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ERP for Auto Component Industry

Manage your supply chain efficiently for both domestic and global operations with Auto Component ERP

What is ERP for Auto Component Industry?

Regardless of what you manufacture – the engine, frames, chassis, accessories, body, or transmission, you need thorough research about design, development, and customer requirements.

The business management software for auto components companies understands and aligns your customer needs, design requirements, and manufacturing process. The former financial year witnessed a 20% growth in turnover for the auto components industry.

ERP solution for auto components companies plays a very big role in terms of managing inventory, automating mundane processes, creating reports, and performing timely deliveries.

What are the Major Challenges in the Auto Components Industry?

Lack of Training

With the advancement in technology, auto components manufacturing companies are bound to train their workforce on the latest technology. However, the primary sources and training schools for the same are still missing. This is creating pressure on manufacturing companies to fulfill the demands for auto parts in the country.

Lack of Training
Increasing Commodity Prices

Increasing Commodity Prices

Today the costs of raw materials and necessary commodities are rising continuously which is directly affecting the growth of the automobile sector of India. This is why, the prices of car models are also rising with the increasing consumer demand. So, with such increasing prices of commodities, foreign investors should manage their production costs.

Changing Regulations

The government has been releasing stringent emission control norms to curb rising air pollution and also to combat global warming issues. But meeting these norms is quite challenging since better fuel efficiency, the latest emission standards, and reduced costs all cannot be offered together. Also, the demand for electrified vehicles has been increasing which is also another challenge.

Changing Regulations
Shortage of Semiconductors

Shortage of Semiconductors

Its shortage of semiconductors across the globe is affecting the sales of automobiles in India which directly hampers the manufacturing of auto components. With such a shortage, the sales of passenger vehicles are reduced to 15% in the present financial year.

Features of ERP for Auto Components Manufacturing

Finance Management

Sage 300 ERP India helps auto parts manufacturing companies manage all finance-related data through a centralized database. It makes data accessible for all while also effectively organizing book-keeping information. Sage ERP accounting software helps to generate crucial financial reports like a ledger, balance sheets, and more. Businesses cannot skip such crucial data and should constantly be updating it.

Supply Chain Management
Production of auto components is a vital stage for any automobile manufacturing company. It is essential to keep up with customer demands. Sage X3 supply chain management software can help companies to fetch real-time data on value-chain, production, shipping, and more.

The implementation of an ERP in the automotive industry can lead to accurate forecasting of the supply chain with the best quality management. With this feature, companies can closely observe the demand, distribution, logistics, and supply while empowering business levels.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is one of the crucial features for automotive businesses. Once this feature gets integrated with the ERP system, it offers incredible results. This integration helps businesses work with various departments as well as teams to fetch business data. Therefore, the companies can fulfill the preferences and requirements of customers easily while also tracking their purchase history.

Inventory Management

Keeping a huge inventory may result in extra holding costs for automotive companies. Hence, the deployment of Sage X3 inventory management software will help companies with effective inventory management strategies. Today, auto components manufacturing companies are opting for lean manufacturing that may demand inventory optimization. This feature helps to streamline inventory processes with an outstanding product tracking facility.

Take Your Business Control with Sage X3 ERP

Empower your team and elevate your results with ERP Software

Key Benefits of Automotive ERP

Track User Preferences

Sage X3 ERP for Auto components manufacturing aids organizations to track customer orders and preferences which then helps them create products that customers are more likely to purchase. This includes researching and analyzing the past purchase history of customers along with their particular choices. The software saves all such preferences and helps companies to track future purchases.

Better Collaboration

The ERP software for the automobile industry offers real-time data along with accessible databases. Also, it offers better security to enhance collaboration and communication among the team members. The quick access of data to all employees builds effective productivity.

Reduced Costs & Compliance

ERP for Auto components manufacturing will bring together all divisions of software systems that the business has been using. You can also unite finance, product development, customer relationship management, etc. in a single interface. This helps in improving the ROI of the business and enhances effectiveness. Also, Sage 300 helps auto components manufacturing companies stay compliant with stringent regulations and rules while staying abreast of the competition.

Streamlined Inventory Levels

Sage 300 ERP helps the company track inventory levels and order parts as required. This helps companies avoid running out of stock of significant auto parts leading to decreased sales as well as productivity. The ERP application also aids in tracking the expiry period of stored products or goods.

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