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ERP for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

An accurate business solution for all manufacturing, distribution, and compliance needs of Chemical Industry

What is ERP for Chemical Industry?

ERP for Chemical Manufacturing is a specialized software designed to meet the unique needs of chemical companies. It comes with a combination of modules that automate and streamline various aspects of the business such as production planning, sales forecasting, analytics & reporting, regular machine inspections and preventive maintenance.

Chemical ERP also plays a key role in safety such as keeping a bird’s eye on hazardous substances to meet the utmost safety standards and prevent accidents. With our ingenious Sage X3 ERP, you can easily manage your expenses as well as inventory in a systematic way. 

 Sage X3 ERP is an industry-leading ERP Software for Chemical Industry that will consider the procurement inventory as well as delivery management with the utmost care while fulfilling your business need. It also helps to  manage up-to-the-time delivery with high-quality low pricing and accurate orders. The software has all business intelligence and customer resource management capacities impressed into it that makes it a completely integrated ERP solution for chemical industry. For dynamic results, you can practice some measures and game cutting-edge ERP benefits. If your firm is one of those concerned with the distribution and production of different chemicals then it might be a tedious task to manage and streamline the regular business operations with accuracy. As per The Economic Times India’s chemical industry currently valued at around $220 billion, is expected to touch $300 billion by 2025 and reach the $1 trillion mark by 2040. 

What are the Major Challenges in Chemical Industry?

raw materials

Raw Materials

Easy access to the raw materials is quite hard since they are not available at an instant. Secondly, the costs of materials are very high in India as compared to that of the Middle East/ South Asian countries. This might occur due to the lack of skilled laborers or differences in manufacturing wages.

Poor Infrastructure

Limited or restricted access to depots, ports, poor infrastructure facilities and worst pipeline connectivity are prime issues for domestic chemical manufacturers. These issues prove to be huge obstacles in the flawless delivery of raw materials.

Also, the power supply is another major challenge that counts in the poor infrastructure. Due to a shortage of capital, small/medium-sized chemical plants cannot afford captive power plants.

poor infrastructure
import related concerns

Import Related Concerns

Today, chemicals are being imported from low-cost manufacturing hubs. After entering into the world trade organization, India has been facing a major reduction in importing tariffs on varied products.

To meet the growing demands of chemicals throughout the country, the government has banned tariffs which will ultimately increase the competition rate.

Issues Connected with Human Resources

The industry faces a huge shortage of skilled laborers that apparently affects the productivity of the business. However, the company has to undergo compromised product quality, reduced productivity, limited growth, and more.

Hence, companies require skilled laborers to enhance the productivity of the chemical manufacturing business which can only be achieved by having a better human resources department in the plant.

issues connected with human resources
low working capacities

Low Working Capacities

Owing to the oversupplies of materials, the cost of petrochemicals has gone too down globally. Hence, the domestic business owners have been underutilizing their plants which is affecting the growth of the sector.

Top Features - ERP for Chemical Manufacturing

With the ascending challenges in the sector and growing demands, the only option we have is to convert these challenges into opportunities and see optimum outputs in the chemical business. These challenges can be solved by implementing the Sage Software’s business management software

easy chemical formulation management
It requires a significant span of time for a company in performing research and development formulation. Through the ERP for chemical manufacturing our business can store all the relevant activities that are performed in your laboratory.

These activities might include various formulations as well as different restrictions of chemical which is intern produced.It is one of the best solutions that can also offer you the most expected cost of your recently built formulation which will be indeed based on the present cost of raw materials.You can track all new formulas as well as the manufacturing process of chemicals. Generate reports with the latest technology.

sample and quotation management
Today’s competitive world needs innovative ERP CRM for chemical process manufacturing Industries through which they can manage all the samples and can provide regular quotations that will be based on the respective samples.
However, these samples are completely based on the fluctuations designed specifically for the raw material off the market.

With the help of ERP Implementation for chemical industry, we can generate databases of different samples and send them to the client along with the courier details.

erp software for chemical industry is usful to improvise chemical manufacturing process
The ERP for chemical helps you improve the major operations of chemical manufacturing.

ERP for the chemical industry integrates all business activities into a unified platform. Its record-keeping procedures bring end-to-end traceability into the system. Your business gains from increased visibility into all of its operations, and it can effectively face real-world challenges that are unique to your industry.

ERP for chemical manufacturing automates and simplifies the complex tasks of maintaining safety standards, performing quality checks, and avoiding regulatory hurdles. Generating the Bill of Materials, calculating Yield Loss & Handling Loss, and raw material procurement becomes easier. It provides a glimpse into the day-to-day activities. and provides a 360-degree view of your business operations in customized dashboards and reports.

precise supply chain planning

The software involves various modules of supply chain execution and planning. The features look after the concerns of chemical manufacturing processes like steep transportation, inventory costs, rising costs, increased waste, and more. 

The feature also helps companies to enhance cycle time with the supply chain visibility while also delivering a quick order-to-cash cycle with more accurate planning. It lets you check the total view of purchases, and check vendor performance. The supply chain feature also obtains a clear view of all evaluations, and purchases while also managing strategic reduces

recall management is the benifit of chemical manufacturing erp software

Sage X3 software enables agility and helps detect the source of the problem in the case of a product recall. The software helps keep an up-to-date record of every piece of information from the operating processes. This helps chemical manufacturers stay updated with the information and aids to prepare for any major product recalls. 

Moreover, the recall management feature helps chemical companies manage product sustainability, recalls, expiry management, labelling, and more critical issues for the manufacturing business.

Sage X3 Transforming Businesses Globally!

Effortlessly Streamline Processes And Achieve Unparalleled Business Growth

Key Benefits of ERP for Chemical Industry

Gear Product Development

A robust inventory and warehouse department is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. It tracks the availability of raw materials & finished products in the warehouse and forecasts demand. The unavailability of raw materials impacts the production chain in the industry because they can shut down your production line and delay work orders. 

Moreover, incorrect valuation of goods can cause errors in calculating the goods sold and can also impact the organization’s gross profitability.

Ensure Quality Control

Through this one of the best software solutions, your business can incorporate QA and quality control inspection with a varied checklist. You can also stay updated with the latest instruction libraries mentioned by the laboratory while generating fully customized COA reports. 

You can track tasks that are already allocated with streamlined operations while collecting quality data in the chemical industry. Additionally, you can analyze important business information that can be utilized for further unique requirements.

Improved Control Inventory

Simply auto-assign lot numbers while the production or receiving process is going on and track variable features of inventory.  It assures effective inventory management.
You can get insights on simultaneous units of measure that are unique and dual. 

With the help of this Sage 300 ERP for chemical industry, you can choose the right inventory depending on certifications, expiry dates, as well as status while making manufacturing and distribution simpler. Also, you can easily optimize the inventory levels with procurement and automated planning schedules for better supply chain management. 

Interactive Dashboard

ERP for chemical manufacturing offers a single intuitive platform or dashboard with which you get to extract, view and assess crucial business data with a few clicks only thus, offering you improved business insights. Also, you can browse through critical customer data, suppliers/vendor records and all other vital data from a unified and easy-to-use dashboard with Sage X3.

Whether you manufacture finished chemical goods, complete pharmaceutical batches, etc., Sage X3 ERP solutions in India for the chemical industry suit all manufacturing needs and make your all chemical manufacturing operations seamless. 

Operational Excellence

For a business in the chemical industry, keeping control over costs whilst meeting production needs is the key to operational excellence and Sage X3 ERP software for chemical industry helps you achieve that in a streamlined and efficient way. Operational efficiency is of utmost importance when it comes to addressing all aspects of a business to help curb costs, improve relationships with customers, etc.

Also, optimizing various operations across your entire organisation is extremely easy with Sage X3 ERP, as it offers a unified and single platform bridging together all your critical operations. Being affordable and budget-friendly, Sage X3 ERP for chemical industry is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses operating in this sector.

Quick Deployment

Designed to suit the specific requisites of the chemical industry, the implementation is hassle-free and quick irrespective of the size of the business. Further, all the modules of Sage X3 for chemical industry are finely integrated to allow a seamless flow of data and streamline manufacturing, production and shipping processes.

It ensures full compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. What’s more, it also addresses excise and outsourcing processes in a seamless manner.

ERP for chemical industry helps chemical companies comply with a maze of complex regulatory requirements and follow the best regulatory practices in the region of business operations. ERP systems assist businesses with the meticulous recording of information such as documenting, reporting, and monitoring data in real-time. They provide end-to-end traceability which helps identify the source of the problem, perform audit trails, and adhere to the local environmental, health, and safety standards. With improved compliance, the business can reduce fines, penalties, and litigations.

ERP for chemical industry provides a unified view of business data and automates key processes involved in supply chain operations. It brings visibility throughout the entire process, and powers businesses with various tools to improve the efficiency in various operations such as procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, and order management. Ultimately, the supply chain management tools in ERP benefit the business with reduced time delays, reduced operation costs, improved customer retention rate, and fewer supply chain problems.

Some ERPs are scalable by nature while others are rigid and unchangeable. A scalable ERP is suitable for both small and large chemical companies. 

Scalability is the ability of the ERP for chemical manufacturing to handle the increasing business complexities, and growing amount of data from multiple branches and divisions, as the business grows in size. A scalable ERP is critical for the success of your company’s growth story. It is able to adapt to changing workloads, keep pace with business trajectory, and deliver optimal performance. ERP is a long-term strategic investment for any chemical business that wants to grab new opportunities and effectively turn challenges into opportunities.

One of the key benefits of using ERP for chemical manufacturing is that it reduces the guesswork involved in business decision-making. It acts as a single source of truth and delivers the right data to the right people at the right time. With access to up-to-date and accurate information, decision-makers can make timely decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Chemical ERP software also aids in in-context analytics. For example, it allows decision-makers with the information they need, in the context of their choice, to make timely and accurate decisions.

Cloud-based ERPs are not only suitable but also have become an inevitable part of the modern chemical industry. This is particularly because they offer various benefits over traditional On-Premise ERPs.

  • Cloud ERPs are hosted on the vendor’s servers, eliminating the need for deployment, maintenance, or upgradation
  • Decision-makers can remotely access any data regardless of their location or device
  • They are cost-effective as the business does not need to invest in hardware or software and other IT infrastructure.
  • They are charged on a subscription basis such as monthly or annual payment. Unlike On-premise ERPs, the business benefits from free updates, and doesn’t need to make a hefty one-time payment.

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