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Sales, is it solely dependent on Leads?

A sales person usually has a strong belief that to perform well in Sales, solely depends on the quantity and the quality of the leads they receive, or it may be how good the leads are qualified by the inside…

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4 simple tips to get the most out of your CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential business management tool for its ability to induce client loyalty, improve collaboration, secure acquisition of all your crucial data and improve customer experience. It further enhances your sale performance and generates quicker…

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5 Powerful Reports to Run in Your CRM

A CRM Software is an essential tool to monitor the current activities of the organization and let the management know of all the activities underway which will help them plan the future. While talking about CRM, there is an important…

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6 CRM Usability Features you should know about

Customer Relationship Management i.e. CRM is all about interactions that a company has with its customers. CRM is implemented by nearly all of the world’s corporations and startups. It is the foundation for their business. A CRM software is equipped…

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CRM Still a Driving Force for Business Success

Today with the advent of Apps and many cloud based application, there is a creation of many alternatives for business application systems. Especially for small businesses, it is a boon to get business applications which do not even need to…

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