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Will 2018 witness the demise of cold calling?

  Is cold calling dead? A question we have been hearing since long. Interestingly, there are countless of conflicting views and opinions floating around this topic. For many, the answer to this dilemma depends on their definition of cold calling….

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It’s almost 2018, how advance is your CRM?

  The future of CRM is lit! In fact, customer relationship management or CRM solutions have been seamlessly assisting businesses improve critical processes including customer service/support, sales and marketing. In fact, CRM has become an integral part of a modern…

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8 compelling reasons your business needs a CRM software

  Be it any business, customers are its cornerstones. Yes, customers undoubtedly are the most priced assets for a company. This is the reason businesses ought to focus on developing strong customer relationships. Having a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy…

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Why your marketing team can’t do without CRM?

  Your customers are the pillars of your business. Irrespective of the industry you operate into or the products/services you offer, your customers undoubtedly are the most valuable assets of your company. Customers provide you with valuable feedback and serve…

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Why just going Mobile is not OK with your CRM?

  Today’s technological advancement has given birth to terminologies like real time, intelligent analytics, going mobile, etc. Businesses in an attempt to stay ahead in the race are adopting emerging technologies without focusing on the actual need. This is where…

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4 Reasons an E-commerce Business should Invest in CRM

  Today, customers interact at the speed of light through social media platforms and other online portals. The internet revolution has almost made brick-and-mortar stores obsolete, as e-commerce is the new normal for people to buy stuffs. E-commerce offers business…

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How Social CRM Can Improve Your Marketing?

  Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives and that is not a hidden fact. What started as a medium to communicate has evolved exponentially to become an extended arm of our daily life. Shopping, bill…

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