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3 Reasons Every Manufacturing Business Should Embrace IIoT

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IoT solutions and services are gaining good momentum to revolutionise industrial operations and processes especially in the oil/gas, power, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. IIoT or the Industrial Internet of Things blends the unfathomable reach of the World Wide Web with the novel ability to tame and control infrastructure, factories, and machines. On the other hand, smart and connected products are increasingly transforming the way organisations do business and IIoT holds good potential to boost productivity and profits.

Here are three reasons manufacturing businesses ought to embrace IIoT:
  1. Remote and Real-time Monitoring

IIoT facilitates businesses to manage, supervise, diagnose and solve issues for connected equipment remotely. Yes, connected equipment can be diagnosed remotely to unearth potential issues. Remote monitoring includes tracking usage and performance of the equipment, capturing alert notifications, viewing performance history, etc. On the other hand, technicians can easily perform preliminary diagnostics and suggest corrective measures.

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  1. Predictive Upkeep

With the help of IIoT, design experts can perform proactive assessment for predictive intelligence. For instance, if an equipment monitors a temperature that is exceeding the maximum limit, an alarm goes off. Now in a traditional setting, an operator is the one who would respond to such alarm. Nevertheless, intelligent analytics make it easy to predict such events.


This can be a boon for food processing companies wherein the equipment can gauge a temperature and run analytics on the same to predict temperature patterns and scenarios.


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  1. After-Sales

For industrial equipment manufacturers, after-sales service means profits and revenues, but unfortunately, the old-fashioned service delivery model is inefficient. The technicians are required to hop between the installation site and manufacturing unit to inspect the product and correct the same.


Connected and smart products can improve efficiency and service as well as facilitate remote, proactive and preventive service. Now as the technicians can diagnose these problems from a remote location, they can carry all the parts required to repair the product at the site. They even have additional helpful information to execute the repair work. Smart and connected products simplify and pace-up service delivery.


These are three powerful and convincing reasons every manufacturing business should embrace IIoT to stay ahead of the race.

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