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Using Sage CRM with Telephony Integration

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Sage CRM with Telephony Integration

Sage CRM is a robust system, it has allowed employees to access customer records and account information on a wide scale. Add a Telephony system to it and you can find your employees working even more efficiently with an effective increase in productivity. It’s called Sage CRM CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) – which extends core CRM functionality so that the Sales, Customer Service, and Support Representative are even more efficient and effective. Let’s take a closer look at using Sage CRM with your phone system.

Sage CRM Features

When you connect Sage CRM to your phone system using CTI, it acts as a front face of the Organization to the Customers. The inbound calls are routed through your computer which allows you to leverage the following features:

1. Taking Inbound Calls

When an inbound call is directed to Agent’s extension number, the CTI screen displays in a popup window in Sage CRM. If the number matches a company or person in Sage CRM, the contact is listed on screen. If it matches more than one, all contacts are listed. Once you click to answer, the call becomes active and the features of CRM are available for the Agent to take the necessary action such as logging a Case/Ticket, capturing a new sales, modifying the Customer details and so on.

2. Making Outbound Calls

Once CTI is enabled, making an outbound call is just a click away from Sage CRM. Implementer can either enable Click to call functionality by displaying all Phone numbers as hyperlinks or provide a separate ‘Click to Call’ link in the Phone context of the records, which will help to dial the number. And of course, you can also make calls to numbers that are not stored in Sage CRM. Thereby simplifying reaching out to customer and improving CRM user experience.

3. Automatic caller identification

The CTI recognizes the incoming number and matches it with the Customer record in Sage CRM. Sage CRM then helps with the Contact information on the Agent’s screen which assist them to personalize the conversation and speak authoritatively about the Customer’s product purchase, past queries or other informative transactions etc.

4. Call Logs & Reports

Feature to store the Call recording against the transactional record for future reference. Analytical reports to better understand & leverage telephonic transactions.

Thus, the Sage CRM CTI Integration facilitates customer self-service thereby freeing-up valuable resources for new customer acquisition and service delivery. Additionally it also enhances user and customer experience.

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