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Create Better Marketing Campaigns with Sage CRM

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Create Better Marketing Campaigns with Sage CRM
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To our amazement, many marketers are still hitched with using spreadsheets and Outlook to execute their marketing campaigns. Though this traditional practice used to be the Holy Grail for marketers all around the world a few years back, things have changed significantly today enabling businesses particularly SMEs and start-ups to create effective marketing campaigns with just a few clicks using a CRM software.

With that being said, we are dealing with highly intelligent and smart consumers today, who are a lot tech-savvy than before and do not wish to be bombarded haphazardly with marketing pitches and messages. In fact, they prefer to be approached in a more personalized way than before.

So how do you create effective marketing campaigns that appeal to your prospects as well as existing customers? Effective use and channelizing of data is the answer here and a Sage CRM solution helps you do that excellently.

A recent study showed that, 90% of the entire world’s data is generated over the last few years. Now, imagine the potential of such a whopping amount of data that the marketers at small and mid-sized businesses can leverage for effective marketing campaigns without bombing their budgets.

Let’s check how Sage CRM for sales and marketing can help improve as well as create effective marketing campaigns.

Perfect Targeting : One of the most challenging jobs of a marketer is to skim all the customer data for effective customer relationship management, which is undoubtedly a tedious and painstaking task. Further, in order to appease potential customers to buy, marketers ought to send out the right messages at the right time and in right way that appeal to customers. Luckily, customer software solutions or CRM tools are available that help marketers to browse through all the contacts in a swift and smart way resulting in perfect targeting. A CRM software offers crucial information on customer preferences, buying behaviors, purchase history, etc. This helps marketers to take informed marketing decisions that play a pivotal role in devising effective marketing campaigns right from the CRM system. Such a campaign is sure to boost customer satisfaction, customer experience and prospect awareness significantly.

Intelligent Segmentation: Accurate forecasting of sales and emerging trends mirrors an effective marketing campaign. Thus, marketers ought to be extra careful when it comes to forecasting emerging trends prior to offering the consumers with anything. Today, marketers not just require to segment by age, jobs or industry, but also require segmenting by customer interests and disinterests, recent activities, purchase history, emails replied and opened as well as their social media activities with the help of social CRM tools. The more accurate and relevant this data is, the easier it becomes for marketers to have a personalized approach in their marketing campaigns and a social CRM solution helps you do that effortlessly.

Personalized Approach: After successful segmentation of customer database, it is now time to indulge in some brainstorming for personalized messages that appeal to your potential customers. A CRM system enables marketers to address or approach both existing as well as potential customers by their names. It also helps you impress your potential customers by knowing their likes, dislikes, company they work for, preferences, etc. gathered through intelligent segmentation via social CRM solutions. This will help greatly to tailor/personalize the content of your marketing messages without being pushy. With all the vital customer details at disposal, marketers can use it to shape up their communication with customers in such a manner that it befits a particular customer. Therefore, the more personalized marketing content is, the more will be the response rate, stronger brand awareness and improved revenue. Thus, a CRM solution helps marketing professionals to channelize their focus on customer and not the service/product alone.

No Room for Guesstimates : Having a sound knowledge and blueprint of all your successful marketing campaigns is of great use for devising your future campaigns. With a CRM software, marketers can assess and look back over all the successful campaigns of recent past. This roots out all the conjectures and guesswork and helps marketing experts to focus only on the best-performing campaigns. Keeping handy the data for all your best-performed marketing campaigns greatly reduces marketing costs for further campaigns, as you simply ought to recycle the blueprint of all successful ones saving you great deal of time and resource.


With a CRM solution in place, marketers can reach customers as well as prospects with a personalized approach, foresee customer demands and effectively drive their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, with the inception of social CRM, the game turns more even, as it proposes a two-way communication wherein customers and prospects can reach a business and vice-versa. Most importantly, the data provided by people on social platforms is of great use in knowing your customers more closely.

For further information on how a Sage CRM software can help create effective and impressive marketing campaigns, feel free to write to us at or click here.
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