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3 Reasons ERP Software Is Must for Manufacturing Industry

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To withstand the market competition and drive sustainable profitability in manufacturing industry, it is important for companies to evolve constantly and keep up with emerging trends. One such trend that is taking manufacturing industry by storm is Enterprise Resource Planning, well known as ERP. A well-built ERP system enables companies in manufacturing industry convert strategies into actionable insights and measure the performance through a single platform. In manufacturing industry, supply chain is a key component to reduce operational costs and time-to-market without having to compromise on the quality. ERP software helps organizations address such challenges through its agile nature creating a difference in the bottom-line.

ERP can significantly contribute in improving manufacturing process.

In this blog we have discussed 3 key points why ERP software for manufacturing industry is the most viable thing to do.


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  1. Manufacturing ERP software automates supply chain: ERP software for manufacturing industry makes it possible to integrate supply chain for better transparency between suppliers and manufacturers.  Being able to define specifications, track order statuses, and having complete knowledge on compliance cuts down on heavy penalties resulting into increased overall profitability. Also, when it comes to reducing human errors, manufacturing ERP works wonders. It is hypothetically impossible to program humans like machines where they can be free from emotions and influences. At certain instances, even when humans are well-aware of the logic and plausible errors, they are bound to make some mistakes in the complex processes due to boredom. ERP software automates tedious and mundane tasks freeing up their time to best utilize at more creative and intelligent levels.
  2. ERP software for manufacturing industry simplifies global footprints: Every business wants to expand in long run and the most common thought process involved is setting up business counterparts in overseas markets. Putting this thought to action is not impossible, but neither an easy job. It involves technical expertise, know-hows of the local culture, multi-currency and multi-language proficiency. When you deal in foreign markets, the set of customer requirements and process of operation differs. Sage X3 helps you deal with these complexities from a single screen.
  3. Serve your customers better with manufacturing ERP: Sage X3 allows its users easy access to inventory and customer data. Creating quotes on the spot would have never been this easy. Imagine how it would be when you are talking to your customers giving them a sales pitch, in return they ask you a few questions and you are completely unaware of them. You will surely give your competitors a fair chance to snatch your business. However, a manufacturing ERP software helps you fetch inventory data, collaborate within groups and receive automated workflow notifications and alerts.

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Sage X3 ERP for manufacturing industry is power-packed with features like accounting and finance, inventory, purchasing, sales and customer service. To know how Sage X3 can help your organization in manufacturing industry increase productivity, contact us here. You can also write to us at for a FREE demo or ERP consultation.

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