Sage CRM solutions for Real Estate

There has been ever increasing demand for Real estate, match up with the pace with Sage CRM solutions

Sage CRM solutions for Real Estate

In the real estate sector, Customer Relationship Management is the core in organizing, streamlining and selling. A robust real estate CRM software will assist brokers, agents, etc., to work in a more intuitive and efficient manner. It helps to manage workload, contacts, client interaction, forecast sales and various other critical processes.


All the quintessential data such as property details, client information, transaction data, and communication reports are just a few clicks away with Sage CRM real estate software. Save time, money and your resources largely with our intuitive CRM software for real estate.


In addition, for a lot of real estate brokers and firms, keeping track of sellers/buyers and managing their leads is the backbone to surviving in this aggressive industry. Thus, right from a unified database for all the customer related information entailing critical documentations and customizable reports, Sage CRM real estate software delivers great visibility and ability to optimize the entire selling and buying process for businesses in the realty industry.


It doesn’t drop dead here, since email marketing is a cakewalk with Sage CRM real estate software, as you just ought to create the target email list from the contacts followed by simple scheduling and automating your email marketing campaign. Further, monitoring your campaign’s ROI is also easy, as you can execute it with only a few clicks.


Quick Benefits


• Manage Campaigns: Manage all your marketing campaigns, well-collaborated with both your sales and marketing teams

• Manage prospects: From first the contact until the end of the service, manage your prospects proficiently while timely follow-ups.

• Automation: Sage CRM can automate all your minimal tasks

• Enhance Sales performance: keep a track of your sales performance through a detailed and precise sales pipeline

• Integration: Grow beyond the limitations by integrating your tools and applications on a single platform

• Mobility: Manage your customers on the go, on any device.


Sage CRM for real estate can ease up the sales and marketing processes, while enhancing the overall performance, as well as assist brokers in providing the best of their services

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