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A preferred business software solutions suite for the next-gen business leaders!

Sage 300cloud

No more operational inefficiencies with Sage 300cloud, one of the powerful ERP software solutions in India.

Tame operational expenses like never before with Sage 300cloud. Manage your customers, suppliers, partners, vendors and much more from the most flexible and scalable ERP software in India. Be it managing your manufacturing, inventory, supply chain or accounting operations, Sage 300cloud can do it all. Sage 300cloud combines the power of mobile and cloud to help your business drive operational efficiency whilst delivering intelligent insights into key business processes at the click of a button.

Sage X3

Gain full control of your business with Sage X3.

Previously known as Sage Enterprise Management, Sage X3 is a next-gen ERP application to help organisations stay agile and scale effortlessly. Arm your business with a future-proof ERP software solution and see your business grow in a never before way. Faster, simpler and flexible are the USPs of Sage Enterprise Management. Enjoy the benefits of a next-gen ERP solution minus the complexities of a legacy ERP application. Sage Enterprise Management is fully scalable, adapts to changing organisational dynamics and grows with your business.

Sage CRM

Understand your customers like never before with Sage CRM.

Sage CRM improves customer experience in ways manifold. It allows improved business decision-making, improves revenue and reduces inefficiencies pertaining to customer data management. Most importantly, Sage CRM helps a business transform into customer-centric. With intelligent reporting at your disposal, Sage CRM helps a business deliver optimum customer experience. It helps unlock customer intelligence thus, helping you know your customers better.

Pocket HRMS

Restore the human back in HR with Pocket HRMS

Previously known as Pocket HCM, Pocket HRMs is a coming-of-age human capital management solution that combines the power of mobile and cloud to address the diverse needs of human resources management. Fully scalable, Pocket HRMS offers revolutionary features such as AI-powered chatbot (smHRty), biometric integration, HR analytics, performance management, self-service and much more thus, making it an end-to-end HR solution. 

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