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Sage 300 cloud in Elevators and Escalators Installation Industries

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Sage 300 cloud in Elevators and Escalators Installation
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There are many small elements around us which make our day to day functioning easy, without which, we could not pretty much do a lot. Such things do not draw much attention while just making our lives easy. One of such element is Elevators and Escalators. Every mall or commercial building or residential building you enter you will find elevators and escalators in them which help to transport people from one floor to the next. Keeping these transports in a working condition always is a very important task. Their breakdown will not only cause extra load on the stairs but also will be a discomfort to the aged and disabled who completely depend on such transports to carry on with their work.

As discussed, maintenance of such huge systems is an important task and every mall, office, has a team dedicated to maintain and contact the vendor if there is any problem. For companies who are into manufacturing these systems, need to be available throughout to their present clients while focusing on manufacturing and sales too. Since there are a lot of processes involved in this, it is better if the company has a solution in place to deal with end to end management while helping the company grow and sustain.

Sage 300 for Escalator and Elevator Industry:

Sage 300, ERP for Escalator and Elevator industry is one of the best solutions to bring all processes on a single platform and streamline operations. All the departments in the company from sales to implementation to customer services is very important as there are high risk factors if anything goes wrong. Critical checks, tests, quality assurance and functionality assurance are just some of the many processes that the management needs to care about. Company which deals in elevators/ escalators consider each elevators as an individual project requiring profitability from each of them while assuring a safe working of the product.


With Sage 300, ERP for Escalator and Elevator Industry, Implementing Project and Job costing module can be handled easily giving the management complete view of the project along with estimations. Configuring Sage 300, ERP for SMEs will help the organization to track their expenses like labor, raw material etc. and accordingly study the profitability of each elevator and contract as well.


Apart from research and development, Installation and implementation of a single elevator may require days to months. Hence, the company may require an accurate stock data on customer site which can easily tracked and monitored through an ERP. To know which solution fits your company better, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. at for a free consultation.


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