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How ERP is Transforming the Shipping and Logistics Industry

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What is Shipping ERP Software?

An ERP for shipping company is an integrated platform which is available on cloud or in a physical set up. It is an automated business management software that manages overall business requirement and services of a shipping company like:

  • Carrier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Freight Management
  • Provides Real Time Shipment Tracking
  • Automates Shipping Labels
  • Manage Rate Shopping
  • Coordinating Multi-Carrier Shipping Process
  • Managing and Automating Finances
  • Efficient Carriers transportation and logisticsand many more.

The use of ERP software in shipping leads to less shipment processing time, enhanced international carriers, easy processed shipments, real time supply chain visibility and provides full control of shipping operations.

Overview of Shipping Industry in India:

Shipping and logistics are task-intensive industry and also one of the largest growing industries in the world. Over 80% of transportation and trade is carried via shipping and logistics. Without shipping and logistics, import & export of bulk goods & amenities across the world would not be possible.

Shipping is a very crucial and important industry when it comes to transportation of goods and material from one location to another. It is the cheapest and natural mode of transport available in today’s world for bulk shipping and transport.

When it comes to movement of the material from one country to another there are a lot of processes which need to be taken care of. From documents, to tracking, to delivery of the material, everything needs to be tracked.

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Challenges faced by Shipping and Logistics Industry:

To run such big businesses is not an easy task as there are lots of challenges which logistics industry faces in their daily routine like labor cost, Freight cost, Maintenance cost, ever increasing fuel cost, Assets, import export duties, High Valuation Asset Tracking, maintaining stock records of materials, follow up with clients for payments, Record of damage goods, Maintaining material prices etc.

For managing all these processes, business needs a robust and a scalable solution which will provide a single view of all their processes and prepare reports. Customized reports, seamless processes and actionable data helps making strategic decisions on the go.

ERP shipping company works in a systematic and organized manner and enhances overall control of the operations.

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How ERP Shipping Software helps?

ERP solutions can manage and handle all shipping related transactions and other office processes from a single platform using various business intelligence software tools.

With the help of enterprise resource planning software businesses can improve shipping process and makes shipments easier by integrating process, tracking shipments, managing shipping costs etc. Let’s see the major processes of ERP:

  • The process of lots of approvals and documentation is made easier with ERP. Submission of documents and approval can be generated through a single click after passing entries into the software.
  • The automated ERP helps in quick delivery of the shipments, which drastically reduces the shipment processing time.
  • The tech solution entails Automated rate shopping and procurement software.
  • Shipping industry has multiple operations – from owning freights to providing maneuvering services. All these can be handled from a single dashboard along with maintaining records of provision like food and fuel for vessel owned or leased by the organization.
  • Accounting module helps us to record various costs of the businesses-like labor, freight, maintenance etc. Further with the help of analytical tools, management can decide from where to reduce costs or overcome the cost with proper planning.
  • ERP also helps to maintain records of customers so that organization can build good relationships. SAGE X3 ERP & SAGE 300 ERP for shipping company which not only helps to maintain the customer record but it also has features wherein we can send weekly outstanding of credit customers through auto mailing and can also follow up for payments & consignment details. This feature has been proved very helpful to customer support team.
  • Maintaining stocks of consignment, damage goods are also not an easy task. With ERP its become handy to maintain different types of inventory & stocks and can also maintain it warehouse wise or location wise.
  • Save time with automated integrated platform.

ERP Modules for Shipping industry

ERP Modules for Shipping industry:

ERP software provides specific modules for different process of the business. Let’s get deeper in the modules of ERP,

Inventory and Stock Maintenance:

Inventory management system includes planning, tracking, labeling, scheduling and monitoring shipments and having real time connectivity with vendors.

Inventory module of ERP systems help companies keep track of their inventory levels in real time and thus prevents overstocking and understocking. It also helps to keep a detailed view of stock and track it across different locations, which helps companies to optimize and work in efficient way.

Supply Chain Management:

The shipments need to pass through multiple routes and gateways, so keeping track of their quality and scheduled timing becomes difficult.

The supply chain management software provides complete real time visibility of the goods throughout the supply chain until it reaches the customers. So accordingly, management can plan and optimize the routes and provide better in time delivery. It also accelerates secure multi carrier shipping.

Further it boosts collaboration between suppliers, freight forwarders and clients.

Real Time Tracking:

Real time tracking helps to boost efficiency and control across the supply chain and logistics.

ERP like SAGE Software Solutions provides real time visibility feature which allows to track the shipments at any given time. This feature prevents delays or any issues arriving in the way of the shipment delivery. Hence providing increased security, visibility and control.

It facilitates robust traceability with both single location and multiple location.


ERP stores customers data and preferences and accordingly generates analytic reports based on which management can plan their operations. Also, it improves customer satisfaction through proper planning of production, scheduled processes and better inventory control.

This results in increased revenue, improved profitability, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Warehouse Management System:

This module leads to have smooth and error-free execution of picking, packing, and shipping goods. It also facilitates yard management and material handling. It efficiently tracks duplicate entries and saves manual errors and time. It also has dock & yard management and helps drivers who are entering the warehouse to find a proper loading dock.

Accounts Management:

It looks after the overall expenses of the businesses and track’s the same. It manages accounts receivables, payable and generates financial reports. It reduces the overall shipping cost and allows compared and best rate shopping.

SAGE Software Solutions provides debtors ageing report which provides details like how many invoices raised against the customer, how many invoices have crossed free credit period and how many invoices falls under danger point. These kinds of data are beneficial to follow up with the client for clearing outstanding.

It is also flexible with upcoming all depreciation methods & have reports like asset register which provides vital data on asset life cycle like when you have acquired the asset, cost of the asset, Depreciation of asset, disbursement cost of asset etc.

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By using Sage Software Solutions, one would be able to do the following with the ease of just one click:

  1. Multi-currency Exchange rates
  2. Rate Shop comparison
  3. Streamline multi carrier shipping
  4. Real time information
  5. Budget Maintenance
  6. Vessel Performance
  7. Vessel wise profitability
  8. Provision controlling
  9. Payments
  10. Fixed Assets
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Customer Satisfaction
  13. Save shipments expenses

Thus, increasing efficiency and leading towards profitability.


By using SAGE Software Solutions for Shipping Industry, one would be able to address all aspects of a shipping industry. The information passes through the system quickly and effectively. This in turn saves time for data duplication as it save all the important information in single system. The time saved can be utilized to speed up the process of recognizing the revenue and doing analysis of the data retrieved from the system for better use of the working capital.

Sage software solutions is a shipping ERP software company which can also be integrated with other systems that are available on the port and the data from the ERP System can directly flow into the main system for the management without any human intervention hence providing correct information directly from the port to the office.

To know more about ERP for Shipping and Logistics Industry and what ERP solution is best suited for your industry and business vertical, you can also write to Sage Software Solutions at

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