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Five early signs to detect the disconnect between IT and business road map

Although usage of IT is inevitable in a company, it has been observed that many times there is disconnect between the business roadmap and the business processes implemented. This divide can be attributed to the fact that business and technology managers are different in many ways, and these create a tendency for a gap between them. An IT-business disconnect happens when the IT business processes are not in sync with what the company ideally would require the IT business processes to give attention to. When the business process management software is not working on the required business priorities, the impact is that, the companies end up losing in profitability and productivity. Business managers do not appreciate when the implemented business process management software doesn’t work as is required. Additionally, when IT team isn’t in sync with the business team, it’s seen more of a liability than an asset.

Below mentioned are some of the early signs to identify the detachment between the IT functions and the business roadmap.

1) Business gets all the attention, technology ignored

Business managers who are well versed with the operational aspects of the business like maintaining client data, maximizing productivity, plugging revenue leakage, etc. are not aware how business process management software will help them achieve their targets. And even the IT managers fail to influence them about the emerging business process management software that can help in attaining business goals. This can be solved with the IT managers getting involved in day to day business discussions and suggesting on how IT can extend a helping hand in resolving issues. This move will also help managers understand the importance and necessity of various business process management software in the biz ops. Once business goals are conceived, the IT plan should also be drafted clearly, thus aligning IT projects to that of business goals.

2) Lack of IT understanding

In many cases, business managers do not see immediate value addition in the business with the help of the business process management software. This is because of not understanding the potential benefits of IT. This can be countered by defining measurable KPIs pre and post implementation for IT projects. In this way, business managers will understand the value addition of the business process management software. Once this understanding is done, business managers can seek feedback from IT managers in expediting business operations and decisions by implementing business process management software.

3) Senior management does not play an active role in IT implementation

In many companies, the senior management does not participate in IT goals and its plan of action for achieving these goals even though they are aware that IT or implementation of business process management software is critical for their business. Monitoring and reviewing of IT implementation by head of departments will ensure senior management participation and also a clear picture of IT contribution in achieving business goals will be outlined.

4) Wrong assessment of needs

Sometimes, Managers may not know or understand what to expect from the IT system being implemented. They are not sure of their own requirements at first and may end up multiple changes to the workflow. Before even getting an IT system, it is important for the business to first assess their needs and outline the workflows that they want to integrate in the system to avoid any further loss of money and time.

5) Dynamic nature of IT Business Process

It is very important to understand that technology is very dynamic and so are all the industries. Changes come and go in a very short span. Hence, it is important to have a system which is flexible enough to change and adapt to the changing business and technology. Plug and Play is also becoming a very new and easy way of having multiple systems in one. Hence, before selecting the system, the managers need to know of their IT needs and also that any system will get old in a certain time span. Hence, upgradation or new system should not be ruled out in the planning.

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