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Sage CRM – WhatsApp Integration

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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables businesses elevate their marketing, sales and customer service goals through timely campaign management and an exceptional customer experience delivery. In any business, it is important to make your customers feel heard and appreciated about their doubts and concerns instead of delivering mechanical resolutions. Offering a personalized touch to customer communication not only helps gain their confidence, but also makes you earn their loyalty.

Sage CRM has proved beneficial to help the business adapt, grow, and generate quicker return on investment. Sage CRM has made it easily possible to manage customer relationships; be it offline or online. Understanding and growing your business, accelerating sales campaigns, targeting marketing campaigns, capturing customer feedback about the services or products provided by your organization etc. are some of the major aspects to help business grow. And all these major components can be easily managed with the help of Sage CRM.

As a compliment to emerging world of social media, Sage CRM has also allowed its customers to use social CRM to develop business insights, generate leads and improve customer service. Social media impact has been humungous. Over a last few years, most of the businesses have collaborated with WhatsApp to improve the customer experience on a personalized level.

Enabling Business on WhatsApp helps Customers to :

  1. Build trust with a business profile
  2. Get a more personal service

We had been using Sage CRM’s Self Service Portal to help our customers log complaints in order to improve the quality of the service/ product by helping with the timely response or resolutions. With the increase in demand of WhatsApp Business, we thought of collaborating Sage CRM with WhatsApp for complaints management.

As a first step of collaboration, it is necessary to create a business profile on WhatsApp by registering the organization’s name as well as the number that will be used for WhatsApp conversation with the Customers. A verified business profile builds trust within the customers and they respond affirmatively to the messages shared through WhatsApp.

Successful registration helps with the WhatsApp API’s, which in combination with the Sage CRM API’s helps achieve below functionalities of integration –

  1. Acknowledgement message on logging the ticket
  2. Ticket Status progress message
  3. Ticket Closure message
  4. Sharing of Customer Feedback Link
  5. Sharing the new products/campaigns brochure

Companies with a robust CRM system have witnessed 30% rise in sales and 60% improvements in productivity. Additionally, the Mobile and Social CRM has uplifted the existing software performance capabilities. While the Mobile CRM offers companies freedom from being stationed at a particular place, Social CRM connects businesses with their customers through social media platforms. Now, with WhatsApp integration, companies can up their customer service game even more.

Sage Software can help you integrate latest technology and software applications within the CRM for smoother business operations and accelerated process cycles. To know how Sage CRM can help your company attain said goals, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or write to us at for a FREE demo or CRM consultation.

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