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ERP Software for Packaging Industry

A Step Towards an Exceptional Packaging Business

Sage X3 is the excellent ERP Software for Packaging Industry that helps businesses automate their core processes right from production to invoicing. Our unique ERP Software helps gain real-time data from sensors so that you can easily compare cost estimates with the actual production costs. The system understands every packaging manufacturing requirement with the unique and creative set of challenges and problems. Sage X3 focuses more on building positive relationships with clients by resolving industry problems.

Right from advancement, expansion, factory logistics, inventory logistics, workflow concerns, streamlining functionality, and production issues, its prime aim has always been on delivering the world-class module to customers. The integrated nature of ERP software helps you get the tools that will fulfill every reporting requirement for recycling and waste regulations. However, this leads to getting world-class industry standards for sustainable and flexible packaging manufacturing.

Industry Challenges

The change occurring in the global flexible packaging industry is tremendous and there seems no scope for traditional production planning and management sales management and traditional testing parameters to meet the tough challenges in the coming time.


Since the environmental sustainability is on its rise across the globe, businesses are strongly moving towards sustainable solutions. Hence, business owners throughout value chain are showing more concern for the use of plastic packaging. The major issue here is that investment required for R&D is high. Owing to this, there are very less eco-friendly solutions.

Fragmented nature of supply is one of the major industry challenges. Along with this, packaging is unbranded. These two issues creates low level customer experiences that include low quality of packaging and time consuming supplier search. When it comes to manufacturers, these concerns stands for underutilized capacities, low margins, and irregular processes.

The industry needs to have a keen eye on serial and lot traceability along with the increasing complexity of customer demands. The industry should also get more capable of dealing with evolving Global regulations and competition.

So to manage this sheer pressure from the constantly evolving packaging markets, the businesses are looking to transform their business models. There seems to be over capacity and expensive raw material costs, and hence a stringent approach is very much needed to meet your business challenges of this industry through flexible packaging ERP system.

Elevate your productivity with Sage X3

How Sage X3 Will Solve Above Mentioned Challenges?

Production & Planning Management

Make sure the appropriate quality and quantity of raw material, as well as equipment, is available at the time of production. Also simply perform sample development while rectifying batch cost to gain the net and simple profit with printing and packaging manufacturing ERP.

Procurement Process

No need to worry and get a flawless procurement process that will have approval management purchase price validation tolerance limit and quality control check.

Sales Management

Constantly track every sales figure based on the value period product region and quantity.

Quality Control

With quality control features for packaging needs, reduce your risk of quality issues through different testing criteria and pass the quality compliance. Quality control testing includes incoming QC, in-process QC, outgoing QC, sampling process, and QC derivation.


The right method to access all kinds of reports right from daily production reports batch costing consumption pending sales order and much more in a single go.

Accelerate your growth and profits with Sage X3 ERP Suite

Sage ERP X3 system can be customised to suit your business needs to gear up your business’ success.

Benefits Of Sage X3 ERP Software for Packaging Industry

Sage X3 ERP benefit the top-notch Finance & Operations ERP system that will fulfill your every need in the packaging industry. The software is specifically tailored to keep you abreast of the competition and help you achieve greater flexibility with the business space.The flexible packaging ERP works on the latest technology that can be simply integrated with the existing system. With it, you can also manage uniform operations through different sites. Not least, with printing and packaging ERP for packaging manufacturers, your company can respond brilliantly to the sudden shifts in the market requirements while enabling it to collaborate with the customer needs. The software offers flexible approaches with which you can increase your revenue with improvised efficiency. Flexible packaging manufacturers also requires topmost packaging ERP system that assists some underlying business operations in order to bring greater flexibility.

ERP undoubtedly brings sanity to sales, production, and inventory management. Our innovative ERP software will help produce precise forecasts and sales reports based solely on past transactions. Thus, elevating the accuracy as well as dependability of the production levels. This way you can easily reduce the out-of-stock situations while placing all stocks in line whenever the demands get increased.

It’s so simple! Getting more work for low costs indicates not only amazing business growth but also improvised profits. With ERP software for packaging manufacturers, you can react quickly to the changes in the industry.Here, data will be stored in an integrated database through which you can experience quick processing and can achieve greater power for decision making. Moreover, our ERP industry solution will help you reduce the overall inventory management costs.

The printing and packaging ERP software delivers matchless protection for personal information. It’s because, with us, your data entered will be thoroughly coded and secured. You can easily restrict the access function and identity management that assures a higher level of data security.

Forecasting is definitely an inexact term that has a purpose to enhance the quality of the predictions and placing an amazing balance between the demand and supply. When forecasting spaces have varied product ranges and configurations then naturally bills of materials become more complex while the raw material and component lead times also become extensive. It is this reason why improved forecast accuracy is very much essential to reduce the inventory holding and reduce the cost without compromising the quality and company loyalty.  This brilliant printing and packaging ERP software will help you track and evaluate the forecast and can help you identify the most possible reasons for the errors. Our software will help you optimize the forecast in order to generate the exact outcome with less forecast error. However, the inventory optimization suite of the power module will help enable the entry of manual forecasts as well as generate automatic forecasts through different algorithms that will include computing the trends, cyclical events, and seasonality. Moreover, the industry solution for flexible packaging will offer you a competition forecasting method that will select the appropriate forecast algorithm. It will be based on particular error measurements and data of your sales history.  This way you can easily compare the results and see which will be the most appropriate method for a specific item even if your forecast products are at the warehouse level or are ready to release or are kept for revision. The ERP system will have a tracking signal which will indicate the high forecast errors that can be adjusted and reviewed as and when required and packaging processes will be up. Usually, forecast accuracy relies on the regular evaluation of the forecast error and also on the Data integrity of the source and the nature. We at Sage Software Solutions offer ERP systems that will have forecast accuracy through the natural ability to filter and adjust outliers automatically. Moreover, we can also manually adjust the forecast-based data to measure qualitative as well as quantitative factors.
To stay competitive in this challenging world, constant innovation is the main factor while research and development to design something better is also essential.  To achieve unbelievable profits your business must have the ability to develop innovative products and change existing designs.Sage X3 is the top ERP software for the printing and packaging industry that will help you streamline and track the launch of the latest product designs while assisting you in making changes to the existing structures along with the costs. The ERP software solution for packaging manufacturing is all set to incorporate strict control on all design processes offering integrated rules-based workflow systems. This workflow system will include security auditable history and comprehensive version control. You can track and keep a record of the new as well as modified designs of the products and can follow the process changes. With packaging ERP, you can also analyze the effect of these changes on the overall cost of the production and can control the approval process as well as the routing process.  The audit trail history queries and archived options in this manufacturing ERP help you get first online access to every minor detail of your previous product purchase.

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