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5 Ways Business Growth Affects Your ERP Software

One of the key objectives of any company is to grow over a period of time and that the growth is steady, scalable and sustainable in the long term. For a firm to be successful and achieve such a growth, it is absolutely necessary that they engage with an excellent ERP Software to put in place robust IT and ERP systems. In a world that is constantly changing, the ERP systems also need to adapt as a business organization enters its next growth phase and demands stronger backend systems.


Amount of Data Activity: Along with the rapid growth of a business, the sheer amount of data handled by the systems also increases multi-fold. A business using a mediocre system will face issues regarding data handling on a day-to-day basis. The firm needs to take timely action to enhance the ERP system to better handle the heightened data load.


Training People: Increased business activity is typically accompanied by additional manpower requirement and sometimes higher turnover among existing workforce. With a newer set of people on board, the team managing the ERP softwares have major challenge at hand in training people to use the system in quick time and ensure business continuity.


Coordination between Various Departments: In a high growth phase, all the departments of a business work under pressure, as all of them are inter-dependent with each other and have strict deadlines to adhere to. An effective ERP solution provider provides a system that plays an important role in linking various department of a business and ensures that there is synergy between them.


High Level of Customization: High growth requires a business to stand out among competitors and this in turn requires creating niche for itself in the marketplace. An effective ERP system should provide solutions on a tailor-made basis, or else it would be difficult for the business to maintain its niche position. Flexibility and leeway for customized solutions need to be thought through at the time of initial implementation of the ERP systems allowing for business growth over the next 5 to 10 years.


Aiding Business Strategy: The 80:20 rule applies to most business situations. For a fast growing business, 20% of a market segment may contribute 80% of the revenues or 80% of the branches may contribute only 20% of revenues. Such situations call for extremely careful allocation of the company’s precious resources. A good ERP software needs to integrate and throw out proper data so that the management can strategise in efficient allocation of its resources.


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