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ERP software for Construction Industry

Our ERP software for construction companies carries numerous benefits that eventually lead to efficient assistance in necessary business activities like managing projects / contracts, following up schedule, planning construction equipment, managing overall expenses, etc.

Be it cloud-based or on-premise, our ERP solutions provide needful data / information quickly whenever needed thus, eliminating the need to dig yourself through piles of paper. No more loss of crucial data.

Sage X3 tops the chart when it comes to executing key operations for the construction sector in a smooth manner with no window for mistakes. Here is what makes our ERP solution makes so reliable for the construction industry.

ERP for construction companies

Unparalleled features of our ERP software for construction sector:

  • Centralized database
  • Compliances
  • Well managed contracts
  • Notifications on product state
  • Overall project management
  • Forecasting of project completion
  • Wage calculator
  • Labor handling
  • Expense management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Even man-distribution

The above mentioned are only a few since there are many other benefits too like labor and business, payroll based on hours and days (as required), and industry-based content management are some more add-ons.

Sage X3 is a multi-featured ERP software for construction companies that brings endless benefits covering every key business aspect. Every task becomes easy and streamlined. Through its promised and proven outcomes, Sage software Solutions (P) Ltd. has solidified its position among the leading business software solutions for the construction industry in India. Sage Software offers industry specific ERP solution for businesses in India.

If you wish to know more about Construction ERP software solutions, SMS SAGE to 56767 or contact us here or drop a mail at sales(at) for a FREE demo. 

Construction ERP software India
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is ERP in Construction?

ERP in construction industry will look after vendor management, project management, resource planning, human capital management, training and delivery and order shipping. It will also have documentation compliant to industry standards.

How does ERP help Construction Company?

ERP for construction company manages projects and contracts, follows-up on the schedules, deals with overall expenses and plans construction equipment buying and selling.

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