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Taxation made easy with Sage 300

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Taxation made easy with Sage 300cloud
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Manage VAT, TDS and Service Tax in easy to use ERP System

Indian taxation is a very well-defined and structured statutory system. There are various taxes that are levied on individuals and businesses that need to be complied with, mandatorily. These taxes can be on the state or on the central level. Some of the noted taxes that need to be in compliance are Excise, TDS, VAT, Octroi, Service Tax, etc.

When there are so many taxes and regulations to follow, there is also a requirement for a system that can take care of all of these easily and seamlessly, saving the management and the admin team a lot of time. Sage Add-on modules from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd are designed to do just the same. Deducting and managing TDS, VAT and Service computation and taxation automatically and storing of all invoices and related documents in one place is just the start of the system. Furnishing statutory reports like FORM 16A, Sales register, purchase register etc. is happens seamlessly with Sage Software Solutions.

For easy use we have categorized our module in 4 parts in the system i.e. set-ups, transaction, reports & statutory forms which helps user for easy configuration & transactions. It captures all the statutory taxes related information in configuration screen and displays it in reports in government specified formats.

There are various TDS & sales returns software are available in market but our solution can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 300 where you can get the benefit of managing your enterprise business along with Indian taxation.

Our TDS & Service Tax module are available for all version of Sage 300cloud. Our module captures all statutory information to furnish Form 16A, remittance & deduction report, sale register & purchase register etc. In TDS module, we maintain all default state code, section code, Branch code, NOD which help users to find these master data immediately. Maintaining the various bank codes and the branch codes was always a mess but with the system capturing this data and with the help with the advance finder options, making a remit entry is no longer an hour’s job.

Talking about Indian Taxation scenario, we have been long hearing that GST (Goods and Service Tax) in India will be applicable from April, 2016. With such a big move, it would be a big task for companies to compute their taxes if they do it manually or through an old system which is hard to customize. GST has been successfully implemented by Sage in Malaysia. With our expertise and support, moving to GST will also not be a difficult task.

Major Benefits of the TDS and Service Taxation Modules in Sage Software Solutions is as follows:

  • You can maintain the unlimited Data for TDS, Such as Deductor, Deductee, Deductions, Challans and Computation.
  • You can generate eReturns and Paper returns for Form 26Q & 27Q.
  • You can generate statutory report from our system such as Form 16A, Sales register, and Purchase register, deduction and remittance report.
  • Easy to maintain challan number and its detail with bank code.
  • Seamless Integrated with Sage 300cloud.
  • Our ADDONS works more accurately and in the favor of the Indian Tax Scenarios.
  • Routine invoices can be configured to customers, saving time.

For further information on the working and the implementation of this add-on or on GST in India, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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