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Powerful Cloud-Based Lead Management System

Sage X3 Lead management system helps you organize your leads in the most effective way

What is Lead Management System?

Lead management system is nothing but a systematic and precise process where incoming leads are properly analyzed, nurtured, and qualified. This way they can be easily converted into new business strategies.

Within lead management ERP system, leads from different channels enter, and the leads that are ready for sales are converted into final deals. This is how efficient lead management software is working with varied features.

The efficient lead Management tools help you make the most of aspects and attract a potential lead generation that is interested in your service or product. 

In other terms, lead Management is the procedure of tracking and capturing leads while monitoring their activities as well as behaviour and giving them constant attention while making themselves ready and then sending it to the sales team for better conversions.  


The Features of best lead management software for Improved Business

Take Your Business Control with Sage X3

Effortlessly streamline processes and achieve unparalleled business growth

The Top Benefits for End-to-End lead management solutions

Suppose you are using spreadsheets or even papers to manage your leads then there is a high probability that your potential needs will skip from your spectrum every time you access it. This seems to be very challenging to make a difference between the leads that are not able to convert with any of the traditional strategies.It is exactly where an efficient lead Management system solutions comes in that offers a lead tracking feature.

With the help of a lead management
ERP implementation, you easily get assistance from your team to manage and monitor everything at the tip of your fingers. You can closely track every lead while also personalizing the experience for particular aspects that are very close to conversion while driving yourselves and time at the same instant. 

Through the lead tracking software, you can monitor every minute activity as well as the behavior of every lead.This will include the pages they are visiting and the forms they feel, and how much time they are spending on a particular blog on a website. 

This will help you get the most valuable insights about your leads where the most advanced lead Management system will track every conversation on the phone or even chat. 

Our best-in-class lead Management system helps in monitoring the client activity and can group them as per the requirement.However, the business intelligence report generated will have everything you need to learn and find about the clients via email marketing analytics website pageviews social media submissions as well as form submissions.

Speaking about lead nurturing, then nurturing the leads that can be easily converted is a very important process that can end up buying much more than the leads that are ignored and not nurtured. Speaking about lead nurturing, then nurturing the leads that can be easily converted is a very important process that can end up buying much more than the leads that are ignored and not nurtured.

Lead nurturing means constantly engaging the leaders through different channels and by sharing content that is more interesting and useful for them. This is how an ERP can improve a business efficiency. You might call this multi-channel engagement since you can carry it through different email campaigns, SMS campaigns, drip emails, or even through social media through the means of remarketing. 

During a marketing campaign of your business when leads are moving towards the business then you must understand what is exactly driving them to get the most of the marketing expenses.

For constant updates, having real-time reports proves to be a crucial asset that can help you make proper adjustments depending on the lead generation analytics of the business.

Get real-time reports with our lead management system that will take your marketing and sales at greater heights!

Best lead Management software will offer you as well as your team a huge amount of data required for every business campaign.

This brilliant benefit will help your marketing sales team to stay on the same page while learning all small pieces of the data.

Enhanced team collaboration results in increased productivity and helps grow the total lead conversion by building a more focused sales funnel and driving the business growth.

Since all of your team members will be working together in harmony there will be very less chances of making minor mistakes within the business operations. 

An efficient lead Management system offers quick response time for every query that is asked. For instance, if any lead is not getting a reply or message within some time then we will move to other options.

The lead Management system of an organization has various inbuilt features that help businesses to schedule automatic replies as well even during peak times and after office timings.

The liberalism and software help businesses to stay engaged with the aspects while there are different queries divided to respective departments so that they can be resolved within a short period of time. 


A lead management system is a powerful tool to help businesses manage their leads more effectively. Having software for lead management allows you to easily track and control them and see which leads would mostly convert into customers. Additionally, a lead management system can help you automate your information maintenance process, so you can stay in touch with your leads and keep them updated until they are ready to buy.

There are many factors when considering a lead management system for your business. Some factors:

  1.  Ease of use: The system should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

  2. Functionality: The system should offer all the features you need to manage your leads effectively.

  3.  Integration: The system should integrate with your existing CRM or sales platform.

  4. Pricing: The system should be affordable and offer a good value for its features.

  5. Customer support: The provider should offer excellent customer support if any issues exist.

  6.  Scalability: The system should be able to scale as your business grows.

    Considering these factors, you can narrow your options and find the best software for lead management of your business

There are critical differences between lead tracking software and CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Sales teams typically use lead-tracking software to track and manage leads throughout the sales pipeline. This type of software for lead management usually includes features such as contact management, activity tracking, and lead scoring.

On the other hand, CRM software can be easily managed in terms of customer relationships. This software includes features such as contact management, opportunity management, and account management. CRM software often has more robust reporting and analytics capabilities than lead tracking software.

Software for lead management is used by businesses to track and manage customer leads. Lead management software’s standard features include tracking customer contact information, appointments, and payments. Lead management software may also have lead scoring and assignment features, which help businesses prioritize and follow up with leads.

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