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Pharma ERP Software

Optimize inventory management, quality control, and compliance issues using a single software.

What is Pharma ERP Software?

Pharma ERP software is a versatile software that automates various pharmaceutical processes such as production and quality assessment, formula management, cost budgeting, lot tracking, and marketing. It records product expiry, corrigenda, non-conformances, and other related data to provide end-to-end traceability and track the movement of products throughout the manufacturing process. Businesses can comply with stringent regulatory requirements to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

ERP in pharmaceutical industry is a term used to describe sophisticated software systems created to connect and streamline numerous business activities within pharmaceutical firms. It makes it possible to handle quality assurance, inventories, finances, sales, and research and development effectively. Pharmaceutical businesses may increase productivity, guarantee compliance with strict standards, streamline supply chains, and make informed decisions with the help of ERP, ultimately assisting in the creation, production, and distribution of safe and effective pharmaceutical products. ERP Software for pharmaceutical industry helps connect, integrate, and control each department in the chemical company while also automating all pharma manufacturing functions like inventory, planning, etc.

ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing helps modern-day pharma companies deal with numerous challenges they face. They can better respond to price fluctuations, rampant price wars, continuous innovation, predatory pricing, inconsistency in quality, stricter government regulations, reverse engineering of pharma products, and the influx of new entrants. For example, ERP keeps track of price fluctuations and current market demand to make informed strategic decisions. Similarly, it keeps a bird’s eye throughout the entire production process to identify areas of waste, eliminate waste, reduce costs, and aggressively respond to market price wars.

Pharmaceuticals E-book
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Pharmaceuticals E-book
Elevate Pharma Excellence by adopting cutting-edge strategies, staying abreast of industry trends

What are the Major Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industry?

Managing Inventory

Inventory plays a significant role in pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes, there is an acute shortage of medicines and other pharma-related products due to unforeseen circumstances like the recent coronavirus pandemic. In those cases, the inventory may fall below the set threshold. Also, creating & maintaining real-time inventory status reports on a ledger and placing orders manually with the vendor is a time-taking process.

managing inventory
government mandated regulations

Complying with Government-mandated Regulations is Tough

Governments worldwide are coming up with stringent regulations to monitor pharmaceutical companies. And if you fail to adhere to compliances, you may attract massive fines or risk shutting down your company. Creating a system of checks and balances, generating and validating bills and receipts, tracking changes in rules and regulations cannot be done without pharma ERP software.

Monitoring Vital Statistics is Hard

Building robust and long-lasting customer relationships is crucial for companies across industries. But for that, pharmaceutical companies require massive data repositories to formulate competitive price quotes. Without Pharma ERP, it becomes challenging to collect customer segments based on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.

monitoring vital statistics
manual product traceability

Manual Product Traceability is Messy

Mandatory government regulations make product traceability essential for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, pharma companies must maintain a detailed record of all product transactions, including historical purchases. They also need to track the movement of goods — raw materials from the vendor to the inventory of pharmaceutical company and finished products from the warehouse to the end-user.

Deciding Exact Product Costs is Time-Consuming and Challenging

Tracking operational, material and manufacturing costs manually are challenging for pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, ERP application in pharmaceutical industry calculates the final product cost by accounting for R&D cost, raw material cost, customer incentives, insurance costs, and much more.

exact product costs

Features of Pharma ERP Software

various product categories in pharma erpSage 300 ERP India  allows users to create product categories based on the product’s management method — manufactured, purchased, generic, and sub-contracted, with their descriptions. You can define these products at a micro-level based on their unit of measure — Vial, Bottle, Strip, Ampoules. Also users can also enter the dimension, colour, expiry flag control, and the supplier’s code.

purchase flow of erp pharmaPurchase flow is divided into 3 categories:

General Material Purchase
Department users can raise a material requisition request for the required raw material to the storekeeper. Consequently, the storekeeper will check if the material is available in the warehouse using Sage X3’s inquiry screen.

Raw Material Purchase
Sage X3 procurement software can automate the raw material purchasing process. Once a Purchase Order (PO) is created in the ERP software, it can move across multiple approval levels. The approved PO is forwarded to the vendor as soon as the user approves the PO through signature management in Sage X3.

Promotional Items
Promotional products include diaries, pens, perfumes, etc. Tracking these products is essential because they add up to the inventory cost. With Sage X3 pharma ERP, you can follow which product was issued to which customer.

how pharma erp software help in inventory managementInventory Management System of Sage X3 provides a single platform through which users can manage the whole inventory — from raw materials to finished goods. A request screen contains all the supplier quotations and RFQs. Moreover, the purchase receipt feature allows replenishing the stock from the warehouse. Further, the software also tracks the quality inspection when the goods are received. If the quality of goods is not up to the mark, they are returned to the supplier, and a purchase return requisition is raised in the ERP system.

Sage X3 ERP in pharmaceutical industry efficiently manages warehouses by marking them with different codes. It also keeps locations with similar criteria under one group. Users can view items stored inside each warehouse. They can dispatch them to the required distribution centre or arrange for a pick-up by wholesalers or retailers. The best part is that each transaction is recorded in the software. Moreover, you can also create various tabs in the dashboard, such as promotional goods, near-to-expiry, samples, expired material, and many more.

inventory movement and valuationPharmaceutical products are assigned batch numbers whenever there is an outward or inward material movement. Therefore, inventory valuation is done on an actual basis. Sage X3 ERP software for pharmaceutical industry has LOT management flag helps you achieve this inventory costing.

You can also assign an expiry date to the batches that have been produced through the First Expiry First Out (FEFO) basis. It helps allocate batches to a work order or a sales order automatically. However, users can manually assign batches if they want to change the LOT allocation.

how pharmaceutical erp software help to quality controlSage X3’s quality control module allows the user to track the quality of the entire manufacturing process — from the purchase of raw materials to manufacturing finished products. The quality control module in this ERP software is used at two places — Manufacturing receipt and PO receipt. The system has a technical sheet containing the products’ specification that is supplied to the user. This sheet helps perform quality checks.

Sage X3 also allows updating the testing parameters at every product master. So, you can update different Pharmacopeia, such as the Indian Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia, using Sage X3.

sales management Features of manufacturing softwareThe sales process in Sage X3 pharmaceutical ERP software begins by creating a sales quotation entry. A Sales order entry follows it. Then, the user can execute stock allocation to order followed by delivery entry in Sage X3 and finally generate a sales invoice. The pharmaceutical industry has several customer categories: doctors, stockists, government organisations, and hospitals.

How Sage X3 manages Credit Sales?
The sales order is fed in Sales Management System of Sage X3, supplemented with a delivery and sales invoice. Also, maintaining appropriate control over the sales of pharmaceutical products is required by drug law authorities. Sage X3 pharmaceutical manufacturing software has many features like Drug license expiry date, Drug license number, and credit control that allows checking these statutory records conveniently. This pharmaceutical ERP also has a fail-safe mechanism. It can put an order on hold if the earlier records don’t match the required sales order. The order can be un-hold again once the approval process is complete. Therefore, there is no possibility of a data entry error.

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Key Benefits of Pharma ERP Software

Real-time Supply Chain Traceability

Sage X3 ERP in pharmaceutical industry offers real-time traceability benefits which easily track goods throughout the entire lifecycle. It also offers a complete suite of supply chain management tools that allow pharmaceutical companies to-

  • Integrate sales management, including sales workflows, automated transactions, invoicing, and logistics
  • Purchasing management, including audit trails, supplier details, expenditure authorization, etc.
  • Inventory management, including count management, stock data, consumption analysis, etc.
  • Provide visibility into inventory levels, optimize distribution processes
  • Provides a way to accurately track, trace and view the status of batches, inventory, and processes throughout the entire supply chain
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and optimize production processes

Meet End-to-End Regulatory Requirements

With the ever-increasing regulatory requirements, companies must ensure they are compliant with all applicable guidelines.

With the Sage X3 ERP for pharma industry offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the entire process for achieving and maintaining compliance with the various regulations.

  • Complete visibility into their compliance activities and programs while managing their compliance efforts and improving their overall performance
  • Simplifies the audit process by providing an automated workflow management process
  • Automates work processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in operations
  • Tracks and records information about inventory, production, and financials
  • Ensures proper security and data protection as it is equipped with advanced encryption technology

Data Security

Sage X3 business management software can provide access control for user accounts and limit access to certain functions and data. This makes sure that only authorized users have access to the data and reduces the risk of unauthorized information being accessed or altered.
It also-

  • Provides an audit trail that allows companies to keep track of data
  • Provides strong encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • Offers automated backups of data and ensures all vital data is stored securely
  • Reduces the amount of manual labor required to back up data

Assure Top-notch Product Quality 

Sage ERP software in India for manufacturing enables maintaining accurate quality assurance for pharmaceutical companies by-

  • Serial numbers
  • Stock status (Inspected, Accepted, Rejected)
  • Batch and sub-batch numbers management
  • Downstream and upstream management
  • Expiration and re-inspection data management

Sales and Marketing Management

Pharma ERP software has numerous pre-defined templates that allow managing contracts and process sales orders efficiently. It maintains a massive repository of customer data and updates it regularly. Pharma ERP formulates competitive price quotes based on the following factors:

  • Geographic data
  • Demographic data
  • Behavioral data
  • Past purchasing pattern
  • Recent purchases

Once the sales order is ready, it creates automated workflows, thereby eliminating the need for humans. 

The marketing department can run promotional campaigns and monitor vital statistics in real-time. They can alter campaigns based on changing market patterns and implement strategies on-the-go. The ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies also breaks information silos and allows business-critical information to flow across departments. This enables departments to work as a cohesive force and further the interests of the company. A single window enables pharma companies to handle everything from one place and save time, effort, energy, and resources.

Better Quality Assurance

Supply chain management is an integral part of the ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The time it takes to transport raw materials from the vendor to the company and then the finished products from the company to the end-customer play an essential role in deciding the product’s final cost. Sage X3 monitors the entire supply chain management and ensures that the core functions necessary for accurate quality assurance are in place. These include:

  • Batch number management
  • Sub-batch number management
  • Serial number management
  • Stock status management (inspected, accepted, rejected)
  • Expiration data management
  • Re-inspection management
  • Upstream traceability
  • Downstream traceability

Adherence to Government Regulations

Governments globally are constitutionalizing strict regulations and are penalizing companies that don’t adhere to such laws. Sage X3’s powerful regulatory compliance suite consists of features that will allow you to monitor the new and updated government guidelines and stick to them.

The following points detail how Sage X3 for pharmaceutical manufacturing will help you do so:

  • It oversees contract manufacturing guidelines that frame rules on purity, identity, strength, and quality of medicines meant for human consumption
  • It keeps control over data integrity movements such as:
    1. Trackable workflows that can be validated
    2. Audit trails at outsourced facilities
    3. Increased demand for control data accuracy
  • It also monitors any changes or updation made in universal generic drug standards by international regulatory institutions.

Keep Track of Different Units of Measures

It’s a common practice in Pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses to buy raw materials in one unit of measure, store them in warehouses in another, convert them into finished products in one more, and finally sell them in another. It is possible only due to ERP systems. Sage X3 selects the appropriate weighing system and then converts values instantly. This helps to assess cost in terms of weight, potency, size, solid percentage, etc.

Sage X3 ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing also takes product variations into account. When solid converts into liquid or vice versa, its size, volume, area, potency, and other characteristics change. Sage X3 maps different Units Of Measure (UOM) with appropriate costs across the entire manufacturing schema and make measurements convenient.

As a Pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you should select an ERP for pharmaceutical manufacturing software that conveniently manages your business’s requirements. ERP systems with a robust process manufacturing foundation, and that can take care of the degree of variability of products and manufacturing processes should top your search list. You must pay great attention to whether the ERP system will help you lower down product manufacturing costs, improve scalability, provide better customer service, and can customize itself according to the situation at hand.


ERP in pharma is a software that aids pharma companies in minimizing the production and delivery time. It also manages all sensitive data of the business operations.

  • Helps to attain higher production by streamlining all the processes.

  • Easily handle accounting for all type of sales & purchases.

  • Manages the inventory control & also gets the accurate operational performance.

  • Saves Time and Operational costs.

  • Monitors manufactured goods distribution.

  • Better Customer Support.

  • Extensive reporting – You can have several reports in ERP which give you the list of all the transaction in your business.

  • You can take better business decisions with ERP on the go from any device, any place and any time.

  • Tracking the stock of inventory is an important factor & to maintain the stock of every raw material. Manufacturing industries have different departments like production, QC, Sale etc. & to know the current status of finish good easy with the help of Sage 300 cloud, ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Clear visibility on cost management throughout the industry.

  • Accounting will easily handle for all types of customer & vendor bills.

  • Finance Module in ERP gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis.

Sage 300 makes optimum utilization of all available resources, the result is higher efficiency and better performance. It can also track lot properties while optimizing and improving other business processes like batch production, sales functions, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting and financials, regulatory reporting etc.

Inventory Control – Having the right amount of inventory at a particular time can be decisive to success and if inventory management is improved, waste can be decreased. Better Inventory Management is also the key to better and successful Customer Relationships.

Multinational Management Capabilities – Corporations are becoming increasingly global, and the ability to manage everything through a single streamlined software allows for expansion into new markets, supply of products globally and location of new suppliers.

Data Collection – This feature allows managers to stay up to speed with the latest industry trends by collecting and storing important customer, vendor and prospect data in a single place. Sage ERP solutions provide real time data accessibility from anywhere, any time and from any device.

Process Manufacturing – One of the important functions in a Pharma company is the manufacturing of medicines. Even in helping to keep a record and streamline the manufacturing process, Sage ERP Solutions helps the manufacturers to keep service consistent and produce greater output. Control capabilities are in real time, which allows for maximum efficiency.

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