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Digital Signatures in Sage CRM

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Sage CRM for digital signature
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Since ages, we have known and observed, in order to survive, evolution is quintessential. And the same is applicable for business ventures around the world, which are needed to keep themselves updated with the recent trends of the market. Hence, nowadays since businesses have evolved, from local Shops to a worldwide exposure through E-commerce and mobile apps that provide door-to-door services, so have the software which are evolving to give the customer more and more convenience and better shopping and customer experience.

Major part of the industry, no matter what type of service or product they own, have to provide customer satisfaction, in order to gain a cutting edge against their rivals. Thus, maintaining a quality service as well keeping a track of customer’s feedback and complaints is crucial. These data can help you frame better marketing campaign and provide better services.

As the tale of evolution goes, this data recording began with filing heaps of paper, followed by digital sheets. However, judging by the pace of the industry, the relying on manual data entry can just hinder your processes, perhaps it’s time for another evolution. And that’s where Sage CRM comes in to save the day.


What is Sage CRM:

Sage CRM software solution is a prodigiously known for its ability to manage your customer relation seamlessly, aiding in building loyal customers, brand reputation and better marketing strategies. With Sage CRM, it becomes easy to maintain the records like costs, product info, service provided, including the end user details to whom the service is being provided. Furthermore, cloud server makes it easier to store and access data irrespective of the time and place of the user.

To add more to it, you can also add digital or E-signs to your CRM software for multiple users which can be used for authentication. E-signs, which as per section 3, IT act 2000, carry same legal weight as handwritten signs, have been developed to make processes faster and more convenient for the management and the customer. These signs can be online or in person, and can be done through mobile devices, thereby enabling, swift data processing.

E-signs also induce customer engagement and acknowledgement that ensures better customer loyalty. The marketing team can collect better data on field or via online forms, get customer acknowledged feedback easily. Furthermore, it helps in segregating your actual customers from fraudulent complainers, who demote your product and services, thereby enabling you to provide better customer service.

Hence, authenticate your customer relationship management with Sage CRM, as you troubleshoot error out of your products and services. To know more about how Sage CRM can help you build rock-steady customer trust, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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