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Sage X3 - A Powerful ERP for Business Profitability

Sage X3 ERP provides an advanced solution to collate all your business operations flexibly.

Gear up your Business Operations with Sage X3

Sage X3 ERP software is a leading and trusted technology implemented in various industries to manage everyday core business operations. It is a powerhouse for agile, flexible, efficient, cost-effective and profitable business management solution. Sage X3 has the best record of providing outstanding service to midsize to large companies

Benefits of Sage X3 ERP

Implementing Sage X3 ERP system helps a business to achieve a seamless and efficient workflow of business processes.

Total Control & Visibility

Sage X3 ERP adapts to users’ preferences, distinctive roles and provides safe and secure mobile and cloud access to the data they need. It consists of multiple tools that simplify your company’s processes and software infrastructure, giving you total control of your business enterprise.

sage x3 project overview dashboard
sage x3 planning manager dashboard

Powerful and Convenient

Sage X3 ERP application software is specially customized for mid-sized companies allowing them to take full advantage of all its capabilities at the most affordable rates. It’s quick, easy to implement, simple to use, and easily customizable.

Smooth and quicker workflow

Sage X3 makes your business processes lightning-fast — from procuring raw materials from the vendor to produce finished products, storing products in the warehouse, handling sales, and building robust customer relationships. In addition, Sage X3 will provide you with comprehensive insights into the company’s performance across various parameters on a single platform.

sage x3 project overview dashboard
sage x3 ar accounting manager dashboard

Embraces different technologies

Sage X3 ERP has an open architecture that can work well with all the leading technologies efficiently. It is flexible and extensive to embrace plugins and third party systems which is more beneficial for your business efficiency.

Flexible and Agile

Sage X3 provides customized solutions to your specific business challenges. The best part is that you can manage everything on the cloud from anywhere, anytime, and through any connected device. In addition, all your critical business data is stored in a central repository that gives you complete control over your IT strategy.

sage x3 product design dashboard

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Core Modules of Sage X3 ERP

Supply Chain Management

Monitor your inventory in real-time. Keep up with consumer demand by ensuring that the stock never falls below the set threshold. Control costs with this ERP Software.

Financial Management

Manage your bottom line accurately with real-time global visibility. Also, meet local demands with great precision.

Production Management

Accelerate production manufacturing speed and introduce new products to markets quickly.

  • Shop floor control
  • Project management
  • BOM planning
  • Quality control
Take Your Business Control with Sage X3 ERP
Empower Your Team And Elevate Your Results With ERP Software

Top Sage X3 ERP Industries

Explore how Sage X3 serves each industry.

sage x3 software enchance visibility throughout the distribution process

Speed up your supply chain & reduce costs magnificently. With the amazing ERP application software, you can have enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain while optimizing the purchase conditions and margins. Moreover, Distribution ERP enables mobile sales force.

  • Retail trade
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale trade
  • Discrete Manufacturing


sage x3 is useful in service like consulting, maintenance, repair, it, software and advertising services

Stay highly responsive, manipulate costs, and retain loyal customers. With intelligent project engineering ERP software – Sage X3, you can achieve real-time insights on your mobile device and streamline accounting.

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with sage x3 you can get the most precise costing, pricing, and real-time control over production planning

Fasten up your business process cycle and control the quality of your products. With Manufacturing ERP Software, get the most precise costing, pricing, and real-time control over production planning while quickly accepting new regulations.

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sage x3 have greatest potential to transform your chemical business completely

Sage X3 ERP for chemical industry has the greatest potential to transform your chemical business completely!

  • Optimization of supply
  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Process and product continuance
  • Comprehensive global compliance

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sage x3 software offer simple, fast, and flexible business management solutions for food and beverage industry

If you are running a food and beverage industry; compete and stand out successfully with Sage X3 ERP for food industry. It is an advanced innovative solution offering simple, fast, and flexible business management solutions.

  • Supply chain
  • Operations
  • Warehouse and inventory
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Finance & Accounting

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Sage X3 is an ERP software with highly integrated functionality for sales, customer service, financial management, manufacturing, inventory, and business intelligence. It is one of the modern platforms for advancing business processes. 

Sage X3 offers customised business management solutions as compared to conventional ERP software for companies to maintain competitive benefits by enhancing flexibility and taking better speed. 

The ERP software is responsive, web-based, and for mobile devices. Simultaneously, Sage X3 is to be implemented on-premises and as a service in the cloud managed by the software. It is offered as more customisable to meet customer roles, preferences, and respective functions. Varied features available in this software include automated workflows, document management, visual processes, automated alerts, and more. 

Sage X3 is an utterly SaaS-based software that organises different aspects of businesses, including financial reporting, accounting, manufacturing, service operations, distribution, and integrated software. 

It is one of the best cloud solutions, which strongly aims that companies should get the ease of deployment and reduced requirements for internal IT maintenance and support. Since it runs in the cloud, users can fetch data from anywhere and anytime using a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 

Sage X3 involves cloud architecture for checking all business functions and offer a wide variety of cloud deployment, including single-tenant/ multi-tenant SaaS software solution. 

Sage 300 ERP offers a wide range of financial modules with comparatively less cost-effective solutions. On the other hand, Sage X3 automates main business functions, including project & cash accounting, consistent growth, and cost-effectiveness. 

Sage 300 features are pretty restricted to some business parameters, while Sage X3 is the best fit for all top-class businesses. Sage X3 can integrate over 200 leading cloud solutions with 12+ compatible APIs.

Sage 300 is on-premises software which can be hosted. Sage X3 is a cloud-based ERP software that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with strong security. 

ERP software is just a single centralised system that makes the systems endangered to human errors. Conversely, Excel is an extensive manual tool that might high human errors. ERPs are wholly centralised and integrated; different departments in your company can depend on excel spreadsheets with similar data. 

In the Excel sheets, similar data will be entered a number of times in multi-sheets which apparently consumes a lot of time. Moreover, there are vast chances of human errors since data is entered with human interference every time. 

At the same time, this is not the case with Sage X3 ERP. Your data is saved centrally, and the team members can fetch it anytime, anywhere. 

ERP is used prominently for financial data and the financial department. On the other hand, CRM is not only customer data leveraged by customer service and sales departments. ERP is known as the back office platform, while CRM is known as the front office. 

Sometimes, an ERP system may include CRM components, but in the case of CRM software, it does not involve any ERP components. A business with a small set of high-standard customers and complicated financial operations might take ERP for seamless operations, while a business which has a large base of customers would choose CRM. 

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