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5 things you must ask your ERP Vendor before selecting an ERP software

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5 things you must ask your ERP Vendor before selecting an ERP software
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Selecting and implementing an ERP software solution is generally done to improve the efficiency and transparency across business processes, which include everything from purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing and inventory control to sales and marketing, distribution and customer relationship management. Choosing the right ERP system for an organization has always been necessary to facilitate in the growth.

It takes time to decide which ERP system is most suitable for an organization. This can be a difficult or confusing task depending on how much familiar you are with the ERP in India. There are many ERP software providers in India who you can approach for the purchasing the ERP solution but during the early stage of purchasing, there are certain important details like modules of ERP, cost involved, time duration required for implementing the ERP etc. that needs to be obtained from several vendors. So you must prepare a list of questions to ask your ERP provider which can avoid purchasing wrong ERP solution.

You must keep a note of below five things before selecting an ERP software:

1. Experience of your Industry

 An ERP solution provider has to be suitable in various factors but most important thing is to have the work experience in your industry or sector.  Ask the provider to provide the previous implementation reference, industry knowledge and other things that they can share with you. You can also inquire about the references which can help you to know the vendor service and the skillset of the vendor. This will helps you to know the critical information before purchasing the right ERP software.

2. Scalability and flexibility of ERP software

 Scalability is an important feature that should be considered because it can save the efforts and business money. Over the years, organizations expanded day by day and will your ERP software need to grow and expand. Apart from your current requirements and needs, you should also consider the features that will be required in your business in the near future. This means that you must look beyond the standard features that ERP system provides.  So ask your ERP provider whether you can add the required features in your ERP if necessary.

3. Type of ERP training and future support

Knowing the ERP system functionally is an important step during the implementation phase especially for the employees or users. So ask your ERP vendor about, what kind of training they will be providing to the users, whether the onsite training available or not? What level of support they will be able to provide once the implementation is done? Whether it will be the onsite or offsite support.

4. Implementation duration

How much time required for the implementing the ERP software?” is most important and common question to be asked to the vendor. Make sure you inquire about a sensible timeline, for completion of implantation of ERP system.ERP Implementation in India

5. Cost involved for implementing the ERP System

“How much cost involved for implementing the ERP system?” is the most likely question you will have before purchasing an ERP software. As part of your initial preparation to find the suitable ERP, you should also know what core modules you will required and how many users will have. So accordingly the cost of the ERP system vary depending on the modules and number of users. Addition to the license cost, the actual ERP cost involves an implementation cost and annual ERP support. Also enquire about the cost of adding additional modules to your vendor before purchasing the ERP system.

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