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5 Communication Gaps your ERP System could Bridge

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Communication Gaps your ERP System
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Many IT experts dub ERP systems as the perfect interpreters, since they can seamlessly translate data between your suppliers, customers and your business. For instance, delivery, orders, stocks and data pertaining to various other operations can smoothly sail between an interactive and robust ERP software.

ERP Systems Solve Communication Gap

1. Access to Accurate Data

Yes, you can solve disputes and issues with an ERP software, because it:

– Unifies the data by providing a centralised data repository

– Makes data authoritative

– Draws data from across the organisation

– Draws information from suppliers and clients

– Provides real-time and original data that cannot be adulterated or tampered

 2. Dispute resolution

In case of a dispute or issue, ERP systems can help to rollout quick resolutions.

– Assessment of trails helps to determine order fulfilment and progress.

– Automated order development helps to unearth the progress of customer requests.

– All-inclusive records enable to identify issues and resolve them at the earliest preventing future disputes.

So instead of disputes taking over your company’s repute and image, you get to control the environment with an ERP software.

3. Informed decision-making

ERP systems offer the quintessential data needed to make informed and sound business decisions.

– Real time and on-demand access to data for sound decisions.

– Real time data enables a business to act promptly

– Most importantly, real time and on-demand access to KPIs (key performance indicator) renders great visibility and insights into operational performance.

4. Customer queries and grievances

Both pre as well as post -sales questions/queries tend to be time-consuming and costly. An ERP software can:

– Automate routine customer related tasks

– Automate the process of returns

– Offer 24 x 7 customer self service support

– Offer access to order history, delivery status, etc. to the customers

5. Status updates

A robust ERP system allows your employees to emphasis much on delivery and production rather than looking after mundane admin related chores. For instance, ERP for manufacturing businesses can help to learn the progress of an order under the production pipeline tab. Further, it will also send out automatic notifications and updates on the same. Thus, it ensures that every employee in the production department views upcoming or pending tasks.

By deploying a robust enterprise resource planning software that provides real-time business process information to almost every employee in your organisation, you help your people to make agile and informed decisions. And as decisions are made at every level of an organisation, providing access to the data to more number of users will foster a data-centric work culture.

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