ERP for Healthcare Industry

ERP for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry is an aggregation of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative and palliative care. Delivering quality care is the top most agenda for any medical institute in order to maintain an effective Goodwill in the industry.

With the amount of transactions happening daily in a healthcare firm, they are required to stay up to date with their inventory and transaction details. Most small software are incapable of handling more functions. Hence, it becomes a burden on the user if there are requirements for more functions.

Healthcare Industry need to evaluate their ERP on key points like : Inventory Management, Financial Visibility, Medicine and Machine details including aging and depreciation.

Over here, Sage 300, a specialized ERP for Healthcare Industry helps one to track inventory levels and based on the defined minimum stock level can also raise purchase orders for reorder quantities. Hence saving time and ensuring accuracy by entering expenses once and auto allocating it to various other departments. Using Sage 300 one can create consolidated statements for multiple locations at the click of a button.

Using Sage Software Solutions, one can streamline the information flow and manage one’s costs so one can focus on providing quality care by

  • Automating manual processes to improve efficiency
  • Achieve better financial visibility to improve decision making
  • Better cost management
  • Better aging of the medicines and machines
  • Various costing methods like FIFO/LIFO

By implementing Sage 300, an ERP for healthcare industry, user will be able to spot trends in the industry and stay ahead of the competitors by delivering real-time business intelligence and alerts to management and customers.

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