ERP for Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Industry

ERP for Hospitality Industry

From small scale business to large, companies always prefer an ERP system to handle their complete day to day transaction in each department and generate an error-less MIS reports. These reports always help the management to understand the status or standing of the business.

The same does apply for Hospitality Industry. For any hospitality business that is into lounge & bar services, they are always on their feet when it comes to maintaining all the transactions because of the sheer huge volume which happen on a day to day basis.

Introducing Sage 300 ERP from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd in your business as an ERP for Hospitality Industry will not just make it easy but a standard practice in your business processes. Main activities at any lounge would be servicing the customers on time. Users need an extra hand or some automation at capturing the data to decrease the time and effort.

Sage 300 ERP comes with a complete package of Accounting and Operational modules for such high transaction industries. Sage 300 ERP continues to map the business processes and bring the positive outcome. Management always look for MIS reporting along with various taxes specific to the industry to keep an eye on revenue and expenses from lounge services. For such companies, this ERP for Hospitality Industry provides MIS at a click. You can also maintain cost centres to your expenses and income.

Let’s say you have a good set-up of lounges in a city or multiple cities; you would like to generate the MIS at a period end and match the records as per cost centres. With Sage 300 ERP you could easily manage multiple cost centres as business segments and consolidate the data at once. You can easily allocate the expenses and income into multiple cost centres automatically by defining the percentages at the master level. Set up the stock and non-stock items into Sage 300 ERP and utilize them at every process.

One of the advantages of Sage 300 ERP with running business is that it gets easily integrated with the other applications being run and populates the data as and when required. Controlling on user access and authorization is also one of the major benefits available in Sage 300 ERP. To know more about how can Sage 300 ERP help your hospitality company, write to us at

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