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Future of Mobile eCommerce

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Mobile ecommerce
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What is Mobile eCommerce? (M-commerce)

M-commerce is just an upgraded version of ecommerce; it is a process of buying and selling the goods and services through internet over the cell phone. M-commerce includes both online purchases and promotional activities. This new way of selling and buying incorporates many things like buying, paying, selling, ordering and much more through easy navigation and within few minutes. It is simply ecommerce tailored and optimized for mobile experience.

What makes it different from eCommerce?

Within the few years that M-commerce has overtaken ecommerce, it has become convenient  and easy to use than E-Commerce, moreover M-commerce has customer experience enhancing features like quick searches, bar code scanning photographs, graphics, 3D views and price calculators all these and many more which can be easily accessed on your fingertips.

In addition to that, new features like Interactive Visual Content, Augmented Reality are being experimented to make the shopping experience of the customer more delightful. These new technology works well for both vendors and consumers by upgrading  the user’s perception of the real world with intelligent and are delightful digital content, by offering real-time and delightful digital content that pops up in an entertaining and informative manner.

How is M-commerce changing the ecommerce business?

Mobile commerce is creating a phenomenon with each passing year and indulging every user. The following are the ways in which M-Commerce is changing the eCommerce business:

  1. Customer convenience –

The order management mobile framework allows customers to view and search product information and pricing. In fact, you can verify available inventory and check order status so that you can accordingly place your order from your mobile.

  1. Speed

Consumers who are normally shopping on mobile phones are engaged in some or the other activity while doing it. They need their online shopping experience to be as quick as possible. In fact, research recommend that 57% of mobile users will leave your site if they have to wait 3 second for it to load. If M-commerce site is not delivering at a certain time, you might miss out an important transaction. Hence, maintaining speed and consistency of performance at the same time is crucial to have repeat business.

  1. Time saving services

Following features have to be incorporated in your App so that the customer does not go to the competitor and gives you repeat business:

Purchases on mobile web and apps;

Mobile payments;

Secure Mobile money transfers and M- banking;

Clear information about use of data

  1. Better Engagement and retention

M-commerce allows you to send personalized updates, push notification to your users, and grab their attention by special offers or discounts going on through the app. According to customer behavior analysis research, sending updates or push notification to particular target audience can actually boost the sales by forwarding the right content to the right user and at the right time.

  1. Surreal user experience

For years, many people have stepped back from buying products online, due to its inability to provide user the experience of how the products is. However, with M-commerce backed by augmented reality, trying and testing the product of your choice, is not far away. The futuristic M-commerce lets its user to see and try the product, on the go, giving a reliability of any retail shop. It is a cross device solution and offers virtual try on experience, it exclusively provide real time augmented reality try on services for mobile phones and tablets.

  1. New added features to surreal user experience

Try live; trying on Photo, Try on Video, Compare, Share, Face Analysis and Pupil Distance measure are just some of the new feature surreal user experience.


Why surreal experience is best:

More engagement of customer

Boost conversion

Drive both foot traffic and web traffic

Provides immersive and social shopping experience

  1. Smart CRMs:

Wherever there is commerce, there is a software to record, boost and grow the company. The traditional customer management systems like CRM will see a drastic change in their core offerings and will be built to suit the new age requirements. Social CRM and Mobile CRM from Sage Software is a prime example of the change that we will be witnessing. Companies hence, need to be smart in investing for CRM and ask for technologies / features which will be compatible with their business model and will compliment Mobile Commerce.


As M-commerce, wireless devices and app are growing rapidly, consequently the advent of high-speed network and the evolution of advanced apps such as mobile ticketing, mobile banking, and mobile shopping, the network is growing day by day. Furthermore, the arrival of m commerce has been widely referred among the users comparing to ecommerce. It is a very strong belief that as the time passes M-commerce will have more added features indeed it has so much to render to users and business that it is changing even the business models of companies at large. Technologies of future are already shaping the present. It is on the business to make good use of it and have a first mover advantage.

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