Using CRM to Identify Showstoppers in your Business

  There is no doubt that Customer Relationship Management helps in improving overall customer experience throughout all the phases of a business cycle right from the initial phase of acquiring the customer until successful conversion. Customer experience is all about…

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CRM software, CRM system, CRM solution, sales

Why Your Sales Team Hates Your CRM Software?

  Back down the memory lane, inside and field sales reps across the world relied on conventional card catalogues and filing systems when it comes to keeping a tab on prospect and customer lists. This was the reason technology provider…

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CRM, CRM software, CRM solution, CRM system, sales

Winning the CRM game is all about how you use it

  A customer relationship management or CRM solution can deliver key insights about your organisation that you would have never ever imagined. Yes, it helps in accurate sales forecasting, contact management and marketing to name a few.   Yes, CRM…

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CRM, CRM software, CRM system, CRM solution, CRM tool, client scheduling, customer relationship management

7 Tips to Win at Client Scheduling with CRM

  In today’s fast paced business ecosystem, it is imperative for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and time management and scheduling is an integral aspect here. Yes, we all require proper scheduling of tasks to manage them efficiently….

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