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Sage 300cloud for Mining & Mineral Industries

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What is mining?

Mining is the process of extracting minerals, metals or other valuable deposits from the Earth.

Any material that cannot be grown, cultivated or artificially created in a lab or factory has to been extracted through mining. It can also include the extraction of oil, natural gas, or even water which are non-renewable resource.


Mining Industry

Mining is a unique industry and growing at a fast rate too. Due to harsh environment, strict conditions makes it difficult to overcome challenges and may hinder the productivity of the company.

Mining industries are looking for an all-in-one business solution which can improve operational and functional efficiency, reduce costs incurred, increase profit, maximize resource productivity and ensure better decision-making.





To manage and improve their business, operation and production, mining industries need a good ERP solution. Sage 300cloud provides a real-time ERP for managing all the aspects of your business all the way from production to operations and financials.

Sage 300cloud ERP is an all-round package of modules that is needed to support the requirements in this industry. These includes procurement, inventory management, maintenance, distribution, financials, budgeting & forecasting, HRMS and different modules that can fit into mining industries.

Sage provides solutions to adapt to these type of scenarios in Mining industry where one might require planning along with project & costing till production and also you can pull out reports anytime to check the profitability or survey other mining details.


Here are few benefits of Sage 300cloud ERP for mining industry

  • Planning and optimizing Mining operations

Planning in mining industry is used in order to make precise estimates for materials for cost-effective operations and make dynamic decisions. Sage 300cloud helps us to achieve the goals and tasks in a sophisticated way.

  • Inventory Management

Sage 300cloud allows us to setup and maintain multiple warehouse required for a mining industry. It also helps us to track the details such as materials shipped, received or produced. With inventory management, we can make optimise stock, improve staff productivity and reduce errors.

  • Project & Job Costing

Sage 300cloud allows you to efficiently manage projects by estimating, defining costs, tracking billings, payments, recognizing profits which allows us to deliver on time. Employee details along with timecards entries can be managed for any location.

  • Complete Financial accounting and Budgets

Sage 300cloud helps us in monitoring financial operations and manage budgets that will allow the industry to focus on enhancing their profits, reducing costs and manage financials more effectively.

  • Reporting

Using Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage Intelligence or FR Reports, information can be extracted real-time across all areas in a mining industry. Sage 300cloud provides a simple & flexible reporting solution that gives you meaningful insights into your business information, on the go.

  • Cost Effective

Sage 300cloud ERP provides a cost effective solution which can be suitable for a mining company that can give short-term as well as long-term benefits.

  • Integrated and real-time functionality

With the modules and features available, Sage 300cloud can help you make cost-effective decisions, optimizing resource and process management along with increased productivity consequently providing a perfect ERP solution for a mining industry.

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