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Lot Recalls/ Releases in Sage 300cloud ERP

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What is a Lot?

A lot is a group of items that have similar features and are procured, manufactured or sold in large quantities. A lot number also called as a batch number can be assigned to such kind of products. Having lot numbers assigned to a product helps us to keep a track of information like expiry date, warranty details etc. and manage inventory space as same lot numbers can be stored together

Why have Lot Recalls?

Occasionally it may happen that the products sold to the customers or end-clients are not up-to their expectations and you receive a negative experience feedback for that product. To avoid further disappointment, we have to restrict the sales of such products. This is where Lot Recalls come into play.

Lot Recall can be used to remove or correct any products that does not fulfill/violates any law of safety, be defective or put the seller at a risk of legal action. When it comes to topping customer experience, we can make use of this in-built feature of Sage 300cloud ERP.

Please note, you can recall and release lot inventory items only if you have a license to use Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking

Let us consider, due to bad response from the quality check team, you want to recall a lot number i.e. 00004-LOTNO for the Product A1-901/G.

To Recall a Lot Item

Navigate to  Inventory Control > I/C Periodic Processing > Lot Recalls/Releases > Recall

In the Lot Recalls/Release screen, select the ‘Entry Type’ as Recall. Enter the appropriate Lot Number and the Item code that needs to be recalled. Once the transaction is posted, the quantities for that particular lot will be restricted from further usage.

Lot Recalls

After recalling the lot item, the status of the particular lot changes to ‘On Recall’

Lot Recalls

So now when we try to sell that particular lot to a customer, system restricts the transaction as we have already recalled the lot for that particular item.

Please refer below screenshot

Lot Recalls

After checking and making sure that the issues consistently reported by your customer are solved, you can release this lot for further sales.

For releasing the recalled Lot item

Navigate to  Inventory Control > I/C Periodic Processing > Lot Recalls/Releases > Release

In the Lot Recalls/Release screen, now select the ‘Entry Type’ as Release. Select the ‘Recall Number’ of the item that is to be released. This will release the lot for that item once the transaction is posted.

Lot Recalls

This will release the recalled item and can now be used for sales or in any other process.

Please note, the lot is released from its current location. If the lot was transferred to a different location after being recalled, it is released from the new location

For any company, good customer experience and fulfilling their requirements plays an important role.

By using Lot Recalls/Releases feature of Sage 300cloud ERP, we can help identify the quality assured products, products which fall under legal compliances and also has an official certification. This further will prevent a situation where the customer would not be satisfied with the item for multiple reasons.


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