Wearable Technology

How can Wearable Technology enable your sales force

Wearable technology is a compact form of computers that can be worn by the user. The term wearable technology refers to any electronic technology, which is modified into everyday objects and can be worn on day-to-day basis in the form of wristwatch, glasses, etc. moreover, wearable technology can be subsumed, anytime into clothing or accessories, and can carry out similar task to that of laptops and computers.


Today, wearable technology accounts to a $700 million industry and the market for wearable technology is progressing rapidly. The reason being the ability of these devices to deliver functions similar to any computer in its minute size and on the go. Wearable technology is a very big revolution in itself, which has the potential to transform the way we live and has already taken decisive steps towards monitoring fitness and health care. The most eminent gadget in wearable technology being the fuel bands, which can monitor every heart rate and movements happening in the body and in few years, will assimilate it more seamlessly in to our daily lives.


The audience that is likely to benefit more from integrating wearable technology in their daily activities are the salesperson of a company. Since they are always on the go and prefer access to information real time and on the go, they will most likely become strong advocates of the technology.


Why should Sales personnel use Wearable Technology?


Share Information-

Wearable devices such as google glasses can collect information in form of videos, and images, which can be stored for further reference. These can come in handy for client meeting where salesperson needs to be aware of industrial process, medical processes, supply chain process, manufacturing process, etc. While videos and images can play pivotal roles in brushing last minute information, it can also come handy in providing training videos for fresher to learn and save a lot of time.


Business travels-

Smartwatches have become a companion for business traveler around the globe. It can help the business travelers in many ways such as to get information on unfamiliar locales, weather condition, reservation information, mails, appointment etc. and that too without even taking out your smartphone from your pocket.

In the near future, Smart watches may be able to integrate with ERP and CRM software to provide a quick notification and reminders on follow up, inventory management, assigning task, approve / disapprove, etc. easily and on the go.


Sales –

Wearable technologies can be of great use to sales personnel, as they can keep a track of inventory, lead contacts and other necessary information easily available on these smart gadgets. Availability of such features handy can help them make the most of the opportunity provided and that too without having to rely on only one mode of communication. Today’s customer expects much more from the company in terms of prompt responses, faster reaching out when the first enquiry is made and constant follow-up. In such an environment, the company needs to enable its sales personnel to deliver better and faster. In rising competition, wearable technologies might just be the answer to the perfect sales and service.


Services –

Services are the cutting edge for any company. Even for a products company, the way they provide service to their customers can make or break the deal. Not replying faster, products not performing as expected, in fact, even moderate to decent service is not enough. Wearable technology can be the savior for such circumstances. The deal here is to be aware of the need of the customer, to know what he likes, and delivering a service that will be remembered by him and make him a loyalist. How do you do it? Keeping a TAT to respond to customer enquiry, wishing on special occasions, noting feedback, acting on them, etc. These are some differentiating factors which will help the sales person to be connected with the customer and make him loyal towards the company.


3 Mind blowing fact about Wearable technology:

  • 54% of Americans and 46% of Brits indicated that wearable tech has boosted their self-confidence
  • 61% of all devices in the wearable tech market are activity or fitness trackers (ABI Research)
  • Investors have spent over $500 Million on wearable technology startups since 2009 (Shieber)

*Source- http://resources.uknowkids.com/facts-stats-wearable-tech


The Game Changer Wearable Technology for (2017)

  •  Mind reading tech

With few crowdfunded start-ups venturing in this mind training / mind reading device manufacturing, it will not be only a futuristic thought where we start to control our smart homes and smart office with our minds.


  • Microsoft HoloLens

One of the most ambitious augmented reality device developed by Microsoft – Microsoft HoloLens is a see through display worn over your eyes and projects high definition virtual content or holograms.


  • Invisibles

Invisibles are basically tech tattoos in development from Chaotic Moon which might only need power from your movement or the current across your skin so that they could learn more about the person even from his sweat.


  • Life blogging with Memoto

Memoto is a wearable camera that pins to the chest and records 2 picture a minute and you can also set this to faster setting, like storing a clear moments of life lived. Memoto is a very tiny camera and app that gives a shareable photographic memory.


  • Wearable Payments –

Payments domain has been the most affected by technology. From paying by banks to wallet payments, now we should be ready to brace for Wearable payments. With the news of MasterCard backing Ringly on board for new payment tech, that day might not be far that we start using our smart watches to swipe through.

*Source – http://www.wareable.com/wareable50/best-wearable-tech



Wearable technology is and will be the most influential topic in the coming years and in few years wearables will assimilate more seamlessly in to daily life. The technology has already started transforming our lives at daily basis, in few years, it is sure to skyrocket many industries to the highest level. It is time now for companies to think how they can integrate wearable technology to be more connected to their customers. To know more about business solution that can increase the productivity of your company, SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at sales@sagesoftware.co.in


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