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Logistics ERP in India

Get data analysis, automation, and infrastructure integration for logistics all at one place

What is Logistics ERP?

Logistics ERP Software is a single, cohesive system used to track vehicles & their scheduled maintenance, optimize delivery routes, manage the supply chain & inventory, reduce asset downtime, and assist logistics and distribution companies to streamline their transportation operations. Everything here is automated so that you can deliver your products as well as services to the consumers within the stipulated time but with greater efficiency and speed.

Easily manage everything with the business management software. The simple yet sturdy enterprise resource planning software for the logistics domain will help you optimize the efficiency of the operations, and produce additional operational costs while delivering high-level customer satisfaction in a single go.

What are the Major Challenges of the Logistics Industry?

Digital transformation

There has been relatively low usage of industry-leading technologies such as AI and Big Data. Though these technologies have the potential to bring iterative changes, they are overlooked. IoT, data analytics, and AI make supply chain operations quite simple and easy to use. 

Digital transformation
Changing Economy

Changing Economy

With the rising fuel prices, the chances for a higher credit crisis occur. There are also increasing inflationary demands due to which the economy is compromised. Also, there have been constantly changing compliance regulations, additional capacity, as well as, with some additional hype in the most primary center.

Last-minute Delivery

Due to the pandemic, the ports and logistics businesses have been operating with low capacities which is why last-minute delivery has become a challenge. Hence, firms a

Last-minute Delivery
Lack of Skilled Labors

Lack of Skilled Labors

The shortage of skilled labor is a major challenge for many logistics organizations. Since most of the workforce is aging, organizations are struggling to find qualified workers to fill positions in delivery or warehouse-related areas.

Features of Logistics ERP Software

Customer Relationship Management

Attend calls or manage appointments as well as activities with the ERP for logistics

Warehouse Management

Smart control of the material movements within the warehouse with Sage 300 warehouse management system.

Quotation Management

Sage X3 ERP software for the logistics industry can be used to track, revise, and create different types of quotations to manage the quotations.

Transport Management Easy simple and efficacious consolidation of delivery and goods tracking with Sage ERP systems.

Report and Document Management

Manage the delivery, and collection of the documents, and store them with high-security technology with logistics ERP software.

Upgrade Your Business DNA with Sage X3

Empower your team and elevate your results with ERP Software

Benefits Of ERP Software for Logistics Industry

Secure Access to the Vendor Portal

An incorporated Sage 300 ERP software for logistics industry into your business operations will have a secure login account. Through this solution, check the status of the logistics from your registered account and get important details. Get integrated communications of shipping or delivery through SMS systems or even through systems that will help receive constant updates on the personal profile. 

Remarkable Logistics Visibility

Having strong control over the inventory and transportation space is one of the most important aspects of the logistics industry that brings some operational fluency. With Sage X3 logistics ERP software, you can easily note the sales tally, ongoing delivery, and current requests as well as stock. Get all of the functionalities on a single dashboard and keep a keen eye on the status of your inventory with our best ERP solution ever.

Stay updated about your ports & logistics management and let your managers make effective decisions at the time of placing or delivering the others.

Simple Maintenance

Vehicles and the person in charge have the highest significance in the logistics industry. At times maintaining the transit schedules might be a tough task. The dynamic supply chain ERP software for the logistics industry can make it easy for you to hand over complete control and visibility to the supply chain network. Get the ultimate flawlessness in your logistics business with our logistics ERP software service.

Real-time Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking while in transit is one of the major challenges. And ERP software for logistics industry is integrated with real-time tracking features will help you as well as the distributor to get access to the exact location of the vehicle. Get direct, complete, and flawless communication with the person in charge of the delivery along with a lot more features. 

Make the customer support system and enhancing factor for your logistics business with Sage 300 ERP software and let your managers leverage the most accurate and real-time data. Also, develop better business plans and improvise to business intelligence at the tip of your finger.

Better Distribution Management & BI

The major advantage of leveraging single dashboard custom ERP software for the logistics industry allows distributors managers as well as suppliers to keep an accurate track of their ports & logistics be it inbound or outbound. Make the entire logistics operational process flawless as well as transparent and easily track the live flow status and get quick access to customer details. Get distributor and supply chain management information at the tip of your finger with a lot more services in your company. 

So with our efficacious logistics software ERP system, you can make decisions, even more, easier and can also get the live trends going on in the industry. Also, track the reasons for delays in deliveries and handle customer problems without any hesitation.

Appropriate Stock Management

Sage X3 ERP software for logistics industry is at your business will prove to be an excellent tool in order to manage the workforce. A software that is completely integrated helps the workforce in the flight operations domain of a company to track the total working hours of the employees along with offering live tracking, break timings as well as other indicating features without any fail. 

Our logistics management software has key performance indicators and features with which you can get access to pre-made reports based on the performance of every employee and customer. Make better workforce decisions with our top-grade ERP solution.

Remote Access to Supply Chain Management Business

Sage 300 ERP software for the logistics and supply chain industry offers one of the biggest benefits to its customers which is offering remote location access.

Stay logged in to your office systems all the time even if you are away. Get access to your account from anywhere anytime just with an Internet connection and make more flexible decisions 24/7 in a flow.

Smooth Third-Party Integration

As we all know all the important business functions are being transferred to the cloud and hence the logistics industry is not expecting this. When the cloud is combined with ERP it offers ingenious benefits to businesses as well as customers along with enhanced operations right from the beginning till the end. 

Cloud-based computing with ERP delivers flawless third-party integration that will take your logistic and transportation business to greater heights and that too at an awestruck cost!

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