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Sage CRM for Automobile Industry

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Sage CRM for Automobile Industry
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An automobile industry is a customer centric and customer focused industry where everything revolves around a customer. In other words, we can say Customer and Dealer goes hand in hand.

Keeping customer information right from first client engagement with the dealer executive is very important for every manufacturer or dealer. This is important in order to retain the customer and to provide him / her timely services. To maintain such data in system, every dealer is provided with Dealer Management System (DMS) wherein every dealer has to work in accordance to defined target by the company.

One of the major drawback of DMS is that, this Dealer Management System does not provide much freedom to dealers with respect to storing and maintaining the data in the way that they want to. So, to regulate this, the dealers either take help of home grown CRM system or excel sheets.

With introduction of Sage CRM at any dealer outlet helps the dealer to grow and be ready with hands on information about their stocks and logistics which makes them efficient and helps them deliver services to their customers on time.

Sage CRM for automobile industry can help dealers with below features and information which allows them to increase their efficiency and better customer engagement:
  • Maintaining Customers Enquiries.
  • Maintaining the Vehicle and Finance related information.
  • Powerful workflow to track the Enquiry.
  • Managing follow up with customers.
  • Scheduling Test Drives.
  • Managing IN and OUT of Test Drive vehicles.
  • Gate pass Generation.
  • System generated Quotation process.
  • Generating Quotation in pre-defined formats.
  • Vehicle Allocation and De-Allocation process.
  • RTO Registration process.
  • Managing Vehicle Delivery process.
  • Email and SMS integration.

All these and much more can be done with a single tool – Sage CRM for automobile industry. Apart from above features, Sage CRM for automobile Industry can also be integrated with existing ERP solution which further allows the dealer to check the live vehicle stock and other customer related information.

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