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Sage 300Cloud ERP for Chemical trading

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ERP for Chemical trading
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The Chemical trading industries has a very specific requirement in all aspects starting from storage to vendor and customer requirements that expect greater flexibility in an ERP.

It requires proper purchases for orders, purchases for stock, dispatches from inventory through sales and also maintain information for hazardous stock, density of materials, etc which can be easy with ERP for chemical manufacturing.

As this type of industry is dealing with chemicals, we may require multiple unit of measures to be used for storage of inventories, sales and purchase.

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An ERP plays a vital role in analysing existing business practices for inefficiencies and restructuring them to operate in an efficient way.

Pain areas of Chemical industries: 

  1. Dealing with different unit of measures require manual work which includes calculations, conversion from KG to lit, gallon to lit, etc. 
  2. Storage or stock UOM should be constant/one with regardless to purchases at any UOM.
  3. Data entry for every purchase order with respect to sales order.
  4. Stock reconciliation becomes tricky for chemicals.
  5. Transfer stock between locations with GST.
  6. Maintaining additional data such as hazardous items, density, colour, etc.

These are the few pain areas for Chemical trading industries. 


When dealing with multiple UOM, Sage 300Cloud ERP is capable of handling multiple UOM mapped to an item.

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Each UOM has its conversion factor based on stocking UOM.

While making purchase or sales, users will be able to select any UOM defined and the stock calculations will be done based on their conversion factor.

We can even select the pricing UOM and Order UOM different based on the requirement from the customer.

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Sage 300Cloud ERP has an I/C Physical Inventory which makes reconciliation process very simple and efficient.

Every location can generate separate worksheet based on which the actual reconciliation process is done. 

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Transferring the material from one location to another with proper taxes and tax invoice is the basic need for all.

In Sage 300Cloud ERP we can transfer the material to different location with taxes and can print out delivery challan and tax invoice.

We can maintain extra information by using one of our key feature, Optional fields. Using this we can create our own field and map it in master data and transactions which will allow user to enter more details.

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By overcoming the key pain areas and providing solutions for chemical trading industries, Sage 300Cloud ERP will be a good option to make their business more efficient and smooth.

At Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd., we are home to world-class ERP software and CRM software that will solidify your business tech support fundamentals and enable you to build a customer-centric organization.

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