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3 Ways B2B Sellers can provide Personalization at Scale

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For B2B personalization, companies need to know their customers’ ins and outs and provide to-the-point solutions. 

The days of ‘Big Data’ are gone when everything was about providing more content. Today, it’s all about delivering rich and customer-specific content and making to-the-point conversations. Everything boils down to personalization. If you understand the client well — their needs, wants, ambitions, and desires — your customer database will increase. You will find that apps like ‘Netflix’ and ‘Uber’ have made us very personalization-centric. We almost always get the right thing whenever and wherever we need it, and usually at the first time. Due to these factors, B2B personalization has become the talk of the town. B2B Companies want to replicate the same thing by building a personalization at scale strategy. 

This article will focus on how B2B companies can achieve this by giving few B2B personalization examples. 

1. B2B personalization requires you to know the ins and outs of your customer.

Today’s customers are very different from their predecessors. They are incredibly knowledgeable and do a fair amount of research before making the final purchase decision. Moreover, customers find vague sales calls intrusive and don’t like dealing with people who have no information about their needs, wants, desires, and ambitions. For making B2B personalization a reality, you will first have to collect detailed information about your customers and get a great deal of knowledge of their routine. The following points will explain to you in detail how to create a personalization at scale strategy:

a. Social media is a great place to start your research. Look for what the customer is sharing daily. It will help you understand the anxieties, worries, and essential issues that cloud the customer’s mind. You can pick up crucial points and create a rough sketch of the conversation you are going to have with the customer. 

b. Use technology such as email tracking software and CRM systems to check what type of content the customer finds engaging. Collecting feedback is essential for developing a personalization at scale strategy. These steps will enable you to create a robust social selling framework. According to research, social selling increases deal sizes by 1.3X and win rates by 1.2X.

2. B2B personalization requires companies to build centers of excellence

The top-most B2B sellers significantly focus on employee training and up-gradation programs. They invest in building a ‘center of excellence’ that trains employees to imbibe social selling skills. Marketing experts say that the future of B2B personalization is all about proficiency in social selling skills, which includes:

a. Focusing on the right prospects

b. Creating a professional brand

c. Building robust and long-lasting relationships

d. Using rich business insights

‘Centers of excellence’ are also essential for research on change management and forming better sales tactics. 

3. B2B personalization requires companies to measure the impact

Measuring the final impact is essential to know your employees’ performance and how effective your sales strategies are. It would be best if you started by finding solutions to the following questions:

a. Am I engaging with the customer appropriately?

b. Am I asking customers the right questions?

c. Am I offering customers the right solutions?

d. Am I using useful tools to learn about the customers?

e. What is my win rate — prospect to customer conversion rate — and how can I improve it further?

f. What is my average selling price, and can I improve it further?

g. Am I using all social selling tactics, or is there something more I can learn and implement?

h. Am I making customer first-hand customer connections or through trusted mutual acquaintance?

By getting the answers to the above questions, you will develop a solid B2B personalization strategy. 

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Developing a personalization at scale strategy requires immense effort and periodic course-correction. But once you get the hang of it, your B2B sales will dramatically increase. You will be able to tailor future interactions and address customer expectations better. B2B personalization is on the rise, and companies that understand their customers better will gain the maximum profits

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