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ERP For Food Industry

Stay compliant and competitive with the built-in capabilities of Sage X3 which include Quality Control, Recipe Management, Lot Tracking, and Regulatory Compliance.
erp for food industry

Sage X3, ERP for food industry, offers a real-time and extensive solution that checks and mitigates the effects of product recalls along with other supply chain concerns. With our ingenious manufacturing ERP for food industry software, your food & beverages businesses can attain a plethora of benefits that include-

Rapid implementation and compliance with the advanced regulatory requirements.

  • Run perceptive reports that can be used within business especially for customers, regulators, suppliers from a single source of data.
  • Identify the major cause of product defects and the broad range of supply chain contamination.
  • Place effective communication between stakeholders, customers, and the whole supply chain during product recalls .
  • Systematically manage additional efforts to avoid any product recalls and mitigate the effects.
  • Manage and execute crisis management plans with an ERP software.

With the ERP software for food industry, your food and beverage business will surely experience a faster and more agile method to keep the costs minimum while reducing reputational damage to product recalls.

A Quick Round-up of Food And Beverage Industry Challenges

Food and beverage Product Traceability​

Product Traceability

Food and beverage Health Awareness

Health Awareness

Food and beverage eCommerce Presence

eCommerce Presence

Food and beverage Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Food and beverage Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Food and beverage Sustainability


Food and beverage Low Transparency

Low Transparency

Food Beverage Industry Challenges Explained

Requirement for new recipes or formula

Requirement for new recipes or formula

The food and beverage industry confronts a number of challenges due to its highly sensitive nature. New trends and continuously changing habits of people have given rise to the need for launching new formulas and recipes. This way, the market can cater to the changing needs of customers.

Today, diet soda and diet snacks have become a new normal among customers. They are shifting their focus from normal sugar consumption to new low-sugar products and alternative sweeteners.

On account of this, it is becoming tough for the food and beverage process manufacturing companies to keep the food quality high.

So, to cope with this requirement, food beverage manufacturing companies are required to blend with the changing trends without compromising the texture and taste of foods & beverages.

The Pressure of Delivering Best Quality Of Food

The food quality may get compromised for numerous reasons including food recalls, food contamination, and volatile ingredient prices.

To deliver best-in-class products to customers, the food and beverage industry is considering significant parameters such as the freshness of the products, shelf-life, packaging, and more.

The Pressure of Delivering Best Quality Of Food
Constantly Evolving FD&C Act and Other Laws

Constantly Evolving FD&C Act and Other Laws

FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) rules and regulations focus on checking the nutritional value of products, food safety, the essential concentration of ingredients, as well as, hygiene maintained at the food production center, and more.

Since FDC and other laws are changing constantly, it is crucial to abide by these laws for food and beverage industry.

Technology Innovation & Digitization

The food and beverage industry in India is a new development hub that always innovates and experiments with different flavors, product types, and textures, as per customer preferences.

Due to advancements in technology and globalization, food manufacturing companies are adopting fully automated manufacturing.


Also, there are various companies that are producing product-specific machinery.  Since advanced machinery is getting involved in the manufacturing phase, the need for integrated software is rising.

The ERP for food industry assists to maintain, updating, and recording data accurately. 

Technology Innovation & Digitization
Extremely Competitive Industry​

Extremely Competitive Industry

In recent years, the food beverage industry has undergone huge competition across the globe and is predicted to make constant changes in the manufacturing processes to stay abreast of customers’ expectations.

The top food and beverage manufacturing leaders in the industry who have been constantly upgrading their production processes are trying to maintain the quality of their products. This is making the industry a battlefield for most companies with increasing competition and demand.

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How Sage X3 ERP For Food And Beverage Will Solve Above Mentioned Challenges?

Sage X3 is the best ERP for food industry that has an inbuilt CRM module that serves every need of CRM activities including lead management, prospect management, tasks management, and more.
With this ERP for food industry, you can develop strong relationships with external partners to enhance productivity as well as responsiveness. This finally results in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Sage X3 ERP software for food industry has brilliant features like easy operations management, product configurator, BOM. They provide well-managed recipe and formula systems through integrated manufacturing modules.
Also, an enterprise resource planning system for food offers real-time data to customers with increased productivity and high efficiency of production activities.

Maintaining food quality is the biggest pain point of a food beverage manufacturing company. Sage X3 food distribution ERP software has a fully integrated quality control process that assists in conducting high-quality checks at various stages like receiving raw materials, packaging, and other production processes.
Also, an ERP software food enables users to automatically quarantine substandard items for additional quality checks.

Sage X3 food ERP software assists in carrying all essential functionalities for inventory management. They include maximizing cost-effectiveness, reducing waste, efficacious warehouse management, supply chain management, and aiding businesses to gain max productivity.

Archiving and tracking historical data of the business helps attain clear and realistic information of the business partners, sales patterns, marketing strategies, and product pricing strategies.
Sage X3 software for food and beverage industry is the best platform that offers tools that fulfill these needs appropriately.

Sage X3 for food beverage has an excellent shipping management module that offers real-time data about freight and carrier details, preparation lists, packaging, route information, and more.

Sage X3 ERP system offers MPS ( Master Production Schedule) as well as MRP tools in order to address the requirements for labor, raw material, and resources.
It fulfills the needs through accurate results that are critical to lower waste, reduce production cycle time while assisting management to make dynamic decisions.

Forecasting offers historical data and Sage X3 assists in forecasting lead times, maintaining accuracy in purchasing calendars, enhancing scheduling, reducing losses, predicting inventory information for every department, etc.

Since food manufacturing organizations confront numerous challenges to maintain varied storage, inter-site transfers, and production sites.
Moreover, it is absolutely essential to get spotless transactions for exporting and importing goods. Sage X3 ERP for food industry delivers all essential functionalities that are integrated with all business modules.

Sage X3 food beverage ERP for food industry software offers brilliant features of dashboards as well as process visuals that offer similar summaries and the essential information to higher management.
It helps them make quick and effective decisions.

Benefits Of ERP For Food And Beverage Manufacturers.