recalls. It provides the best package options to customers based on their requirements. Sage ERP solutions is helpful to maintain the recipe of products, food safety, consumer issues, and certificate of analysis, food packaging regulations, and cost of inventory. 

  • Improved quality control throughout various stages of manufacturing process.
  • ERP software for food manufacturers can manage supplier information from start to finish.
  • It can manages the supplier information from start to finish.
  • It can increase production efficiency & decrease cost & risks.
  • Improve supply chain management process.
  • Meet new requirements & new functions to incorporate the business needs.
  • Easily handle accounting for all type of sales & purchases.
  • It manages the inventory control & also get the accurate operational performance.
  • Helps to reduce material waste & raw material shortage.
  • Maintain Food quality throughout the entire process.

As stated, organizations are now implementing Industry 4.0 solutions to gain valuable insights from the enormous amount of data generated daily. These insights offer a competitive advantage by driving improvement and removing operational inefficiency.  ERP systems allow employees across all departments to connect strategic goals and tactical operations, enabling them to work in unison.

F&B manufacturers should evaluate their current business management solution and ask the following questions:

  • Is it in line with the changing regulatory requirements?
  • Is it helping them to understand the changing customer dietary habits?
  • Is it allowing them to track the product across its lifecycle?

Answers to these questions would help businesses get better results from their processes.

F&B companies must understand that consumers’ tastes and preferences are rapidly changing worldwide. People are moving towards consuming food articles that are healthier and more environment-friendly. They ask questions about the raw ingredients, the manufacturing & distribution processes involved, environmental impact, and how the company treats its employees.

Also, F&B companies are investing in industry 4.0 solutions like Artificial Intelligence and advanced data mining capabilities to offer highly personalized services, better position their brand, and identify changing customers’ consumption habits by tracking them across multiple channels.

Effective Inventory Tracking: Maintains the accurate stock level details in the system and hence enables the organisation to provide timely response to the customers.

  • Increases Productivity:  ERP food software stores all the detail in one central place hence, the user gets all the required information in adequate time.
  • Real Time Data Sharing: An organisation can provide the real-time information to their customers from the ERP system.
  • Tracks the Production Cost: Tracks the production cost during the stage of manufacturing
  • Increased Information Quality: It provides quality information which is very accurate.
  • Improve On Time Delivery: The Organisation can deliver the products on time because of the other reduced manual work heads which will streamline their business processes and enable faster decision making
  • Real time access from multiple sites: The packaging industry generally has various sites from where different people operate such as warehouses at various location. With an integrated ERP, all the users have real time access to the data.
  • Better customer satisfaction: It increases the interaction with the customers and the suppliers hence satisfying the customers. With an integrated ERP food software, all the users have real time access to the data.
  • Better customer satisfaction: Food and beverage ERP increases the interaction with the customers and the suppliers hence satisfying the customers

Sage 300, ERP for Food processing Industry helps the food manufacturers to get a quick response during any situation & product recalls. It provides the best package options to customers based on their requirements. Sage ERP solutions is helpful to maintain the recipe of products, food safety, consumer issues, and certificate of analysis, food packaging regulations, and cost of inventory. If the companies wants to control costs of food then it is difficult without getting the visibility of the company’s processes under one view. To improve the profit margins the food manufacturer must lower its costs as per their need.

Archiving and tracking historical data of the business helps attain clear and realistic information of the business partners, sales patterns, marketing strategies, and product pricing strategies. Sage X3 software for food and beverage industry is the best platform that offers tools that fulfill these needs appropriately.

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