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Boost Your Furniture Business with Sage ERP

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The furniture business is very complicated and retailers are often on their toes to provide the best service to their customers. This industry contains an extended and difficult production and value chain. The capability of the industry to compete is often dependent upon the speed with which manufacturers can fulfill the demand of their customers. Moreover, the faster the products are delivered: the better is the competitive advantage. Thus, if you are owner of furniture store or company, and wish to manage all your business procedures in very effective and proficient manner, then implementing Sage ERP services for furniture industry in your business will provide you with utmost profits.

Sage ERP software for furniture industry automates the control and management of even the multifaceted item structures, which surges up the production speed and lessens errors. With Sage ERP software solutions, an organization can expect an all-inclusive IT-solution that combines people, technology & workflow – an intermingled offering giving out a proficient workflow. Sage ERP for furniture industry is designed to handle complex manufacturing process in managing the raw material and various production processes. It further ensures materials are not only ordered just in time but also the necessary quantity is ordered to avoid excessive investment on momentarily unnecessarily materials.

Let us have a look at some of the amazing features of the Furniture Industry Sage ERP solution

Features of ERP for Furniture Industry are-

  1. Excellently manages the sales events such as entering customer details, creating sales quotations, orders, shipment, etc.
  2. Complete procurement procedure from selecting vendor, generating order, receiving goods, to clearing off due, payment, etc.
  3. Spontaneously updates furniture inventory status after each transaction
  4. Efficaciously meets the ever changing customer needs through Bills of Material
  5. Professionally plan your production and purchase orders considering supply, forecast and demands within the well-defined time frame
  6. Providing real-time shop floor tracking that facilitates you to recognize the time left for the order to complete
  7. Proper backward and forward scheduling allows a strategic planning for releasing the orders to the store floors
  8. Multiple UOM alternatives to aid inventory of wooden logs, fabric, plastic etc. in requisite units of measurement
  9. Allows re-designing without disturbing original BOMs and facilitates associating drawing and notes with the BOMs
  10. Single click transfer of Sales orders to work orders

Thus, if you seek a proficiently managed and well-organized furniture business, Sage ERP for furniture industry is your one stop hub to make it happen. Hence, contact us here, and get your hands on a leading ERP software solution. You can also send us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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