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Sage 300 - An ERP Software for all your Business Management Operations

A modern ERP system to integrate all the core processes of your business to increase workflow, improve productivity and maximise profit.

Accelerate your Business Operations with Sage 300

Sage 300 is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system supporting the business processes of small and medium-sized companies globally. It is a cost-effective solution and has led many businesses to achieve their goals.

Sage 300 is a comprehensive ERP software suite that supports and aids core business processes:

BI & Reporting

Finance & Accounting

Inventory & Warehouse

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service


Vendor Management

Prepare to Bulletproof and Scale up your Business

sage 300 erp system dashboard
Sage 300 is meticulously tailored to provide the perfect management solutions to combat business-critical functions. Additionally, it is embedded with all the essential tools required to help your business improve efficiency, competitiveness, and growth potential. Experience the customizable ERP systems designed to meet your business needs and help you transform into an industry leader. Do you want to achieve intelligent process automation for your business?

If Yes, then Welcome to Sage 300 ERP software in India!

Sage 300 - The best ERP Software in India

Sage 300 is one of the best ERP systems in India, irrespective of your company size. It allows you to manage all aspects of the business effectively — gearing up your finances, remaining compliant with local and international laws, tracking fixed assets, optimizing inventory, streamlining shipping processes, bolstering customer and vendor relationships, and much more. Here’s how Sage 300 will help you:

effective business reporting icon

Effective Business Reporting

Effective business reporting brings preciseness and offers a single source of truth for sharing data. It also helps make informed decisions.

boost business efficiency icon

Boost Business Efficiency

Sage 300 ERP software automates repetitive functions while also creating and implementing more intelligent workflows. It offers highly agile business operations.

improved supply chain management icon

Improved Supply Chain Management

Sage 300 offers lean inventory for advanced SCM while also assisting in solving manufacturing bottlenecks faster. It also brings increased business transparency.

enhanced data security icon

Enhanced Data Security

Now, you don’t need to worry about data security since data is stored & shared with dedicated security resources.

accurate financial reporting icon

Accurate Financial Reporting

Automate your financial records with an ERP system to get precise reporting. You can also merge your accounting books to bank statements to avoid errors.

Elevate your Productivity and Performance with Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 is a modern business management solution; hence, it stands as an unparalleled support for businesses in India.
sage 300 simply process inter-company transactions and multicurrency financial management

Multi Company, Multicurrency Financial Management

Deploying Sage 300 in your company can process inter-company transactions while rolling up the number through every entity for accurate insights into your company’s overall financial health status. The multi-currency manager helps automatically perform currency translations and accounts for prospected losses or gains.
sage 300 helps in tracking inventory, operations and manufacturing

Inventory, Operations and Manufacturing

Sage 300 ERP cloud helps track inventory in multiple locations and helps manage customer records, sales inventory, and sales orders. It also aids basic manufacturing, labour tracking, serial lot tracking, advanced production, mobile alerts, etc.
sage 300 helps in generating business intelligence report

Business Intelligence and Reporting

In the Sage 300 ERP software, reports are already formatted, and you only need to select the information you want to report. You can also import additional reports through the report utility. They can be distributed automatically through BI to business stakeholders (teams or individuals) across numerous platforms and formats.
enterprise resource planning software helps easily configure and customize business requirements

Easy to Configure and Customize

One of the best applications of enterprise resource planning software is that you can easily configure and customize business requirements for brilliant outputs.
integration capabilities of sage 300 software

Integration Capabilities

Sage 300 offers seamless integration with third-party applications/software, assuring that each piece of data is transferred precisely from one system to another as and when needed.

sage software offers cloud and hybrid deployment

Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Sage 300 offers you freedom of choice. You can have it on-cloud or can have a hybrid deployment. Hybrid deployment can give cloud-like agility and high stability, and comfort. On-cloud deployment offers quick improvement to meet changing business requirements.

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Explore the Core Modules of Sage 300 ERP

Upgrade your Financial Health

Sage 300 ERP software will provide your company’s real-time and precise financial position by providing accurate data regarding cash flow, accounts receivables & payables across multiple currencies, locations, and currencies. Say no to complex financial issues and get compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Sage 300, one of the top ERP software in India.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Processing
  • Multicurrency support
  • Check and form printing
  • Consolidated financials across multiple companies
Sage 300 ERP Software Company in India will help you to:
  • Automate tax calculations, commissions, discounts, and due date
  • Manage cash flow
  • Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry and avoiding errors.
Sage 300 ERP has built-in customer relationship management (CRM) module allowing businesses to provide the best user support across geographies. Moreover, you get numerous tools to handle multiple exchange rate schedules and currencies, simplifying the management of international commerce.

You can add the Sage Asset Management module to the Sage 300 ERP software package to effectively manage the fixed asset lifecycle and ensure that your company adheres to all regulatory compliances. This module also handles automated general ledger postings and offers integration for accounts payables order asset creation.

Update your general ledger to meet the most pressing needs of managing your finances and budgets.

  • Balance your books at every step
  • Print or email reports instantly
  • Store up to 99 years of financial data
  • Easily import transactions from other applications or export data
  • Configure your unique processes and preferred practices.
  • Set up recurring GL entries
  • Manage up to ten different account segments
Manage cash flow appropriately to save money. One of the key features of ERP systems like Sage 300 is that it ensures flexible cash disbursement and quickly enters vendor invoices and checks reconciliation. Moreover, you can easily negotiate terms, prioritize payments, and decrease bad terms.
  • Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger expense or asset accounts you require.
  • Print checks in multiple languages.
  • Import transactions from other applications
  • Set up and schedule recurring payables for invoices paid on a regular basis.
  • Organise vendor records quickly and easily
  • Calculate tax for vendor invoices or manually distribute tax.

Sage 300 ERP has built-in customer relationship management (CRM) module allowing businesses to provide the best user support across geographies. Moreover, you get numerous tools to handle multiple exchange rate schedules and currencies, simplifying the management of international commerce.

Sage 300 is one of the best ERP systems in the industry as it integrates multiple warehouses, production, inventory, and service departments resulting in satisfied customers, accurate fulfilment results, and lightning-fast payments.x`

Optimize Inventory

Managing crucial business processes like inventory processes, asset control and decreasing carrying costs while ensuring that orders are delivered on time becomes easy with Sage 300 ERP software. Now manage shipments, returns, and inventory receipts with multi-location inventory tracking capabilities with Sage 300.

With ERP software such as Sage 300, you can make better business decisions regarding pricing, discontinued items, and which items to stock. Moreover, you can decide what to sell based on market trends and customer preferences.

Sage 300 provides real-time data on inventory in your business, including shipping information, receipt, disposition of goods, returns, and much more.

Manage Distribution Like a Pro

Sage 300 ERP manages all business processes like a pro, including all aspects of the distribution cycle.

Here’s what Sage 300 will help you with:

Streamline Purchasing and Build Better Vendor Relationships

Get visibility of all the aspects of your purchasing process after the ERP is successfully installed. Sage 300 will sync all your purchase orders, and process requisitions, invoices, receipts, and returns, helping you save time. This means that every business stakeholder will use the same real-time intelligence while dealing with external stakeholders. Therefore, one of the critical features of ERP systems like Sage 300 is that it improves supply chain management by helping build robust vendor relationships.

Improve your Shipping Process

ERP solutions like Sage 300 are built to quickly and efficiently manage your critical business processes, including shipping. Ask your customer relationship management teams whether they are overwhelmed handling questions on billing, shipment status, returns, and item availability. Many types of ERP help supply chain teams determine what can be shipped and what is in stock. But Sage 300 takes a step forward by offering control of the shop floor and warehouse staff.

With this cloud-based ERP, you will your employees will have 360-degree information regarding customer account changes and inventory levels. Moreover, you can automate workflows and eliminate obsolete data entry, such as:
  • Set up detailed quotes, back orders, cancellations, shipments, and prepayments.
  • Gain real-time insight into stock levels, customer details, and shipping data.
  • Track multiple payment schedules and other payment terms.
  • Establish data-entry defaults so you can see customer information quickly.

Track Job Costs and Manage Projects

With the help of ERP software solutions like Sage 300, you can keep projects within the predefined budget and on schedule with flexible tracking, estimating, and project billing.
With an ERP system like Sage 300, you are better equipped to:

Monitor and track original projections and compare them with actuals.

Track revenue & cost and extract other finer details of each project.

Build robust relationships with contractors and subcontractors.

Optimize projects for better visibility and on-time delivery

Control project costs

track job costs and manage projects using sage 300 erp system

Enhance Sales & Marketing

Moving to an ERP system like Sage 300 will significantly improve your sales & marketing visibility and provide you with an integrated view of all your business clients. So get ready to increase efficiency, boost employee productivity, improve departmental communication, and get better business insights with an ERP system like Sage 300.

sage 300 erp cloud dashboard

Plan, execute, and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns with ease.

Track your sales opportunities from lead generation to close

Exceed your customers’ expectations with outstanding customer service and support

Enable your workforce to access customer information anytime, anywhere with mobile access

Eradicate Complexities by Deploying Sage 300 - A Modern ERP Solution

Sage 300 ERP system has an extensive range of add-ons and third-party independent software vendors (ISV), and the top erp software providers would guide you on which add-ons will be the best fit for you. This increases its process-oriented capabilities to give more accurate predictive insights, advanced analytics, access to real-time data, seamless integration with the existing ERP system, and streamline operations efficiently. All these supplemented applications enhance the efficiency of business processes at the highest level.
sage 300 erp solution


Sage 300 offers automatic business processes with data accuracy and information flow. It can help easily streamline daily business operations and remove unnecessary staff that can help focus on complicated issues.

Sage 300 is the best solution for all medium to large-sized companies. It supports multi-currencies, multi-languages, and multi-companies while supporting a customised KPI Homepage Dashboard and BI tools. It is developed with the latest technology, making it straightforward to maintain and offering a quick payback.

It is the best desktop business management solution suite with cloud-based features that offers medium and large businesses a highly-flexible solution for operations and finance. All these features help solve all business challenges while offering greater visibility.

Yes, you can easily integrate Sage 300 & Sage X3 software with other software you are working with. This integration is an automated process especially done for higher revenue and business growth. Sage ERP would have point-to-point integration, which maintains their Inventory, Setups, Accounts Effects, Transactions, and much more.

Integrating with Sage ERP software, the third part module/ software can push data and carry out operations like Update, Delete, Insert, etc. However, in this scenario, if any vice versa operation is carried out like Insert, Create, Transaction, etc., in the Sage ERP software, then the data can be automatically pushed into the third-party software. 

Cloud ERP application is one such system activated on a vendor’s cloud platform. This is not the case with the on-premises network. Cloud-based ERP application aids companies in getting access to the internet.

Cloud-based ERP software solutions automate and integrate necessary operational and financial functions to offer a single data source. This involves supply chain management, inventory, order management, distribution, fulfilment, and more. The cloud ERP has the latest security updates, which the ERP software vendors usually control. This type of ERP system has a meagre cost of ownership when compared to traditional ERP systems.

Cloud-based Indian ERP software is easily accessible to customers on desktop or mobile devices. The software offers a broad range of business applications to keep your business running smoothly and seamlessly.

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ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software is one excellent solution companies widely use to streamline their daily business operations. These operations include procurement, project planning, supply chain operations, compliance, risk management, accounting, and more. 

An ERP system helps businesses budget, plan, report, and predict the companies’ financial results.  These systems connect all different business functions while also allowing the data flow among them. By gathering a business’ shared transactional data from varied resources, ERP solutions should remove data redundancy while offering data integrity through a single source of truth. 

They offer high transparency in your business operations by monitoring every region of financials, logistics, and financials. These integrated systems have end-to-end data and workflow, enabling varied departments’ access. 

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Cloud ERP package has been a transforming platform for many reasons. With this, you can access anything concerned with your business. It helps reduce costs for the business since there is no need to purchase hardware or data servers that can make valuable space for which you would need to pay some amount each month.
The second most significant reason for Cloud ERP popularity is that it offers customisation so that you can make it a perfect fit for your business. Depending on the storage requirements of your business each month, the cloud vendor can also easily adjust the requirements.