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AP Posting Journals Report in Sage 300

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Sage 300 for AP Posting Journals
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Accounts Payable posting Journals report contain the detailed record of the general ledger summary details which arises from the invoices, Payment, Adjustment, Revaluation, Provisional revaluations under Accounts Payable module.

With Sage 300, AP posting of Journal reports becomes easier and faster. With this report you can sort the transactions by batch / entry number, vendor number, document date & document number as per users requirement. In this report you can print only one type of transaction at a time for posting journal like invoices, Payment, Adjustment, Revaluation, Provisional revaluations.

You can print the posting Journals for the various transaction types available in the respective AP modules in Sage 300. Once AP transactions batches are posted, you need to run Day End Processing before printing this report. We have multiple selections in UI, refer below screenshot:

AP Posting Journals Report
AP Posting Journals Report

You can also print the report by posting sequence number range. You need to be sure that you tick on the option “Reprinted Previous Printed Journals” if you want to print the duplicate copies which has already printed. You can also print the job details, optional fields which added into AP transactions and GL detail reference/description if any.

This report can be sort by vendor number & all posted invoices effects into GL module are display in the report. Also accounts details with credit & debit amount & total amount of vendor as per batch entry display. Refer below screenshot:-

AP Posting Journals Report
AP Posting Journals Report


In posting journal report, you can also see the credit & debit amounts in source as well as in the functional currency. If you use multi currency accounting then posting journal report displays some additional information like currency, exchange rate, transaction total in source & functional currency etc.

Sage 300 provides a very useful report to trace the AP transactions effects into GL accounts along with credit & debit amount.

For more details on how can you post AP Journals, You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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