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Advantages of a Paperless ERP System

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Paperless ERP System
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Today, paper is a commodity that we cannot afford to waste. But it is also one of the commodity that is wasted luxuriously. In any office, paper documents are necessary for the organization like sales invoice, receipt, accounts, and few documents which needs to be submitted to the Government.

Here, the office not only has to bear the expense but also worry about the loss of data and security if any of the important documents are lost. Hence, the solution is going paperless. Cost effective, security and much more benefits are provided by Sage 300 cloud, an ERP for small and medium companies.  Using Sage 300 cloud ERP system is an opportunity to substantially reduce the use of the paper.

Advantages of  ERP Technology:

Saves Time:

We all know the phrase, “Time is money.” Truly, one of the most important aspects of the modern workplace is your ability to effectively manage your time, in order to get the best from yourself and to complete all the work tasks you’ve planned for your day, week and month.

Using Sage 300cloud system for streamlining financial processes will be time saving. Introducing paperless ERP technology in your office will help your business in saving time in the long run. For e.g., If the company is required to send hard copies of Purchase Order, Invoices, Vouchers through courier or other means would take much time in reaching to destination. However, digital copies reaches in a 2-3 minutes.

Eco Friendly:

The volume of pointless waste that occurs with the regular operations of a paper-based company is tremendous on a regular basis. Imagine what a major and positive impact we could have on the environment just from embracing a paperless ERP technology.

If the organization reduces usage of paper and increases a usage of an efficient ERP system, they can eventually achieve complete more environmental friendliness, reducing wastage of paper, and cutting down on the cost spent on the paper documents.

Automatic Data Storage:

 If an organization is using a Sage 300 cloud ERP system, the database storage takes place automatically. Due to which any time you can use the data to get the desired report, so no need to print the reports and maintain files for those paper documents. Again storage of paper files requires lots of space in office area, which also spoils the beautification of the office.

Security Benefits:

Papers can be stolen and lost. Likewise, HR department maintains a file for an employee which contains confidential documents of the employees and are worried where to store the files safely. Going paperless allows this information to be safely stored digitally.

Natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake etc. are unpredictable which can damage and mix up the paper documents. While if you have electronic / digital data, then you can save and store copies in multiple locations. So in case you lost one copy then also no need to worry about your data you would have another set of copies.

You can also set password to the electronic data where it is not possible for the paper documents for additional security.

Reducing the need for physical paperwork and increasing the use of Sage 300 cloud ERP system can be a huge gain to a company. When you follow these steps, it will also increase the efficiency of employees.

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