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ERP For IT services

Make all your routine IT operations hassle-free and your solutions even more successful

Have you been facing help desk problems or have any unclear project status? If yes then you definitely need an advanced level of ERP enterprise resource planning solution. Be it any small, medium, or large-sized IT business, Sage X3 enterprise resource planning ERP for IT services would offer your business an end-to-end customized solution that will make business functions even more flexible and streamlined.

IT Industry Challenges Explained

Integration & Latest Updates

With the increasing competition, organizations are required to constantly evolve and transform their technology and functions. However, customizing the current packages along with enhancing them becomes totally time-consuming and expensive as well. The best way to solve this issue is with an ERP to integrate advanced tools with the existing system technology and save precious time. But, the biggest challenge here for the IT companies is to give proper training to the team members so that they can adapt well to technology.

Automation is one of the challenges in the IT industry since it involves complicated business operations and employees might take a longer time to adapt to the technology.  Today, every industry is leveraging the digitalized platform. And companies who have been into BPM and other automation tools are observed in a better situation so as to face different business demands. Also, businesses are still depending on stringent processes that have their limits, and still, there is some room for inefficiencies. At times of tough financial situations, automation may not make the first priority. But, it still proves to be a boon for companies.

AI has touched almost every facet of businesses in varied industries. Due to its predominant nature, companies have been introducing AI into their functions to drive excellent customer experience. No doubt, it helps employees from doing any laborious or time-consuming functions. But, the toughest part here is to understand how employees can manage the relationship between AI and employees to get better outputs.
Employee retention stands the toughest challenge in the IT industry. A huge skill gap is been observed among the employees which impact organizations. Though our country is facing unemployment, companies are still unable to fetch needed talent. On research, it is observed that employees are not staying updated with the fluctuating technical advancement. Also, due to automation, there has been a huge decline in jobs

Elevate your productivity with Sage X3

How Sage X3 Will Solve Above Mentioned Challenges?

Project Planning Management

With this feature, you can easily manage and create estimates, while also managing capacity.

Billing and Full Financial Controls

ERP for IT services use flexible billing in order to suit customer requirements. Also, keep a precise track of financials to keep your business on the track of growth.

Support for Multi-currencies

Easily compete on global standards with varied currencies as well as languages.

Financial Management & Accounting

Simply manage your cash, banking, and assets through a single platform.

Automate Sales & Service

Manage sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts through automating IT functions.

Accelerate your growth and profits with Sage X3 ERP Suite

Sage ERP X3 system can be customised to suit your business needs to gear up your business’ success.

Benefits Of Sage X3 For the IT Industry

Sage ERP for IT services will offer your business a systematic flow of business data throughout all departments in the IT firm. The real-time data would help you make quicker and more precise decisions while making sure that the overall data is completely updated. 
Sage X3 ERP for IT services helps you attain remarkable growth in terms of efficiency and productivity in your business. An ERP IT infrastructure would eradicate all the redundancies occurring during the operations while also eliminating the need for manual tasks. This way, you can save a lot of your IT firm operations and can focus on those functions that need your keen attention! In terms of collaboration, the ERP system would give you access to all crucial data which would make the collaboration among employees of different departments easy and reliable.
With the help of Sage X3 ERP software, reporting and quoting the estimation is completely customizable. As the software offers an improved reporting function, you can respond to complicated data requests in a faster way. Also, customers can work on their reports instead of taking help from the IT team which will apparently save a lot of your time. 
Sage X3 enterprise resource planning software leverages an integrated centralized database that has all core business functions. Due to this, IT firms can generate easy integration of varied departments. This would help generate great concepts, quick decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences.
Sage X3 ERP for IT services has customer relationship management CRM features along with financials and sales functions. This is one of the biggest benefits of the system. The CRM processes of the cloud-based ERP are the major way of staying competitive in the market while retaining customers. The sales and other customer service department members can easily communicate with the users and help improve their relationships with the most accurate access to the data. 

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