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ERP for Aluminum and Metal Sheets Industry

Get maximum profitability in your aluminum & metal steels business with Sage ERP

What is ERP for Aluminum and Metal Sheets Industry?

Aluminum is the most heavily consumed metal in India. Right from household to industrial purposes, everyone uses aluminum in their day-to-day lives in some or the other form. Aluminum is used in manufacturing, aviation, packaging, and other industries because of its features like non-corrosiveness and sturdy quality.

In the commodity market, aluminum has contributed to a greater extent. With all the above-mentioned facts, it goes without saying that companies looking for vendors expect flawless delivery management and inventory stocking along with customer service which can achieve only with an ERP software.

What are the Major Challenges in the Aluminum & Metal Sheets Industry?

Charges & Quotation

It is quite difficult for metal and aluminum companies to manage the prices and to keep track of various charges that every metal fabricator business must record. These charges include refining, fines, treatment, and more. Managing various payment methods is also tough since it totally relies on quotation periods of some weeks to months.

Charges & Quotation
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

In the case of the supply chain for metals, managing the commodity is very time-consuming and error-prone too if executed by a human. Also, monitoring various parameters like weight, quantities, surface, costs of material, etc. requires a lot of manpower which again requires a lot of time and money as well.

Shortage of Labours

Metal fabrication companies find it hard to get qualified laborers like finishers, welders, and more. In the recent 3 months, the companies have seen a big fall in skilled labor positions by 60%. Also, people have negative thoughts about working in manufacturing companies which leads to a shortage of labor challenges.

Shortage of Labours


Technology integration comes with the risks and hence data security is of the utmost importance. Like other industries, metal fabricators too need to manage their own data along with confidential employee information. They also need to secure the customer’s trade data and secrets as well.

Features of Metal Fabrication ERP Software

Manage Multiple levels of Bill of Materials (BOM) The Bills of Materials (BOM) section in Sage X3 ERP is edited/modified during transactions and ensures that no third party can change it later. You can define multiple BOMs for a single item. Therefore, you can specify:

  • Costs related to by-products.
  • Burden, labor, and associated costs.
  • Estimated costs of each product.
  • Checks which material goes into finished goods.

Work Order Dashboard The production manager has to answer the following three questions frequently:

  • What is the Production delivery status?
  • What is the work order status and the ways to accelerate the delivery?
  • What is the time taken by the work order to finish the work?

This data can be easily managed with an interactive dashboard of Sage ERP.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Sage X3 aids companies to –

  • Check available stocks.
  • Forecast the demand, sales, and requirements of raw materials.
  • Generate planned orders for purchase and production indents.

Calculate Hours on the Job The most significant factor that distinguishes a profitable from a non-profitable job is the time spent finishing that job. Metal fabrication ERP software for calculates the time taken by your employees to complete a job. Sage 300 ERP’s shop floor data collection system calculates the time spent and the entire cost of the project. Moreover, it also calculates specific hourly rates for each employee.

Inventory Control and Management

Sage X3 ERP software for aluminum and metal sheets provides a real-time picture of the inventory in your business. You will be able to see what materials are available in the stock, the right location in the warehouse, and what materials have already been used. Thousands of metal fabrication companies depend on the resource planning feature of this inventory management software to help them account for scrap and offcuts. It also helps save money on inventory by reducing waste and maximizing the use of materials already available in the inventory.

Batch TraceabilityOne of the key features of the Sage 300 manufacturing ERP system is batch traceability. It plays a significant role for metal fabricators working in regulated industries, including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Defense. You can track materials from the supplier till they reach the final customer with the help of this software.

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Benefits of ERP Software for Aluminum and Metal Sheets

High Productivity

Sage 300 ERP software for metal fabrication optimizes the usage of materials, labor, and machines and also enhances job planning as well as execution efficiency. The business management software leads to minimized delays and downtime. Once the delays and downtime are reduced, the ability to produce more products increases which thereby enhances the scalability of the business.

Reduced Drawing Reworks

At times, aluminum and metal fabricators may get some additional drawing reworks during the completion of the project. The issues may arise for the regularly manufactured products as well. Hence, it is quintessential that everyone working on the same drawing follows equal rules and directions. It is easily done with an enterprise resource planning ERP system.

Better Adaption to Changes

The metal and aluminum sheet manufacturing businesses are required to quickly adapt to the fluctuations in commodity prices since they affect operational margins. However, manufacturing companies using ERP for Aluminum and metal sheets manufacturing can easily compare and test the trading strategies in real-time leading to quick adaption to changes to expect enhanced stability. This all amplifies business profitability.

Streamlined Inventory

Metal does not become obsolete and it can be stored for as many days as required. But, this may take up a definite space inside the warehouse causing certain material blockages. Advanced metal fabrication software helps to record the amount of stock in the store along with its location and usage. The metal fabrication ERP software helps to fill the required stock and discard the old items as and when needed. The software promotes material maximization so companies can lessen waste and then save huge amount of money on inventory.

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