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ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Trading

A one-stop solution for your pharmaceutical distribution and billing operations

What is ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Trading?

Pharmaceutical companies are bound to follow various laws that are related to quality, safety, marketing, patenting, and testing. Handling such complex operations manually is not feasible. If done wrong, it could throw a business off the track in no time. Therefore, most companies consider ERP for pharma trading.

An ERP system acts as the SPOC (single point of contact) for all the company data related to multiple departments to optimize workflows and increase business efficiency. The business management software in pharma trading helps organizations add agility to their operations.

What are the Major Challenges in Pharmaceutical Trading Industry?

Shortage of Visibility in Cold Chain

It is necessary for cold chain companies to understand crucial data about the timing, location of products, subcomponents, and more. Without this detailed information, pharma trading companies feel hampered.

This leads to the wastage of products if not delivered or stored on time. Hence, the shortage of visibility remains a challenge for the business.

Shortage of Visibility in Cold Chain
Real-time Data Collection

Real-time Data Collection

In the absence of real-time data on products, pharma trading companies are unable to take quick actions on irregular factors like temperature increase/decrease. Also, it becomes too difficult to determine the cause as well as delays without real-time conditions of data.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible to allocate resources to make sure the shipments are managed effectively.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demands accurately is another toughest challenge for the pharma supply chain since it helps produce pharma products on time along with successful delivery. The right inventory at the right time and stock safety can also be achieved through end-to-end visibility.

Also, it is essential to meet omnichannel orders and to skip obsolete inventory.

Demand Forecasting
Maintaining Pharma Compliance

Maintaining Pharma Compliance

During the last few years, the complexity of regulatory business requirements is been increased terrifically in the pharmaceutical industry. Non-compliance is one of the biggest challenges the pharma trading industry witnesses. It can throw a substantial negative impact on reputation, cost, lives of patients, and more.

Features of ERP for Pharma Trading

Financial Management

Sage X3 ERP software for Pharma trading helps traders manage their financials more effectively. The ERP accounting software assists to help them trace payments, generate invoices, manage accounts payables and receivables, and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

Sage X3 enterprise resource planning helps Pharma companies develop advanced and seamless relationships with their customers. It offers a centralized platform for monitoring customer service and feedback while also helping in serving customers in a better way.

Order Fulfillment

Sage 300 ERP also assists businesses to streamline their order fulfillment process while also allowing them to track orders, manage shipments, ensure timely delivery of goods, and also to check that the goods are in their best condition.

Inventory Management

The inventory management software aids in managing their inventory more effectively and helps in making accurate inventory analysis, enabling traders to monitor their stock, reorder & order levels, etc. The feature of Sage 300 helps businesses maintain a streamlined inventory for better supply chain management.

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Benefits of Pharmaceutical ERP Software

Quick Management of Multiple Tasks

Sage X3 Pharma ERP software offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform to enable businesses to manage the entire trading lifecycle. assists companies manage price negotiations, supplier contracts, payment reconciliations, and invoicing.

ERP for Pharma trading also allows companies to analyze data to generate insights and make data-driven decisions.

No Human Interference

Sage ERP helps pharma companies to streamline their operations and save time, money, as well as, resources. The ERP system for pharmaceutical companies reduces manual effort and provides a centralized system for tracking and managing orders, inventory, and supplier contracts.

It helps companies to reduce risk, increase visibility, and enhance the overall efficiency of their Pharma trading operations.

Easy Integration

Sage 300 ERP solution can easily integrate with existing business systems and suppliers that assist in reducing manual efforts along with accuracy.

ERP for Pharma trading also helps to make sure that the supply chain process is compliant with industry regulations while also reducing the reduce costs and increasing the profitability of the business.

Regulatory Compliance

The Pharma ERP software helps to maintain safety, medical practices, and international standards as well. It also allows manufacturers to monitor the measurements and also maintain compliance due to the intuitive interface, automated solutions, and centralized working strategies.

This helps Pharma companies to stay on par with the changing regulations and norms.

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